July 31, 2015

Friday - Hot and Sunny, humid

A good day.  I got up early, watched my show, fell asleep on the couch, woke up later and then did work out.  However, F had already called to say he was coming home, so I only did a short workout.  I knew that I’d be going out later on, so I didn’t worry too much.

In the afternoon, after F left, I scanned cards, had lunch and then went out to the post office.  I mailed my cards, bought some new stamps, and then went for a bike ride to the drugstore.  I picked up a few things and then rode home again.  I got home about 2 minutes before F called to say he was on his way.  

He popped in for a few minutes to change and then went to his mother’s.  In the meantime, I got the dishes from the day washed and the table cleared off.  Dinner was mostly leftovers tonight, but I did prepare some cucumbers and zucchini sticks and boiled an ear of corn.  

We ate and it was really nice.  The pulled chicken was just as yummy today, the corn was good and dinner was nice.  We still have leftovers, so I might be having some for lunch tomorrow.  I think F is going to take his mother out for lunch, so I’d like to eat at home anyway!

In the evening I watched some TV, did some crochet during Castle. I finished off the 4th square with the blue centre.  I have two more all brown squares to make, plus I may do one more….we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve been watching Marvel shows tonight, just finished the second Thor movie and now I’m watching Agents of Shield.  I should be going to bed….

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment in the afternoon, so I have that to look forward to.  I also want to have some pants of mine made shorter and possibly smaller and also I have to go to the train station.  Should be an exciting day! Come back in a bit and find out what is going on with me.  Until tomorrow!

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