July 25, 2016

Monday - Hot and sunny

A goodish day in which I rant about my husband. You have been warned!

I slept in a little bit this morning, probably too many late nights lately.  Still, I got up, and made breakfast and my tea, then got on with my day.

I had a quiet day at home. I even found time to eat lunch and watched a couple of episodes of Once Upon a Time, plus The Fosters.  I was glad to be able to take them off the DVR.  I recorded the Hunger Games series yesterday so that F and I can watch the last film in the series. I still haven’t seen it yet.

I got dinner prep started early tonight.  I was making pancakes and I had a plan that I didn’t exactly follow.  My plan was to make plain pancakes for dinner and then a couple of sweeter ones from a mix for dessert to have with some fruit cocktail we bought yesterday.  Well, F only had a couple of regular pancakes and didn’t want the other type, so I didn’t make them.  I’m thinking I could always make them for myself some day!  I got out our griddle, and set it up on the kitchen table.  I made most of the mix up first, just didn’t combine the wet and dry ingredients and then when F finally arrived I started cooking.  We had pancakes done Scandinavian style, with bacon in the pancake, plus salad and after the fruit cocktail.  It was quite nice, but why oh why does F feel the need to use metal on my lovely non-stick goods?  I’m getting rather upset about it…I had a plastic turner at the ready, yet he chose to scrape his table knife over the grill.  Then when I tried to protest, HE got mad at me.  Umm….I guess I’m not allowed to have nice things. How stupid of me to forget. 

We had some fruit cocktail afterwards and F did the dishes.  He kept harassing me about going for a walk, which I said I would, so I’m not sure why he was being a pain.  Then he tried to print something out with his computer and printer and couldn’t do it, so I told him to email it to me.  The thing about F is that he just doesn’t try things on his own.  I have to go to his computer, do it for him by trying to figure out what the Japanese means, and then letting him think he knows what is going on.  Ha.  
It wasn’t quite that bad, but he does have a way of talking to me like I’m an idiot at times.  

So, after his thing was printed out, he started in again about the walk.  I went to the bedroom, closed the door and changed into my walking gear.  When I came out he seemed surprised to see me. 

We did go out, did about 4 km actually.  I would have happily gone further, but he was a bit under the weather so it really wasn’t fair to ask it of him.  He does do something that irks me while we are walking.  He stops to take photos.  There’s really no point.  He’s using his iPhone which is hopeless at night and I’m trying to keep my heart rate up.  That means I have to walk in place or as I did tonight, keep going.  

I didn’t really mean this to turn into a rant about my husband, and yet…here it is! 

On the way home, we stopped at a convenience store for ice cream and then came home and ate it.  I just got a small one that’s under 100 calories so not too bad for me really.  

I watched a little TV, but not all that much.  F went to bed fairly early.  Hurray for that.  Oh, and about the car.  It’s away being repaired so he has a loaner at the moment.  I haven’t seen it yet.  Also, the insurance companies are supposedly working things out, so I hope everything goes well.  

And that’s about it for me.  Bit of a mashup today, but ended with ice cream, so that’s not all bad! Come back and see what I get up to later.  Until tomorrow….

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