March 8, 2017

Wednesday - Snowy and cold

A good day.

I got up this morning early, believe it or not and took a bit of a snooze on the couch, so it doesn’t really count I suppose.  I made my breakfast and coffee and then got to work.  F had tasked me to fix his shirt again.  When I sewed on the button, I hadn’t left enough room behind the button so it was hard to do it up.  I unpicked the button and then sewed it back on, using a toothpick as a spacer.  Then, I sewed on the button that we just bought on the bottom space so he can do up his shirt.  I even sewed the spare button that he bought into the side seam, so that he has a spare just in case.  Yay me. All this sewing wasn’t difficult, it was just a tad time-consuming.

I also got a phone call for F and I tried to understand the guy, but it was complicated.  F figured out who he was when I told him about the call.  The guy called F later on his cellphone.  Yay.

F had lunch at home and then headed back to work.  I did a few things around the apartment (I packed a couple of boxes of kitchen stuff), then hiked over to the post office to deposit some coins and mail off a package.  While I was there the lady asked me where I was moving to…I’d asked them for a change of address form and she was being friendly.  It was quite nice actually.  I like that little post office and will miss the workers there.

I came home and had lunch, then started to get the kitchen ready for dinner. 

Tonight we had home made pizzas and they were good.  I went simple with mine and had a little bit of pasta sauce on mine, followed by some leftover spinach from last night, a couple of mini-tomatoes sliced up, and some cheese and herbs.  It was good! F’s pizza had some of the same things on it, plus some smoked duck breast, so his was good too.  

F did the dishes, or most of them and then we went to the grocery store.  I needed some shredded cabbage for tomorrow night and also we got a few other things too.  We stopped off at McDonalds too for a McFlurry and some tea.  That was a nice break.

At home I got stuck into sewing my blanket and got the main part done.  I still have to finished the bands of cream around the blanket AND do the edging, but it is definitely getting there. Woot!

And that’s about it.  F is in bed, but I don’t think he’s sleeping.  I am going to get off the computer and get to bed soon.  

On Thursday I have yet another exciting day of packing, packing, packing.  If it warms up, I might do some cleaning. The cleaners that F bought have a bad smell, so I want to open the windows, but today was too cold for that!

Come back soon and find out about my day.  Until tomorrow….

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