November 18, 2016

Friday - Rainy in the daytime, clearing later

A good day.

I got up early this morning and decided that I wouldn’t go back to bed, but I still wanted to sleep a little.  I snoozed on the couch and woke up as The X-Files finished.  Sigh!  

Still, I had a pretty good day.  I did a few chores around the apartment, even had lunch at an almost lunch time, then did the dishes for good measure. 

I walked over to S-Mall, did a quick tour around the place, and then went to Doutors for a Royal Milk Tea with soy milk.  I read a bit of my novel while I was there. It was nice and relaxing.  I picked up some things in the grocery store and then walked home.  I was home around 7:00pm.  

I got started on dinner quite quickly…I peeled two potatoes and looked up a couple of methods of making mashed potatoes.  F called to say he was coming home, so I started cooking the potatoes.

Everything came together fairly fast, so we had dinner not to much later.  We had “bangers and mash” with a side salad and it was really nice.  

I did the dishes and then sat in my corner and did a bit of crochet.  F wasn’t feeling well, so I made him stretch out on the couch for a while until he took his bath.

I watched the Shameless double shot and enjoyed it as always. It always seems as one person gets their act together, someone else messes up big time.  I really enjoy the show.  

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  F needs to do a few things.  My yarn is in at the big mall, so I might get to pick it up tomorrow.  If I can’t, then it’ll be on Sunday.  There are also a couple of movies in the city worth watching.  Well, for now…it is late, and I am very, very tired, so I will sign off for now.  Until tomorrow….

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