September 11, 2015

Friday - Clear in the morning, rainy in the afternoon 

An okay day.

I got up early this morning and decided that if I wanted to wake up in time for Burn Notice, I’d better go directly to the couch.  I did wake up properly in time and watched it and read blogs.  After the show I turned off the TV and somehow fell asleep.  I didn’t really wake up until almost noon.  Not sure how!  

I didn’t do my walking, but I looked outside and saw that it was sunny outside.  I thought that since I have been wanting to go to the drugstore by myself for a while, this would be my chance.  I got dressed and hopped on my bike.  

I went to the craft store for good measure, but didn’t buy anything, then hit up the drugstore and got a few things there.  I came home via an ATM.  When I got home I realized that F had been home for lunch. He’d called me, but I hadn’t heard the message sound.  

I had a good and quiet afternoon at home.  I washed a couple of coats in preparation for winter and put a few things into my suitcase.  I’m getting worried about the whole thing!

F came home at a reasonable time today and I had dinner underway already.  I roasted some kabocha,  and had prepared the tandoori chicken for baking too.  I had to do the kabocha in two lots, so it took a little longer, but really I was quite organized so I think it went okay.  Dinner was quite good and we both enjoyed it.  F even liked the kabocha, which surprised me because he doesn’t like it much.

He did the dishes and we settled in for a quiet night. I watched Castle from the couch and did some more crochet.  I like the pattern I’m using now, but it is quite small and uses a fair amount of thread.  Still, it is easy and pretty so yay!  I just hope my sister likes it!

I packed a few clothes for our night away and charged my iPod a bit.  I hope it’ll work tomorrow.  We’ll be leaving in the morning and driving to Niigata. I won’t be updating tomorrow night and may not on Sunday if I’m too tired.  Don’t miss me too much!  

Until tomorrow’s tomorrow….  

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