March 24, 2016

Thursday - Cloudy and rainy at night

An okay day.

I got up just before The X-Files started this morning and discovered I had to fill up the kerosene tank.  Sigh.  I did that, watched my show with my cups of tea and my breakfast, then got changed into my workout gear.  Of course, I didn’t workout for a bit, but did finally do the deed.  I did a 2 mile workout today and really got into it.  

I changed out of my gear fairly quickly today.  I did a little laundry as well.  I was quite surprised to see F come home for a quick lunch at 1pm today.  He’d had to work through his regular lunch time.  Good for me, not so much for him.  He had a bento and some cup ramen again.  

During the afternoon I looked up some recipes and had my lunch.  I also watched a bit of TV from the DVR.  I’m trying to catch up with White Collar and Once Upon a TimeAgents of Shield is going to start soon and I hope to binge-watch it too!

I did the day’s dishes and then when F came home after 7 pm asked if we could go out quickly to the store.  I wanted to go to a grocery store we don’t go to often because it sells some frozen goods that I needed.  We went there and I got some stuff, then we went to Gusto for dinner.

Gusto wasn’t too busy tonight and the food was okay.  I had chicken with salad and what they said was a galette, but really wasn’t.  I added on more salad and drink bar so that was good.  F had the avocado-tuna bowl and liked it a lot, so that was amazing!  I like it too, I’ve had it before.  

We came home via the other grocery store for a few things and then came home.  F was really quiet tonight because he wasn’t feeling too well.  I feel rather sorry for him.  He has to go to a party tomorrow night and doesn’t really want to go, but has to.  

I watched a bit of TV tonight, which I enjoyed.  I tried restarting my latest project with a bigger hook, but made some kind of mistake along the way.  I don’t know if I’ll keep going with it or not.  I’d like to, but it might take a while.  

Tomorrow I have some baking to do, and I have to decide how to spend the day and night without my dear husband.  I don’t think I’ll be throwing any wild parties, but you never know! Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I expect an invitation to that wild party you'll be throwing while your poor husband is out enduring a night of drinking!

Sounds like you had a good travel weekend. I'm so envious. I'm ready to hit the road and have a change of scenery now that spring is here.

Helen said...

If by wild party you mean making a fruit crumble and watching Castle, then, yup, pretty wild ;-)

Tomorrow we're having Easter lunch with a friend, which is what the crumble is for.

Spring isn't quite here yet. It is a bit snowy at the moment. Sigh. Winter drags on a bit up here. Soon, soon I hope.

Thanks for visiting :-)