December 27, 2014

Saturday - Sunny and warmer

A good day.

We decided to spend a night out of town last night, so there was no update last night.  Hope you didn’t miss me too much.  

This morning we drove to Sakata.  We were really too early for our lunch date, so we asked my iPhone’s Siri to find us a coffee shop.  She found us one, and gave us directions to it.  We had a nice cup of tea or coffee there.  After that, I suggested going to the Sankyo Warehouses in Sakata.  I could buy more postcards and we could spend a bit of time indoors and yet be near our lunch place.  F liked that idea, so off we went.

I found a few postcards I didn’t have yet, got them and enjoyed looking at the wooden chests and pieces of furniture.  After a bit it was time to drive over to the hotel.

We met up with some area teachers and their spouses for a nice lunch.  It was a buffet, and there were about 12 of us, so we took up 2 tables in the room.  It was nice getting to know some of the other people there.  There was a couple there who got married a couple of weeks ago.  I felt a little sorry for them!

After the party broke up, F and I, and my friend and her little boy drove over to the brand new Starbucks.  We were so excited!  First Starbucks in Shonai!  Woot.  We managed to get a good table.  Ordering was a bit of an ordeal…you had to line up to order and then line up (in a huge line) to pick up your order.  Ack.  Still, I grabbed a table, F got our drinks and I looked after my friend’s little boy for a couple of minutes.  We managed to have a bit of chat time, but the little boy was tired and in need of some TLC.  Some of a drink was spilled and we decided we had to break up the party.  

F and I drove to Mikawa Mall and I bought another ball of combination yarn for my scarf.  I decided that I’d rather buy another ball than rip it down again and re-knit it!  Luckily, I got one from the same dye lot.  Hurray.  

After that, F wanted to buy some liquor making supplies.  He’s going to try and make some alcohol.  We found the jar to make it in, then had to get the liquor and the rock sugar.  Around the time that we found these things, I realized I just wasn’t feeling that well.  When we went out to the car, I told F I felt a bit off and so we went home for a while.  I’m still getting over my cold and it was hot in the mall.  I was wearing a big coat and heavy boots…I was probably overheated too.  

We came home and I vegged for a while in front of my computer.  That seemed to help a bit.  F suggested that we go to our favourite keiten sushi place which was fine, except it was only open for another hour and his uncle phoned him about a personal matter.  F used his earpiece and kept talking to him in the car, all the way there.  He never did tell his uncle that we were going for dinner, he just kept talking until we were in the lobby of the restaurant! 

We had a nice dinner and then we came home.  I was feeling quite a bit better and I knew that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was on tonight, four hours worth of it.  I wanted to watch it, and did.  I knitted for a couple of hours of that time too.  

So that, was my day today.  It was rather nice, but it’s nice to be home again.  I have to go.  Night!

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