June 7, 2017

Wednesday - Muggy and rainy

A good day.

This morning we got up and went off to work. We went into the convenience store and then F dropped me off near the apartment.  

I spent a quiet morning in the apartment.  Even though it was warmer outside, it was quite cold inside.  I decided to go out for breakfast, but the mall didn’t open until 10 am.  Around 10, I hopped on my bicycle and went off to the mall.  I had a coffee and a sandwich at Doutor, then bought a few things at the grocery store, followed by a few from the bakery.  I hopped back on my bike and went back to the apartment.  

F showed up a little while later for lunch.  He brought me a salad, which I had requested, and we shared some of the bakery goods.  He had to leave after a while and I was still there.  I finished my lunch and listened to some podcasts.

In the afternoon, I got busy.  I cleared out the bathroom and the kitchen/living-room.  I washed the floor.  I started with the bathroom and the genkan, then changed the water and started in the kitchen again.  When I was done doing the living room, the bathroom was nearly dry, so I took a shower!  

F came back to the apartment and was in a better mood than he was last night.  We had some tea and a few snacks that I had bought.  Tonight, F had a suggestion for dinner, so off we went.  He wanted to go to Tai so had dinner there.  It was okay.  He had ramen and I had curry with pork filet.  It was pretty good.  We got his mother a bento afterwards and then came back to the house.

I gave K her bento and then went upstairs.  F came up soon after and we relaxed.  I told him that I wanted to watch some TV, so I did.  I caught up a lot of my TV programmes from the last two weeks!  I did discover that before F fixed the TV set up on the weekend, I had recorded a mere 3 minutes of one of my programmes!  I will try to catch the repeat on the weekend.  

And that is about it for tonight.  F is now in bed.  He’s dozed a bit tonight, but seems in better shape than last night.  I will be back off to the apartment in the morning.  I have decided that I really should re-clean a few spots that were done early on as there is a ton of dust in a Japanese apartment.  Come back later and see what I end up doing. Until tomorrow…. 

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