March 27, 2017

Tales from the Move

Monday - Rainy

A good day.

I got up early again with F and dressed, then we went off to work.  We stopped at a convenience store for some coffee and a danish.  They have a 200 yen special so it really isn’t too bad.  Of course I didn’t NEED it, but the coffee was good.  F dropped me off at the apartment and then went off to his paid work!

I had taken back a big suitcase of stuff from the house from when I lived there before.  I spent quite a bit of the morning going through it, trying things on and culling a lot of the items from the suitcase.  Some things are nice, but really unnecessary nowadays.  I don’t need a bright red, satiny shirt…don’t have anywhere to wear it.  Not like I can wear it to the grocery store or anything. Well, I guess I could technically, but I might cause a sensation.

F swung by to give me some good news.  We don’t have to be out by the end of March.  That is particularly good news since F is the one that hadn’t made any arrangements for things to be finished at the apartment. He has to make arrangements for our fridge to be moved out and also our bed and table, that kind of thing.  He hasn’t done any of that.  

I took a bit of a rest during some of my telly and then got back to work.  Today I worked on the bedroom a little, and also the kitchen.  I boxed up quite a few things, tossed a bit, and wrapped and boxed some glasses and more kitchen stuff.  Tomorrow I think I’ll work on the tatami room, since that is one area that we’ll have to get workers in soon.  

I had a few breaks for coffee, tea and bread pudding, and of course lunch.  I heated up some turkey chilli for myself and it was nice.  

Fumihiko picked me up and I asked that we go for coffee or something so I could get a bit of free wifi for a change.  We went to Doutors and had a little break.  After that, we went to the grocery store to  pick up a few things for F’s mother and F too.  I bumped into a British friend of mine and her friend from Malaysia, so spent a few minutes chatting.  I’ll probably meet up with my friend next week for lunch.  

F and I had a quick and actually quite good dinner at Gusto before we went back to F’s house. We unpacked the car.  F’s mother helped us by bringing all the boxes to the bottom of the stairs.  I very carefully carried them back the other way when she was out of sight!  They weren’t supposed to go upstairs!

Upstairs, I unpacked two of my smaller suitcases and put the clothes in them away. Yay for me.  I also “found” a dress that I have no memory of buying for myself.  I tried it on and it is lovely!  It’s a black and silvery lacy dress, with a fringe on the bottom so it is almost flapper-ish and it fits beautifully!  

After all of this, I got out the blanket that I finished crocheting last night and darned in the ends.  I found a bit of a mistake I had made before, and fixed that too, so it took longer than I expected, but…it is done!!!! It looks lovely.  I will try and post a picture to my blog soon.  

That’s about it.  Tomorrow I’ll go back to the apartment and try and get more of the stuff corralled and boxed and cleaned and whatever!  Wish me luck with that. I’m going to need it!  Until tomorrow…

Oh, wait a minute!  Today was the 20th anniversary of my coming to Japan.  Yes, 20 years ago I arrived at Narita Airport with two suitcases and a lot of hopes for the future.  I never expected to still be here 20 years later.  Most of the time I am glad to still be here!

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