March 30, 2017

Tales from the Move

Thursday - Sunny with rain

A busy day.

I woke up early and checked my phone today. I got a lovely note from a friend telling me that she had had her baby yesterday.  A lovely little girl.  I’m so happy for her and her family.  Yay.  I looked over and F was watching me check the phone, so I told him too.  

I dozed off again, and had a rather hard time waking up at 7:00 this morning.  Still, I did.  I got up, dressed and went out with F.  We said a quick good morning to F’s mother and then took out the gomi to the corner of the street.  We drove off.  This morning, F stopped at the Family Mart near my post office and we each got a coffee.  It has nice coffee I think.  F dropped me off at the apartment and since I was carrying a lot, even helped me get into the apartment.  Once he left, I took even more garbage out and then came back into the apartment.  It was cold, so I turned on the heater and vegged a bit.  I even made more coffee when I finished my bought one! 

I watched ER and had tea and breakfast, then got to work.  I turned off the TV and worked all through the rest of the morning.  I found another box of F’s and went through it.  I hope he’ll never notice that I took out the ten year old travel brochures!  

F came home for lunch just a bit after I decided to stop there. He ate and then headed out again.  When he left, I got back to work.  I folded a few clothes and then put them in my suitcase to go out again. I had planned to go for a haircut, but it started to get cloudy and I decided to stay home.  Maybe tomorrow?

After lunch of baguette and chicken salad, I went back to work.  This time I decided to clear the island, or most of it.  I took stuff off, boxed it up and wrapped it up and finally tried to clean the surface.  F had so much junk up there it was ridiculous.  Although I am not a tidy person, I am finding that he had so much more clutter all over the apartment than I did.  I tended to keep mine in my areas, he spread it everywhere.  Anyway….
I got that area done and looking decent and was about to quit for the day.  However, F called to say he was going to be late today so I decided to keep working too.

This time, I moved into the corner of the room that housed F’s stereo.  I didn’t like using it as I feel that it ate my cd’s. It was dusty and under a lot of junk, so I cleared it up.  I even found two of my own cd’s that I thought I had lost.  Yay.  Anyway, it looked much better after I was done.  I was putting the finishing touches on the area when F called to say he was coming home.

I changed back into clean clothes and then he was home.  We chatted for a bit, he did a few things around the apartment, and then we headed off.  

Tonight I suggested just going for something simple like Kappa Sushi or gyudon, so he went with Tsukiya.  We both had gyudon with kimchi. It was spicy, but good.  I had mine with a salad and miso soup, he had his with an egg and miso soup.  

We picked up a few groceries after dinner, dropped some off at the apartment for me tomorrow and then came back to F’s house.  His mum was sleeping already, but seemed happy to see us.  We came upstairs and spent some friendly times together.  I showed him how to play some of the games I have on my computer and we just relaxed.  

F wants to go to the Internet Cafe tomorrow night, so I’m not exactly sure how that will work.  I hope it does! We’ll have to tell his mum we’ll be out late.  I hope she’s okay with that.  

If the weather is okay, I might go to get a haircut tomorrow, or not.  I might keep it all until next week too, it depends how much work I manage to get done.  It is still chaos at the apartment, but much less than it was.  Hurray for that at least.  

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow, please come back and check it out!  Until tomorrow… 

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