April 1, 2017

Moving Tales

Saturday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I woke up late this morning and quite surprised myself!  It was after 10 when F’s bumping and thumping around the room woke me up.  I had gone to bed with an eye mask on, so the light didn’t wake me up for a change.  

We got dressed and went out for lunch.  We went to Cafe Studio Cinq and had the Miyuki-bashi plate.  It was quite delicious, and it was lovely sitting in the restaurant watching people walk around the river.  

When we finished, we walked over to a store a block away.  I was looking for a replacement handle for my little teapot.  The bamboo has split and I don’t really trust it with a full pot of hot tea.  The store that I bought it in doesn’t sell teapots anymore.  Instead, we had a cup of coffee each and an oban-yaki filled with keema curry!  It was spicy and quite good.  

After this little break, we went back to the car and F dropped me off at the apartment.  He went back to his house to take his mother to the temple and then out if she needed to go.  I didn’t see him for quite a few hours!

At the apartment I got to work again.  I did a lot of little things, piled up some boxes near the door, moved some of my boxes of clothes near the door, cleaned the boxes and moved a lot of the stuff that had been on the bed and the floor.  These boxes are basically plastic drawers.  They are lightweight and convenient, but the dust has really built up over the years.

I got two ready to go home with us, and cleaned one of F’s for him.  I had a few cups of tea and coffee as well while I was waiting.  

F finally arrived.  He’d had some visitors at the house so couldn’t come earlier.  No worries.  He made some arrangements for us to go and deliver the blanket that I made for the baby to the parents.  We just walked over since they live in the next building to ours, delivered it, didn’t go in, and then came back to the apartment.  

We both worked until 7:00ish and started thinking about dinner.  F suggested Hana, and then changed his mind, so I suggested sushi since a friend on Facebook had gone tonight and it looked so good.  We didn’t go to our usual place, we went to a more expensive restaurant and it was really good.  A lot more expensive than usual though. 

After dinner, we tried to go to a 100 yen shop to see if they sold tea pot handles, but got to the store about 2 minutes after they closed. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow?  We bought a few groceries and then came back to F’s house.

F’s mum was in bed already, so we came upstairs and left the stuff in the car.  We watched a movie on my computer and then have just been chilling out ever since. We’ll probably end up back at the apartment tomorrow too. With F working all week, it is really hard to get things done all by myself.  I need him to help me get things out of the apartment and also to go through his own stuff.  It’s really hard.  I know he’s tired after work and doesn’t want to do it, but I can’t read the massive amounts of paper that he’s kept over the years to know if it is junk or something really important!

We might also make another trip to the 100 yen shop, and we’re thinking about going to the glasses shop as well to get F a new pair of glasses, since his ones seem to be developing a problem with the frame.  

Wish us luck with all that we have to do.   Fingers crossed we can get enough done, and still have a little fun too.   Come back later and see what we get done! Until tomorrow….

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