April 18, 2016

Monday - Cloudy, sunny day

A good day.

I got up this morning and spent most of the time on the couch.  I made myself some oatmeal this morning and put coconut milk in it.  It was very nice. 

F came home before lunch for a minute and then didn’t come home again.  Luckily I had decided to do my workout anyway, and got it done fairly early.

I had lunch around 3:30 or so.  I had played with the idea of going out, but decided not to do it.  I had a can of mushroom soup.  There wasn’t a whole lot else to have!

I got started on dinner a little late because I scanned some of my incoming postcards.  I received 4 today and with the group I received on Saturday needed to do a bunch.  It took a bit of time and then I did the kitchen clean up before starting dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was steak plus Hasselback potatoes, baby carrots with dill butter and baby leaf salad.  I don’t cook steak all that often so I had to look up how to do it.  I did the potatoes first and had them in the oven baking when F came home.  Making them wasn’t without mishap however.  I cut the last one very carefully so it was just about perfect.  When I put it in the baking dish it skipped out of my hand, rolled across the table and broke into 3 separate pieces, one of which ended up on the floor.  WAH!  I rinsed the pieces off and then had to use toothpicks to hold the potato together after that! 

When F came home, the potatoes had only been in a few minutes, so I worked on the other things.  I got the carrots ready to go and a few minutes before the potatoes were due to come out I cooked the steaks and then let them rest.  I plated everything tonight and F didn’t take forever to come to the table.  Everything was quite nice.  I’m so glad.  I said to F that because steak is simple it is actually quite hard to get right.  I cooked ours for one minute on each side and they were just about perfect for us.  

F did the dishes, although later on I cleaned the frypan a bit.  Or, I should say, I finished it off.  F had done most of the hard work.  

I watched some TV and did some crochet on the couch again.  I enjoyed that.  I sent some email later and did a bit of surfing and scheduling for my upcoming trip next month.  I’d really love to get this part of my trip finalized because I’ll worry about it otherwise.  

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to on the morrow.  The  weather forecast is bad but I’d really like to get out of the apartment.  I do have a book I can send from the post office, so I might do that.  I’m also desperately needing a hair cut again.  This is about the right time to get one, so my hair can relax a bit before the convention! Come back later and find out what I end up doing.  Until tomorrow….

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