July 27, 2014

Sunday - Rainy and cooler

A quiet day.

The first time I woke up this morning the apartment was empty.  F had gone off searching for his iPhone.  He came back with it later.  He'd left it at his mother's! 

It was a little hard to get up this morning as I'd opened the window and every few seconds a delicious cool breeze came in.  I didn't want to move!  Finally I did, checked email and the like and of course discussed the eternal (infernal?) lunch question.  He suggested a new place that was near his office, so I decided to be nice and agree!  We got there in the pouring rain, and discovered that it was a Taiwanese place selling ramen.  Quelle surprise!

 Fortunately for us both, it also had other food, and we had lunch there.  I had chicken and cashew nuts, which wasn't too bad, and F had a dish that looked like eggs, black mushrooms and other veggies.  They were quite good, so we'll probably go back.

After lunch we went to S-mall and had a drink at Doutors.  It was nice just to be out for a while honestly.  I'm feeling a bit housebound with all the sun and heat these days. We hacked the hundred yen shop and I found a multitude of things that I needed/wanted, so got some of them.  I got a bigger sieve.  Technically it is for making green tea, but I plan to use it for draining my yogurt.  I like it thicker and the tea sieve that I'm using now isn't big enough.  I also got a new towel, I go through a lot of towels for my neck in summer, and a roll of Scotch tape.  Always useful.  F picked up a few things too, then we headed home.  F dropped me off and went back to his mother's house.  She wanted to exchange the shoes she bought yesterday, so needed him to drive her.  

I had a nice afternoon without him. I watched a bit of TV, read some blogs, the usual.  He came back and we both got stuck in our computers.  

Around 7 he started asking for dinner. I wasn't that hungry yet, but decided to humour him.  We agreed on Bikkuri Donkey! but when we got there, there was a line up.  Oh no!  F didn't want to wait, so we went across the street to Jiro, our old favourite.  It was a little busy, but we got a table. Tonight I had chicken and F had the gratin set.  His looked good. He had gratin pasta with fried chicken, salad and a roll.  Mine was teriyaki chicken I think, with a side cabbage salad and a few french fries and a few green beans.  It was really nice.  

I had asked that we go to karaoke tonight, but after dinner F begged off.  His neck had been really bothering him today, so I didn't mind too much.  We bought a few groceries and then came home.  

We had a quiet night in too.  We both got to watch a bit of TV and F set up the breadmaker for the morning.  He's going to make some whole wheat bread.  I found a recipe for home made pita bread, so if I'm brave one day, I'll try it!  I haven't made bread since I was a child, so I'm a tad nervous.

And that was basically my day.  I'm not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow.  I did write a few postcards tonight, so I'll have to scan and run them off to the post office, but apart from that and cooking dinner, I'm just not sure.  Come back tomorrow and find out what I get up to?  Night.

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