March 9, 2015

Monday - Cloudy then rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning and got half-dressed!  I was a woman with a mission.  I was going to use my crockpot to cook dinner and it needed about 8 hours to do it.  I got out my crock, gave it a wash and then got all the ingredients put in it.  Done! 

I had a quiet day today really.  F was driving someone to Yamagata today, so there weren’t any visits home from him.  He did call to see if I needed something from Kaldi Farms, but I didn’t.  I’d been myself last week and he’d been recently too.  

I took a shower and basically just relaxed a bit. I had lunch and it was nice.  I made a sort of instant pasta dish and had some of F’s very nice bread…made with the Canadian flour I brought back from Sendai with me.  

I wasn’t sure how late F would be, so I peeled 3 apples and got them cut up for later.  I also checked out the pie plate we bought on Sunday and discovered that the plate wasn’t really a pie plate, it was a plate.  There’s a little note on the back saying not to use over 150℃…And yet there’s a picture of a whole apple pie in the plate on the box.  Grr.  All the pies I looked up had to be baked over that temperature.  We’ll try and take it back, but I don’t know if they’ll give F his money back or not.  

F called before he went to his mother’s so I asked him to buy me some more margarine (we forgot last night) and some cream or ice cream for the apple crumble I was making later.  I got on with making dinner.  I prepared the bok choy and put it in the slow cooker when I thought F would be home soon.  He wasn’t.  Sigh.  He phoned me to check that what he bought was okay.  He bought sour cream….And he’d already bought it so we’re stuck with it.  Good thing I like sour cream!  He went back for ice cream.

Finally F came home and I served up dinner.  For a change I think I was waiting on him to get changed and ready to eat.  We had slow cooker adobo chicken with bok choy, slightly modified.  I had to fudge the vinegar a little and I used chicken breasts instead of thighs, but it got great reviews!  There’s lots leftover too, so dinner tomorrow is almost taken care of.  Hurray.

After dinner, F did the dishes and I took a break, then I went back to the kitchen and got the rest of the crumble made.  I baked it and about 40 minutes later, we had tea and apple crumble and ice cream.  It was very good!  I had cut the sugar in the crumble down by more than half and it was still sweet enough for me.  I even boxed some up for F to take to his mother tomorrow morning.  

We had a quiet evening really.  F got to watch quite a bit of TV and I watched Person of Interest and did more sewing of blanket.  I’m nearly done the sewing bit.  It probably doesn’t really need to be sewn, but I don’t want it to come apart!  And, now that I’ve done most of it I can’t stop or it’ll look strange.  I hope to do a simple edging around it soon.  

So that is it.  My day.  I didn’t go out, but I did enjoy myself.  I watched some of my recorded shows from the weekend while I was cooking.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow in the afternoon. I’m hoping that it won’t, but it probably will.  Until tomorrow….

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