February 17, 2016

Wednesday - Snowy but clear

A good day.

I got up at a goodly time this morning and filled up the kerosene tank right off the bat.  I watched The X-Files, had breakfast and tea and read up on my favourite blogs, etc.  Then, I headed off to take a shower.

I got a message from my friend that she was on her way, so I hurried to get ready.  F came home around noon, and looked very nice in his suit.  He came bearing a certificate.  He was at a ceremony commemorating the length of time that he has worked for his employers.  I’ve never had a job that long!  

I went out when my friend arrived and we spent the next few hours together.  We had a lovely lunch at Cafe Ridea.  She had a basil doria and I had spicy chicken coconut curry.  It was good, but was spicy.  The only think that didn’t work for me in the meal was the tomato soup.  I ate about half of it.  It tasted good, but I have the dreaded tongue biting going on, and a little itchy skin.  Sigh.  

We talked about going somewhere to have a walk, but there was quite a bit of snow everywhere.  I suggested going to Komagihara Park, but then I suggested going somewhere for tea or coffee and cake!  I’ve been reading about a cafe that serves gorgeous fruit cakes, so wanted to try it.  We decided to go there!  We were able to grab a table and had a lovely time there.  I had some Darjeeling tea.  We did more chatting and lots of laughing too.  Finally we had to break up the party.  I was putting my glasses away when one of the arms came off them.  Oh no!  Luckily I have a spare pair at home.

She dropped me off and I had a lovely, quiet time at home catching up on things.  

When F came home, I asked if we could take my glasses to the glasses shop to see if they could be fixed.  I really like the frames and use the glasses a lot.  Apparently, they can’t be fixed. Sigh.  The woman did give me some advice.  She suggested that if I am going to use a neck string for my glasses, I should get ones with a stronger frame.  She pushed the store’s own brand with plastic frames, but I’m not convinced honestly.  I want light ones.  

We had dinner in Gusto and it was okay.  I was hoping for something a little nicer, but really I didn’t care all that much.  

We bought some groceries and then came home.  We had a quiet night in.  I did some more knitting and it went quite well.  I also did a couple of postcards tonight. I wanted to do more, but sometimes they take a long time! 

And that is about it for my day.  It was lovely to see my friend again, and also lovely that F is willing to help me get another pair of glasses.  

I’m not really sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  Come back a bit later and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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