September 4, 2015

Friday - Sunny, rainy, cloudy, muggy

A good day.

I got up this morning, watched my show and did a little computer stuff.  I also did a load of laundry and hung it up.  Yay me.

F came home from the hospital and taking his mother to lunch around 1pm.  I was a tad miffed as I thought WE had lunch plans but realized that I hadn’t really reminded him about them.  Since he had already eaten, going to a lunch buffet didn’t make sense.  Oh well.  I suggested going to Bikkuri Donkey!! as I wanted him to share the new salad with me.  I didn’t think he’d want to eat very much.  He ended up getting a lunch set, which is huge, so did eat a lot more than me!  He had a burg steak, which came with rice and miso soup and a small salad, and he shared the spicy taco salad with me too.  Still, I have to remember he’s a man and gets to eat more than me.  So not fair!

Since neither of us had any plans for the afternoon, I suggested going to the doctor.  I wanted to get some meds in case I get sick when I’m in Canada.  Since I have asthma, it’s a pre-existing condition and isn’t covered by travel health insurance.  And, I’d rather not have to go to the doctor in Canada if I don’t have to!  Apparently there’s a lot of smoke in the air from the US forest fires, so anyway, that’s what we did.

While I was in with the doctor, F asked him for the medicine for me and then I asked the doctor to reassure F that I am healthy and NOT losing weight too fast!  He’s made a couple of comments recently that he is worried because I have lost so much weight. Anyway the doctor took my blood pressure, said it was better and that was that.  

I offered to buy F a drink in Doutors so off we went to the mall.  I got us each an orzo latte…mine was cold today, his was hot.  I really liked it more cold, so I might have it that way again.  

We came home, ostensibly for an hour before F went to walk his dog, but actually much longer!  F wanted a nap, so we both took one, but I got up after an hour, F got up briefly to call his mother and say he wasn’t coming and then went back to sleep.  He roused himself around 8:30 or so.  

We had dinner tonight in the Indian/Nepali restaurant on the main road.  We had the Couple Set and it was pretty good.  We got to choose our curry, naan and drinks so that was nice.  I had chicken curry, F had pork, I had garlic naan, he picked cheese and I had oolong tea, he had a lassi.  We also got a big plate of mixed grill which I didn’t really expect.  I thought we might get one or two small things on a plate.  Wrong!  My naan was great, his was a bit like a cheese pizza, so I only had a piece of it.  The curries were nice.  We were stuffed when we left the restaurant.  

We came home and just vegged.  F went to bed quite early and I’m still up.  F is really sleepy a lot of the time.  I’m not sure if it is a leftover from his stay in the hospital or if it is the medicine, but he can sleep so much.  I hope he’s okay.

With the weather, I couldn’t take the blanket outside for some arty shots, so please be patient a little longer to see it in all it’s glory!  

Not sure what we’ll get up to exactly tomorrow.  I have a dentist appointment at 2 pm so after that, who knows?  Hope you’ll come back later and find out about my day.  Until tomorrow….


MsMouse7 said...

What part of Canada will you be visiting? I am in eastern Washington state and we have been slammed with hazardous or unhealthy air quality due to the fires. Finally we have had several days of no smoke. So it is better here, but I wonder where the smoke is going now: Canada?

Helen said...

I'll be going to Alberta, in the west. My sister told me that the air was bad even as far north as where she lives, and a friend who was just in Calgary said it was terrible there. Maybe the fires are out now and I don't need to worry about it anymore?? I hope so!

MsMouse7 said...

The fires in Washinton state are still burning. We had a fair amount of rain today so that should help. And it is much cooler. However, temperatures go up next week. And that won't help.

Helen said...

Oh dear...I do hope that the fires will be out soon, for everyone's sake, not just mine. We've had our share of forest fires in Canada of course, horrible things. I wish we could send some of the rain we've been having over to you.