January 27, 2016

Wednesday - Rainy and warm

A good day.

I got up a bit after 9 today and had breakfast.  F was lounging around, but I suggested he have a shower and start getting ready.  I think it was a good thing really.  He left around 10 I think, for his mother’s and popped back just before 11 to pick something up.  

I had breakfast, watched Once Upon a Time and then made the bed and grabbed a few clothes for later on.  I had a shower and then ate lunch.  I had some frozen pasta and added in the last of the shrimp from the other night’s dinner.  It was surprisingly good!

Around 2 I went out into the lobby and waited for my friend.  Since I was there I decided to sweep a little.  I looked outside and something caught my eye.  This little guy was walking over a snowbank in the rain.  I felt a little sorry for it, and I have no idea why he was doing that.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen a spider on snow before!
Yes she was alive and I left her alone after I went all paparazzo on her!

My friend came and we went to Cafe Cinq near the river for tea or coffee.  The waitress tried to give us the chocolate menu, but I turned it over because we are both trying to watch our weight!
We spent about an hour together, had some great conversations and cheered each other up no end.  Finally, she had to go, and I decided to walk home.  I hadn’t been able to get any exercise for a couple of days, so I needed it!

The walk was nice, but the road was very wet in places.  The snow was melting, but the puddles were deep.  I was close to home when I got a message from F saying he was already home.  

When I got home, we had a nice reunion and we both relaxed for a while.  It was only around 4 and F started talking about dinner.  I wasn’t ready yet!

We relaxed for a while and F watched Apollo 13 in Japanese before I strongly requested dinner around 7 pm.  I originally asked for okonomiyaki, but on the way, F countered with Indian food.  We went to the closer restaurant and had a pretty good meal.  We had the couples set, so we had two kinds of curry (pork and chicken) with two kinds of naan(garlic and plain). We also had salad and tandori and shish kebab and dessert and hot chai. It was quite good.  

We bought a few groceries afterwards and then came home.  I watched some telly and started a new project, but I’m not sure that I like it enough to keep working on it.  Or that I will have enough yarn.  

F went to bed a lot earlier tonight, I’m glad as he was really staying up late.  He has a long drive at work tomorrow.  

Tomorrow I have a few little things to do around the apartment. I should go and sweep the lobby again, and I really need to vacuum the apartment.  Come back in a bit and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I can't say I have ever seen a spider on snow before. That must have been startling. I wonder if it hitched a ride and got dropped off in the wrong spot!

You have more discipline than I do, turning over that chocolate menu. I am a sucker for anything chocolate--and I always used to tell myself in Japan that at least the serving sizes weren't as big in America. (That's how I came home with an extra fifteen pounds, I'll bet!)

Helen said...

I was surprised about the spider too, yet she was moving fairly well over the snow. I can't say I've ever seen one do that before.

And the chocolates are gorgeous looking in that restaurant, but they have an equally gorgeous price...My friend has just started a new diet program, I'm trying a little harder so it wasn't so hard!