April 17, 2016

Sunday - Rainy, Crazy Windy, Sunny and a combo of all three

A good day, mostly.

I slept in this morning and when I got up was surprised that F was sitting in the dark in the living room with no heat on.  Despite it being around 11:00 am, it was dark outside.  He kept telling me about the earthquake news which frankly drove me crazy.  It’s bringing flashbacks of 5 years ago to me and sometimes it is just too much.  I told him that he was watching too much about the earthquakes and he took it the wrong way.  He switched off the TV, which wasn’t what I wanted him to do, and then started in on me.  Luckily I distracted him by talking about lunch, but he was really grumpy and didn’t want to go somewhere I’d be happy.  

However, on the way to a soba shop, he asked if I’d be okay with udon and I said sure.  He took me to an Udon restaurant I had never been to before and it was good.  It was funny how much nicer he was after he’d eaten too.

He suggested getting a massage, a real one, not an Internet Cafe one, so we decided to check it out.  We went to a new place and found out that we could have a massage if we came back in an hour.  So, an hour to kill, we went to Mos Burger for drinks. While we were in the store, we had crazy wind and rain.  The staff of the restaurant were running outside bringing in flags and were soaked in seconds.  I felt sorry for them.

However, by the time we had to leave, it was almost clear again.  The wind was brisk, but not terrible.

We went to the massage place and had to change our clothes!  That was interesting.  We both had to wear shorts and a t-shirt.  We had a combo package, ½ an hour on our feet and ½ an hour on our body.  The feet part was great. It wasn’t quite as wonderful as the reflexology I had done in Banff last year, but it was good.  The back part felt nice, but for some reason, lying on my stomach with my head in the massage hole caused my nose to completely plug up.  I could not breathe through my nose.  That meant I had to mouth breathe and I couldn’t even swallow for a while.  The massage part was great, the not breathing part wasn’t.

After the massage time was up, we changed back into our clothes, paid and left.  We went to Doutors to have a drink and then left the mall.

We went to the grocery store to get some food for the next couple of days.  F saw some steak in the meat section and requested steak.  Okay then.  I also bought some chicken.  

We came home for a bit and put away the food.  Following that we vegged for a bit and then went out for dinner. Tonight we went to Jiro and it was nice.  I had hamburg and pilaf, F had katsu-curry.  I think we both liked our dishes.

We made a quick trip to the drugstore for F mostly and then zoomed off to the theatre to see Carol.  I loved it, F dozed off a couple of times.  I do think it was more of a movie for women anyway. 

Before the movie I suggested a walk over to the temple which had the lit up statue that I posted last year.  I got a better photo tonight.  It was still a bit spooky, but this time I had F with me and no bicycle, so I could get closer and not be too worried about breaking rules.

Following the movie we came home and I watched a bit of TV and did some crochet.  I need to really get working on my project.  I’m doing as much as I can, but it seems to be slow going.  

Tomorrow I’m at home again, hopefully alone.  I have a few things I need to do, including a bit of laundry and figuring out how to cook the steak for dinner without ruining it!  Wish me luck!  

Come back later and find out all about my day.  Until tomorrow….


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

We have the same thing going on in our house. I am reluctant to watch coverage because it brings back that terrible time.... But my husband wants it on 24/7. I am news phobic and he says, "You have to know what's going on so you can make decisions." He has been watching the news and thinks possibly there will be an earthquake further north soon, in Shikoku maybe? Tokyo? He knows where it is predicted, I am not quite sure.

Rosa said...

That is a wonderful photo.

Those massage tables with the holes for your head always remind me of padded toilet seats. Not very conducive to relaxing during a massage!

I'm with you on needing a break from news like that. I mean, it's necessary to stay informed, but it can really get to be too much if you don't take a break from it.

Helen said...

Thanks Rosa! I was happy to be able to get a better shot this year.

You made me laugh with your toilet seat thing! It's sort of true though.

It wouldn't be so bad if the news was new, but they keep reporting the same things over and over...I call it wallowing....

Amy...I don't want to spread fearmongering. There will always be another earthquake, sad to say. I don't like Japanese news at the best of times, these times I just hate it!

Thank you both for commenting today!