August 5, 2015

Wednesday - Hot and Sunny. Yawn

A good day.  I didn’t get up early to exercise this morning, in fact I slept in right until Suits started this morning.  I got up, watched it, and a little while later, did my workout.  I did the two mile one this morning.  It was a good thing I did it early because a little after 12 F came home to eat his lunch.  That was surprising since he hadn’t come home before this week.

While he was here I started scanning my cards and got them all done. It took a while, and he had already left when I was done.  I did a few different things around the apartment like getting the garbage ready and I also sewed the hem on my pants for tomorrow.  I watched The Equalizer with Denzel Washington.  There were some parts that I liked, but overall I wasn’t a fan of the movie.  

When the movie finished, I made a quick trip to the post office.  I mailed my cards and bought a few stamps.  Then, I went to a convenience store and bought a sandwich for my very late lunch.  I came home again and ate it, then started work in the kitchen for dinner.

I wasn’t sure that F was going to have dinner at home tonight as he said he would take his mother out for dinner tonight.  However, she cooked at her house, so he came home for dinner.  

I baked some chicken, stir-fried some zucchini and cucumber and steamed some shimeji mushrooms in foil.  Dinner was quite good, and got decent reviews!

I did some squares joining while I watched Nikita and then have been spending a bit of time getting ready for my trip tomorrow.  I’m blogging early as I should get to bed soon.  I catch a train to Niigata in the morning to meet up with a friend to go to an art gallery.  I’m looking forward to it.  

If I’m not able to get back, or if I’m tired, I may not blog tomorrow night.  However, you’ll probably be able to come back a bit later and see what happens.  Until tomorrow then….

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