April 9, 2017

Moving Tales

Sunday - Rainy in the morning, then lovely and sunny in the afternoon

A good day.

I was quite upset that we didn’t do anything in the apartment yesterday, but we made up for it today. We slept in this morning and then took K out for lunch with us.  We went to Sashimiya and had donburi for lunch.  Yum.  F and I had the same one, negitoro and maguro, K had a mixed sashimi bowl.

After lunch we ran a quick errand and then went back to the house to try and hook up the internet again, with no success.  Sigh.  The names on my computer for everything are different than the names on the pieces of paper I have, plus the papers are all in Japanese.  F can read them, but I think he understands all of them less than I do.  So frustrating really.

After a bit of not having success, I decided it was time to go to work.  F and I drove off to the apartment, letting K know that we would probably be late getting back.  

We got to work and got a lot done.  F cleaned most of the tatami room by himself.  I helped with the windows and helped with the balcony by lending him my fake crocs! I cut down a couple of boxes, wounding myself in the process…ow.  I gathered up lots of garbage and helped clear out the tatami room.  We were both busy.  I took a lot of stuff out of the bathroom today too.  I got rid of some of my old perfume, which means that now my hands smell quite interesting!  

We left the apartment for dinner after 7 pm and went to Coco’s.  We both had the same thing, brined roasted chicken with roasted potatoes.  F added on rice and drink bar, I just had drink bar.  We each had a dessert too as they had a special offer on. It was a triple chocolate thing, so really yummy!

After dinner, we picked up a few things in the nearby grocery store, then dropped off stuff and picked up stuff at the apartment.  We put a lot of garbage bags in the car and F got some clothes for tomorrow. I dropped off a salad for myself.  

We came back to the house and had a quiet evening.  I answered a bit of email on my phone and played a couple of computer games, no big deal.  

Tomorrow I am back to the apartment. I hope to work on part of the bedroom and get it ready to go.  I might also pack a few more things if I can.  I just want to get this apartment done.  I’m not really enthusiastic about living in this house, but living between places is just not fun and it is wearing me down so much.  

I’ll likely be here tomorrow too.  Read more if you dare!  Until tomorrow….

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