January 5, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy and snowy

An okay day.

I got up a bit early this morning and stayed up.  However, I ended up snoozing a bit on the couch. Sigh. During the break between programmes, I made the bed and put on my workout clothes.  Nothing was going to stop me from working out today.  I had my breakfast and some tea, and then when the programme was over, I started a workout dvd. And then stopped it 8 minutes later when the DVD player stopped working properly.  I’m not sure what happened, but it stopped reading the dvd.  It couldn’t read another one either, so I think the player is borked. 

I thought F would come home for lunch, so I put off my workout.  He didn’t show up, so after lunch time, I used YouTube and my computer and got a few minutes of a workout on.  Yay for me.  

I took a shower, had lunch and did some computer stuff.  I scanned my postcards, but didn’t run them to the post office because I thought I’d write a few more tonight.  

F came home after work and got ready for his party.  He put on a jacket, called a taxi and off he went.  I was just about to have dinner when he called me.  He’d got the dates mixed up and the party is next month.  Sigh.  I was looking forward to a few quiet hours to myself. 

He walked home and I put out the leftovers on the table.  When he arrived home we had a little laugh and then he put on horrible Japanese TV, opened up his computer and then I barely saw him again.  I had my dinner, but when I asked him if he was going to come over and have some I was snapped at.  I heated and ate my meal, then offered to put some of the food on a plate for him, which he did accept. I washed up my dishes and then went to my computer.  At that point he went and made himself some ramen and ate my lovely leftovers meal.  I didn’t really understand.  If it wasn’t enough there was more food in the fridge.  

I had a pretty horrible evening with his inane crappy TV on.  I sewed my old green coat…an embellishment had fallen off a couple of years ago when I first got it and I just found it recently.  I sewed it back on and then checked the buttons to make sure they were okay.  
Around 10:30 I realized I was hungry and had lots of calories left for  a change.  I went into the kitchen and got creative.  I made chicken salad out of some of the chicken from Costco and half of an avocado.  That was really good. I put it on half a bagel and made tea too.  I even offered some of both tea and bagel to F, which he accepted.

At 11 I watched The Following.  It’s quite the show.  Afterwards I watched a Poirot episode where the killer gave themself away by saying the last letter of the alphabet was “zed”…so Poirot correctly surmised they were Canadian. I had just discussed the “zee vs. zed” thing with F a few days ago so thought it was rather funny.

And that’s about it.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen next.  F was talking about taking time off and going to the doctor, but I’m not sure if he will or not.  I have a few things that I need to do around here, and I’d like to get on that! Come back later and read more about my exciting adventures! Until tomorrow….

(Edited to note that this is my 3000th blog entry on this blog. Woot!)


Ryo Hazuki said...

Congratulations on the 3000th post. Your blog is like a warm, fond chair to come back to every day.

Helen said...

Thank you very much! That is a lovely thing to say :-)

Ryo Hazuki said...

Oh you're very welcome :)