November 9, 2014

Sunday - Rainy

An okay, pretty good day.

I got up very late today.  I can’t even say this morning because it wasn’t.  I woke up earlier, went back to bed for a snooze until my alarm went off, and then fell back asleep.  

When I did get up, F and I went out to lunch.  He chose a fish restaurant, but it is one that I quite like, so agreed to it.  We each had one of the daily specials.  I had fried salmon which was lovely, and F had a flat fish deep fried I think.  Yum.  

After lunch we went boot shopping for me.  We went to the Shoe Barn and I got quite lucky there.  At least I hope so! I got a pair of winter boots.  The nice thing is that the top back of the boots open too.  Because my calves are quite large, I often have a hard time finding boots to fit.  These have velcro on them, so I can adjust the back.  They also have a zipper down the front to fasten them.  

We went to my wool shop after that, where I picked up a little bit of wool to work on a Christmas craft that I want to try.  

We had a drink in Doutors after that.  The mall parking was crazy busy, so we had to park on the roof.  I don’t like it, but what else could we do.  

We came home for a bit and then around 7:00 pm went out for dinner.  We had talked about going either for a buffet dinner at the Komagi restaurant or to Krippa for Indian food, but in the car, F suddenly suggested Simon.  (The Si is said like “she”) It’s a nice restaurant, but a little expensive.  Still, it was F’s suggestion, so we went for it.  It was very nice.  We both had the roast pork in a curry sauce, and it came with a sashimi salad, vegetable salad, clear mushroom soup and a bun for me and rice for F.  There was dessert too, chocolate cake and wheat ice cream.  It was gorgeous, with a little bit higher than normal price.  However, we did use a 500 yen discount card that we’d finally filled, so that helped!

We bought groceries after that.  Tomorrow night we’ll be cheap and cheerful with pasta and a salad with duck in it, then Tuesday we’ll have chicken and potatoes and broccolini.  Now, if I could just get someone to cook it all for me!

This evening we came home and relaxed.  I wrote up a couple of postcards and started my Christmas Project during Project Runway.  F has finally taken his bath and should be off to bed soon.  

That’s about it for me for tonight.  Tomorrow I do have to go to the post office. I got a book mooch for one of the books I listed last night, so I will pass it off to someone else. Yay!

Today’s decluttering went a little deeper.  I tossed some magazines that I had never read…I used to have a subscription and some of the last ones never had the wrapper taken off.  So about 5 magazines, a catalogue, an old calendar, some coffee and some old pudding mix went out today.  It’s getting harder to come up with things to toss, but it mostly feels good too.

Talk to you tomorrow.  Night!

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