March 28, 2015

Saturday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I stayed up quite late last night, but got to bed finally.  I slept well, and even got up at 9 am.  I did fall asleep at my computer, but I was out of bed!  F came home around 10 and I fed him some hot cross buns and tea.  Unfortunately, around 11 he was called in to work.  There was an emergency happening and he had to go.  He put on some “work” clothes and left.

I had a quiet but enjoyable afternoon by myself.  I watched a bit of telly, tried on some old clothes and even cooked myself lunch.  Lunch today was a cheese and spinach omelette and was rather nice.  I used real cheese too, so very yum!

F finally got home a bit after 5.  He’d been to Yamagata City and back.  We talked about going for lunch, but in the end he made himself some ramen.  We then talked about going to see a movie, but F was feeling quite tired.  Instead, I suggested going to the Internet Cafe for a bit.  

We were lucky enough to be able to get massaging chairs and spent the next few hours being pummelled.  I did some knitting with circular needles, drank a bit too much tea and even ran into an old student who was much more surprised to see me than I was to see him!  He’d thought I’d gone back to Canada! 

Around 10pm I went and chatted to F to see if he wanted to stay or go.  I told him I’d stay, but I’d have to order my dinner as I was really hungry.  We left!  I suggested going to Cocos and that’s what we did.

At Cocos I had a hamburger steak that was quite nice, and F had a starchy veg and seafood over rice dish.  He liked it, I liked mine.  We didn’t have drink bar for a change.  After dinner we bought a few groceries and then came home.

For the rest of the evening I’ve been watching telly.  I’ve quite enjoyed it to be honest.  I just finished watching Marple and one of the people in was Ian Ogilvy…my huge crush from Return of the Saint when I was a teenager.  It was so lovely to see him.  Tonight’s Penny Dreadful was odd.  A couple of the characters started drinking absinthe and it got a little kinky.  

Anyway, we have a few plans for tomorrow.  Poor F has to cram a whole weekend into one day.  We hope to go and see a movie later, but we aren’t sure about it.  Catch me next time when I fill in all the blanks for you.  Until tomorrow….

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