May 30, 2016

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I spent the last few days in Tsukuba at the annual AFWJ Convention.  It was marvellous and I really enjoyed myself a lot.  I was in the company of roughly 150 other foreign wives and had a lovely, life-affirming, “you aren’t an idiot for marrying a Japanese person” kind of time!

I left Tsukuba yesterday and made good time to Niigata.  In Niigata last night I went out for dinner and bought some books too.  I ended up crashing in bed at before 1am which is rare!

Today I woke up early, watched Castle in my Hotel room and after a bit checked out.  I asked the hotel to keep my bag and then I went out.  I did a little shopping, I did a little eating and drinking and a lot of reading too.  It was rather fun!  I probably spent too much but I enjoyed myself.

I was able to pick up my bags from the hotel and I caught the train handily. I had been most worried that I’d miss it as I had to walk to the train station a little faster than I had planned.  Still, I made it.

When I arrived in Tsuruoka, F was nowhere to be seen.  I phoned and apparently he was running late.  He did come and pick me up within  a couple of minutes so believe him!

We had a cheerful dinner in Cocos and then bought some groceries.  I’ll be cooking tomorrow night, so be warned Japan.  

We came home and I tried to catch up on my Facebooking.  I don’t think I’m quite there yet. 

However, I am yawning up a storm and I am very tired, so I think I’ll just end this and get some sleep.  Talk to you later.  Until tomorrow….

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