July 14, 2015

Tuesday - Oh So Hot!

An okay day.

I got up this morning, just as F came home to grab some spare clothes for work.  I’m not sure why he can’t take it with him in the morning when he goes!  
I vegged for a while, watched my show and then was going to get up and have breakfast when F called.  At first I thought he was asking me to go out for lunch, but he was asking if I’d like to go away this weekend since it is a long weekend.  I told him I’d look for a hotel within our budget.  I spent the next hour or so looking for hotel rooms.  I found some but they were far away or not really double beds.  A lot of hotels in Japan seem to have “small double rooms”  which means they either have a ¾ size bed or a single bed and call it a small double.  I’d rather have a twin, particularly in this heat.  I couldn’t find anything.  AND I missed my workout so I was a bit annoyed.  

F came home for lunch and I gave him the bad news.  I suggested a staycation so I hope that’s what we’ll do.  It should be cheaper and we might be able to get a hotel or something locally.  There’s a typhoon on the way and I don’t want to be on holiday in the middle of it.

The afternoon was quiet.  I scanned a bunch of postcards, both incoming and outgoing, then when I was done I took them to the post office and mailed them.

I came home again and wondered about dinner.  I took last night’s poaching liquid and used it as a soup base for me for tonight.  When F came home, he told me to go first for dinner, so I made chilled pasta with a basil yogurt dressing, and had that with some of the leftover salad and chicken from last night.  I finished up with a bowl of soup.  It was quite nice, but in all honesty, I didn’t really eat enough.  I did my dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and then let F have his turn.

We had a quiet evening.  F turned on the AC when he came home. It was quite hot inside by then.  F is not doing well with the AC on, but I’m too hot at times.  I do feel like I’m better than I was last year, but it is really hot here.

I did a bit of crochet during Grey’s Anatomy and F went to lie down on the bed.  He’s still there, still in his jeans, which worries me.  I’ll have to wake him up soon to get him to go to bed properly.

Anyway, it was a quiet day today.  It wasn’t bad at all. Come back later and find out if Wednesday is a more exciting day!  Until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

I know. It was so hot yesterday. 39 degrees. I can't stand it.

Helen said...

It is a bit much isn't it. If it wasn't so humid at the same time I wouldn't mind quite so much, but yuck!

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