June 14, 2016

Tuesday - Rain showers, cooler

A goodish day.

The bad thing, let me get right to it, is that my ears are still bad.  In fact, I’d almost say they were worse.  Now if I bend over, the right one in particular is quite painful.  I’ve asked that we go to the doctor on the weekend if they aren’t better by then.  And of course, F being F keeps forgetting why which makes me quite annoyed to have to keep telling him!

In the morning I watched Castle, I was up early for a change, then took a nap.  I finally got moving and dressed, but not in workout gear.  I didn’t feel like it again.  F came home for lunch and brought me something that I’d like for lunch, soup.  He tried to give me an onigiri too, but as I told him, I planned to go out for lunch so didn’t want it.

I did some laundry in the afternoon and when it was finished and hung up, I went out.  I went to S-Mall.  It was very cloudy and overcast when I left home, and it started raining on me when I was close to the mall.  I parked my bike and went inside.  Safe.

I had lunch courtesy of Subway and then went over to Doutors for a cappuccino.  Yes, I am trying to bring coffee back into my life a little bit.  Only a little at a time though.  The cappuccino was great.  F called me while I was there, and was going to join me, but when he heard I had my bike with me begged off.   I picked up some salad stuff for dinner and then biked home.  It wasn’t raining anymore.

When I got home I started prepping the kitchen and the table for dinner.  I was mostly re-heating things, but had to wash the lettuce and the cucumber that I had bought.  F came home in the midst of things and wasn’t too annoying about coming for dinner.  

We had a nice dinner.  We had a couple of tacos each and then with the leftover broken shell, plus some tortilla chips made some taco salad.  Yum.  It was nice!  

What wasn’t so nice was that F was watching horrible Japanese TV with the volume up high.  With all the noises and braying hosts and such it was really hurting my ears.  A couple of times I asked F if he was really watching it and he said he was, but got a bit annoyed with me.  

He wanted to go for a walk after dinner, but didn’t do the dishes for ages.  Then he did do them.  I tried to change my clothes and I asked to borrow his thermometer to see if I had a fever.  My forehead felt hot.  I didn’t have a temperature at all.  

F threw a bit of a snit because I wasn’t ready and because I wanted to check my temperature and the next thing I knew, HE had thrown himself down on the bed and closed the bedroom door.  I was rather irritated because I had been telling him all damn day that I wasn’t feeling well, yet, he has a headache and decides not to go for a walk.  Okay.

I thought for a while and then decided that I wanted to go anyway.  I went in and suggested just going to the nearest 7-11 for an ice cream bar.  He said it was okay, so off we went.   We walked about a mile and a half all told, and it was okay.  I’m glad I went.   And, I had to pay for the ice cream, because F had forgotten his wallet again!  He paid me back later but honestly….

The evening at home was okay.  I wrote up 4 Postcrossing cards and watched a bit of TV with the volume quite low.  F took his bath and is now snoring on the couch.  

Tomorrow I don’t really have any plans yet.  I’ll have to scan and then send my cards, and maybe do a few other things.  I need to start doing a bit of research for my next column.  Ack…due the end of the month.  

Come back a bit later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

I am sorry about your ears...and your husband....Hope things are better now.

Helen said...

Oh, my husband wasn't too bad yesterday, I'm just kvetching. My ears are slightly better today...may go to the doctor on Saturday if they are still bothering me.

Thanks for commenting :-)

Rosa said...

We're sick at the same time! It's the season, I guess. Sounds like your eustachian tubes are clogged up? So fun, right?

Hope you're feeling better by now!

Helen said...

Ahhhh! A name for it! Thank you! From a quick Google check it sounds a bit like what I have. I don't have a cold so it must be allergies then. I wonder what it is....hmmm. My left side is fine today, but my right side hasn't improved much at all. I foresee a trip to the doctor on Saturday. Boo!

But thanks for posting. Anatomy isn't my forte!