June 5, 2016

Sunday - Warm and sunny, a bit overcast

I slept in quite late this morning.  I had originally set my alarms for 10 ish. The first one did wake me, but the others didn’t.  I woke up after noon this morning.  Gasp.

F and I talked about lunch and I suggested a place we hardly ever go.  It was close to the place that we like to do our laundry, so it made sense to me to go.  We had an okay lunch there.  F’s lunch was chicken and salad and rice with an egg on top.  He said the egg was cold and he wanted it hot.  I had the lady’s set and it was okay.  I had a nice salad, followed by shrimp pasta in a very thin cream sauce. It was much too thin and there were only two shrimp on the pasta!  TWO.  Not huge ones either.  However, the dessert was good.  It was a sampler plate of 9 different things plus some blackcurrant sherbet that was amazing.  I enjoyed dessert a lot.  F didn’t want to share anything, which was sad because I would have enjoyed it more if he had.

Following lunch, we went to the laundromat and washed our bedding.  We didn’t fight which was nice and I went to the grocery store next to the laundromat when I needed the restroom and got us a snack.  

When we finished laundry, we came home and put the bed back together.  It didn’t take too long and I got F to put the quilts away for me too.  Hurray for that.

I insisted that he go and check on his mother since he hadn’t seen her since yesterday morning.  He had called, but there wasn’t any answer.  She was fine, and he came home fairly quickly.  Then he took a nap!

When he woke up, we went to dinner at Coco’s Ichibanya Curry.  I had the handmade chicken cutlet with sour mustard cabbage.  It was quite good.  F had a pork cutlet on his curry. He said he liked his too. 

We went to MachinaKinema and saw The Huntsman: Winter’s Tale or whatever it was.  It wasn’t great, but it did have nice eye candy for me.  Chris Hemsworth isn’t too bad!  The effects were good, but the film overall wasn’t great.  

After the movie, we got gas for the car and then groceries.  We just arrived home when I remembered that I wanted to courier something to a friend, so we drove off again and took care of it. 

We came home and had a quiet evening in.  I turned on the TV quite late to watch something and then F went to bed.  He has to work tomorrow.

That was really about it for today.  It turned out to be a fairly good day.  Tomorrow I’m cooking dinner and I hope to get a few things done in my bedroom.  I’ve still got a huge mound of clothing that needs to be re-homed or washed!  Until tomorrow….

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