July 8, 2015

Wednesday - Cloudy and a little rainy

A good day.

I got up early this morning and didn’t do the things that I planned last night.  I planned to get up early, do a workout before my show and then after my show to take a shower.  I did take a shower…later.

After my show I had a bit of a rummage through my closet and found a dress to wear today.  I’m having trouble finding pants that look decent on me these days, so I thought a dress would be nice.  I took my shower and then got dressed.  

My friend came a little after 12 and we decided to go to Pisolino.  It was very nice, she was wearing a skirt too and we both were in spring/summery colours.  We were ladies who lunch at the buffet restaurant.  I managed to do quite well today.  I didn’t go overboard and stayed away from some of the higher calorie offerings.  I did have some dessert at the end though.  We had a lovely chat and good food, so we really enjoyed ourselves.

She drove me home and went on her way.  I came in to the apartment, changed back into my usual sort of clothes and then scanned my cards.  I watched some of the TV I had on the DVR and then  when I had finished scanning, stamping and uploading cards, ran them off to the post office.  Tonight it was a dump and bike home again trip.

F was a little late tonight.  He arrived a bit after 7 pm.  He relaxed and vegged for a while and then after 8 pm we went out for dinner.  I wasn’t too hungry but had stir-fried vegetables and pork at the restaurant F picked.  It was nice, but a little greasy.  

We went to the drugstore for soap and then to the grocery store for food for the next couple of nights.  We’re going to have pasta with fish tomorrow night.  At least that is the plan right now.  

We came home and F watched a bit of TV.  There was something on that he’d “booked” with me so it wasn’t a problem.  I watched House again at midnight and then turned off the TV.  F is claiming to have an upset stomach, and in all honesty, mine isn’t great so I’m wondering if it was tonight’s dinner or last night’s dinner.  I hope it is neither!  

No idea what I’ll get up to tomorrow, come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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