May 22, 2016

Sunday - Hot and Sunny - Summery

A good day.

I got up this morning around 11.  I was late as I had actually set my alarm for earlier.  A friend and I were planning to Skype each other.  I got dressed, grabbed some water and went on-line.  We had  lovely chat and I shared a bit about a craft she was interested in.  

Fumihiko came home and as soon as I was off the computer we talked about lunch.  We had a few ideas, but when we left the apartment we decided to go to Hyakkenbori, the restaurant near the University.  It was a great choice.  They weren’t too busy for a change and we were seated quickly.  I had teriyaki chicken and F had a “fritter” dish, which was basically tempura.  After we ordered he noticed a sign saying they had takenoko soup.  Takenoko is bamboo shoots, and apparently it is a local delicacy. He wanted to order some.  I suggested sharing a bowl, but he ordered us each one.  Of course, our meal arrived and then the bamboo soup arrived and it was huge!  It was really good though. Yes, we did eat it all, but I’m not sure how!

After lunch we didn’t really have any plans so F suggested going to Sakata.  He thought that part of the festival might still be on, or something.  I didn’t mind, so off we drove.  The road was nice and the car was cool.

We drove around Sakata, but didn’t do anything. The festival was over and it was too hot and sunny for me to go walking anywhere.  All of a sudden F suggested going to Starbucks, so that is what we did.

When we got there it was quite busy and lined up so I gave F my order and I found a seat for us.  I had a frappucino and it was wonderful! We drank and then left fairly soon afterwards.

We drove over to the Mikawa Mall area and spent some time in Don Quihote.  We got a bit of food and I also picked up a mobile battery charger for my phone and iPod.  As I said to F tonight, if I have any trouble on my trip, chances are it’ll happen at the precise moment my phone’s battery dies and I can’t reach him!  We bought a few other things in the food department, mostly drinks for us.

We went to the mall for a few minutes.  F wanted some new undergarments so we got a few and then came back to Tsuruoka.  It was a very low key and fun trip.  

We came back to our apartment and just relaxed for a bit.  F ended up watching volleyball again.  I don’t know why.  

We went to Bikkuri Donkey!! for dinner and had a nice one.  It had been F’s suggestion for lunch and actually dinner was nice there.  They didn’t allow smoking while we were there and I tried a new burger with yuzu sauce.  It was nice.  F and I shared a salad and that was good too.  

We bought a few groceries from the store and came home with them.  I’m going to do a bit of cooking this week, I’m thinking of trying something a little experimental tomorrow, but not crazy if you know what I mean.  I’ll tell you about it later.

F caught the end of the volleyball game and then asked if I’d like to go for a walk.  I would!  Between the huge lunch and the frappucino, I was feeling a little overindulged.  We set off and had a lovely time. F had wanted to go a really long route, but I just didn’t think it was a good idea.  He has to work tomorrow and I am going to workout in the morning so…We ended up walking through the grocery store’s parking lot.  They have blocked off one of the entryways with a wire.  I decided to be a smarty pants and go under the wire, but I’d forgotten about the backpack/purse I was wearing and it got caught in the wire.  Oops!  F didn’t laugh too much at me.  

We stopped into the McDonalds to get a drink.  I thought it was just to get a drink and go, F thought it was to sit and stay!  They were closing up and in the midst of cleaning up too.  We had a quick drink and then went on our way.  It was actually a lovely walk and I’m glad that we went.  

When we came home, The Mentalist had just started so I turned it on and watched it.  I also worked on my purse a bit.  I finished one side of it and have pinned the other side, ready to join it.  I’m terribly biased, but I like the way it looks!

F was tired after our walk so went to bed around midnight and I’m going to go soon.  Next weekend I’ll be away and probably won’t have a lot of sleep!  

Tomorrow I hope to finish my purse, make something interesting for dinner, win the lottery and finish packing.  Mostly anyway!  Come back later and see what I manage to get done.  Until tomorrow….

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