July 29, 2015

Wednesday - Hot and sunny, with dark clouds at times

A good day.

I woke up on time today, but F was sitting on the couch so I went back to sleep.  It was nearly 10 when I got up, but I did get up.  I got dressed too and made the bed.  

I checked out my email and my websites and waited for F to come home.  He arrived around 11 I think.  We went out again fairly soon after that.  First we did our business at City Hall and it was fast.  We didn’t have to do anything strange and no fighting!  Then it was lunch time.  My first suggestion for lunch was closed today, so I thought about going to Hyakkenbori.  We went there and had a nice meal.  I had teriyaki chicken and F had fritters, which basically meant tempura.  

After lunch we went over to my dentist’s office to make an appointment.  I’m travelling in a couple of months and I want to make sure my teeth won’t cause me trouble again.  Appointment made, we went to Doutors and had a couple of iced teas.  I had the soy milk tea, F had the milk tea.  Yum.  

We were on our way home to take a nap or two when F suddenly suggested karaoke.  I was game of course, so we went to the internet cafe again, for karaoke this time.  We were there for 3 hours but had a great time.  F ate so much of the soft ice cream.  He’s crazy. Unbelievably, I didn’t have any!  The milk really causes phlegm to build up in my throat and then I can’t sing so I didn’t have any.  I did a wide assortment of songs and enjoyed myself immensely.  

I asked F if we could get a dryer inset for my shoes.  With the humid weather, they aren’t drying between wears and since I’d really like to wear them on my way to Canada, I want them dry.  We went to Shoe Barn, got them…the last pack in the store…and then talked about dinner.  I realized that we were right around the corner from a restaurant that F likes, so I suggested it.  

We went to Hana tonight and both had fish.  I had gindara which I liked a lot, and F had a kaisendon, or raw fish on rice.  The food was good, and F was enjoying himself, so that was really good.  I enjoyed it too, so win-win.  

We came home via the grocery store.  I’m going to make barbecued chicken in the slow cooker tomorrow.  Hopefully it’ll be enough for two meals for us, at least.  I may even make some buns in the later afternoon if I get highly motivated!  Ha! 

We had a quiet evening at home.  I watched Nikita, it must have been the end of season show, followed by CSI and then Unforgettable.  I did a little crochet during Nikita, I finished one of the blue and brown squares and came close with another one.  

I don’t have a picture with the finished square in it, but I did take one earlier in the day of the squares laid out on our bed.  It’s quite different from the other one I made, even though it is made up of the same colours!
I haven't quite decided if I want the corners to be plain and the middle squares two colours or the middle squares plain and the corners two coloured. Decisions, decisions!

I might have a busy day tomorrow.  I have to work out because I skipped it today, set up the slow cooker, get some more food from the grocery store (maybe), make buns and do some tidying up.  I’m exhausted already!  

Come back later and see if I manage to get any of this accomplished!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I looked at that picture and thought: I like this color scheme better than the last one you made--but then in the very next sentence you wrote that it's the same colors as the last one! I had to laugh at that. But I still like this one better, whatever the reason.

We're having gray weather too recently and it is sapping my energy! I'm exhausted just reading your to-do list. Haha!

Helen said...

It really does look totally different! I think it is just the order of the colours. I'm going to use the icy blue colour to join all the squares and I'm thinking about re-doing the middle square to put a band of blue in it like in the brown squares around the edge.

I bought too much yarn, and since it was expensive-ish, I don't want to waste it. The good thing is that I'll have a blanket ready if one of my friends/relatives/in-laws has a baby.

My to-do list was a bit of a bust today I'm afraid. I did set up the slow cooker, but I didn't make buns, didn't go out and didn't do any tidying up! It was just hot and humid. Bleck!

Thanks for visiting :-)