May 16, 2016

Monday - Sunny and warm, rainy at night

A good day.

I got up this morning and came through in time to catch the beginning of Murder She Wrote.  It was a good one too, with clips from an old black and white movie and the same actors playing the parts now after “30” years had passed. Quite well done.  

I had my breakfast and a relaxing morning.   F was going to Yamagata for work so I knew he wouldn’t be home.  I did a strength building workout and then started on dinner.  I set up my slow cooker and soon had things cooking away.  

I hand-washed some lingerie and hung it to dry in the shower and also did a load of towels too.  I went out to the lobby and did a very thorough sweeping.  When I came back in to the apartment I started washing the day’s/weekend’s dishes. I was tired.  I really felt like I hadn’t had a lot of time to sit and relax!  

F came home quite early for him these days.  He wasn’t feeling well and had begged off visiting his mother.  He took a shower whilst I put the finishing touches on dinner.  We had Slow Cooker Texas Pulled Pork and it was pretty good if I say so myself.  This time it wasn’t too sweet, I don’t like it sweet, but don’t like it really sour either.  I made some coleslaw with a bought dressing and we had bought buns from the store.  I liked dinner a lot.  I’m not sure if F did, he didn’t have as much as I did, but then again, I didn’t eat lunch, so I was hungry!

We went shopping before doing the dishes…got a few things at the Gyomu Super and then hit up the regular grocery store.  F has been collecting stickers and tonight he redeemed some.  We got a knife sharpener.  We recently have been working on getting some good knives, so don’t really need a lot that the store has on offer.  

We came home and I watched The Carrie Diaries and did some crochet.  F went to bed.  He still isn’t feeling great and has to work tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have plans to go out for a bit of a crafting afternoon, so my usual routine will be a bit different.  I’ll try and fill you in on all the details then!  Until tomorrow….

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