February 9, 2016

Tuesday - Cold but sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning, turned on the heater and tried to go back to bed for 20 minutes only to discover that I wasn’t that early.  I got up and got on with my day. I had breakfast and some of my new tea and then got dressed in my workout clothes.

I assumed my husband would come home for lunch so I held off doing my workout, but of course he didn’t come.  Grrr!  I ended up doing it quite late.

I had a mostly quiet afternoon.  I changed the curtain in the kitchen.  I had bought a new cafe curtain in Sendai and changed it today.  I really should clean the window too, but that would involve moving everything in the kitchen so didn’t.  

I had a late lunch with some crackers, chicken and salad and then added on half of a Costco bagel.  Yum.

I took a very late shower, around 5 pm and then when I came out I started my dinner prep.  I rinsed the salad, got the broccoli ready to steam and also mixed up the pancake batter.  Yup, tonight was Shrove Tuesday and I decided pancakes were definitely in order.  I also brought out our little griddle pan and cooked our bacon on that and then cooked the pancakes.  They were quite good and we both enjoyed them.  For his second pancake, I let F make his own mostly.  I was still eating my first.  It was a fun meal.  I wouldn’t want it every day, but for a change it was good.

F did the dishes and I wrote some email and did some computer stuff.  I wrote up some postcrossing cards and another card I wanted to send.  I may send my nephew something tomorrow too.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  I had a good day.  Tomorrow I’ll have to do up my postcards and get them ready to send out and then take them to the post office.  I may do a few other things along the way too.  

Oh, wait, I decided to post a few of my photos from my trip to Sendai and beyond.  Enjoy!
A display promoting tourism to Aomori in the train station.

Dinner at Mother Leaf Cafe-a Duck breast salad.  Very nice!

Our hotel room in Sendai-Izumi

There were two arm chairs and a desk and a balcony!

There was a shower stall and a bath.  Quite spiffy!

We had a couple of drinks in the lounge during Happy Hour.  It was 500 yen for each person to drink from a set list.  It was rather nice!

My lunch at Shiogama. At the fish market, you can go to the different fish merchants and buy small quantities of fish.  Later on you can buy a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup and have lunch.  It was good!

Basho and I....

The bell tower at Chuson-ji Temple

Apparently, I'm "dressed" like Benkei!

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