July 16, 2017

Sunday - Rainy and cooler

A good day.

We slept in this morning and it was lovely.  F and I were both able to stay in bed longer than usual. Hurray. When we went downstairs, we decided to have breakfast at home.  I washed some of the blueberries that we got in Yamagata and we doled out three portions of bread pudding.  It was all rather nice! I did the dishes afterwards and then came upstairs.

F and I decided to go out for lunch a bit later, K didn’t want to go.  We tried a new to us place in the neighbourhood that was okay.  It was a little restaurant in a house…the garden was gorgeous, but the food was only so-so in my opinion.  F had pilaf that was spicy, I had carbonara. It was fine, but really big and quite bland.  We might go again though as the decor was interesting. 

We tried to go to the Internet Cafe, but it was busy.  It was pouring, so we drove around for a while. Finally we ended up at McDonald, where F got to use wifi and I didn’t really.  Not sure why my phone isn’t picking it up at the moment.  Maybe too many other people doing the same thing?

Around 3:30 we were able to get into the Internet Cafe, but not in massaging chairs.  We asked if we could be given the next available ones, so they said it was okay.  F didn’t have to wait long at all, I was in a regular room for about an hour and a half before one came available for me.  Of course, I was watching a movie (Forrest Gump) and it was right at the end when I could switch so I missed the end.  That always happens!

I did a little crochet and watched a little TV.  F wanted to leave long before I did, so off we went.  He also wanted dinner and I didn’t, think it was ironic considering how that was reversed last night!  We tried a couple of places but they were busy, so ended up at a Yakiniku place near the post office.  We had a pretty good meal, but had to wait ages to get a table.  

After dinner we bought a few groceries and then brought them back to the house.  Most were for K’s dinner but a few were just for her.  

And that’s it.  It was a good but quiet day.  Tomorrow I’m not sure what we’ll get up to.  Come back and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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