July 2, 2017

Sunday - Cloudy and muggy, rain at night

A goodish day

We slept in this morning, both of us!  F had woken me up early on, not sure why he did that, but finally we dragged ourselves out around 11am.  We had brunch/lunch in Restaurant Futaba and I liked it, F didn’t.  I had quiche, F had a pork donburi that didn’t sit right with him.  

We picked up something for K’s lunch and then came back to the house. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do, but I spent time on my computer and I finally booked my trip back to Canada.  Woot!

 After a lot of hemming and hawing, F suggested going to the Internet Cafe again.  I was down with that because it was so hot and humid in our room.  We got the last parking spot in the yard, very far away from the door, and walked to the doors.  We were lucky enough to be able to get massaging chairs, so that was nice.  We both enjoyed ourselves. I watched some TV and then some YouTube bloggers.  I did a few rows of crochet, but not as many as I hoped I would.  

We left after our time was up and picked up something for F’s phone in the hundred yen shop. We also got a basin to wash dishes in…K uses a small bowl that won’t work once I get my stuff in use.  We went downstairs to the grocery store and got K’s dinner for her.  

We delivered the stuff to the house, F and I washed the new basin and our old drainer and tray and set them up.  Hopefully they get a lot of use here.  

F and I decided to go out and maybe see the fireflies tonight.  He suggested going to have dinner at the Komagihara Spa.  We used to eat there a lot, but they’ve redone it and the buffet is gone.   I had udon with tempura on the side, F had ramen.  My udon was okay, but the tempura was really greasy, and of course, F’s ramen wasn’t good.  Sigh.

We left and headed out towards the fireflies, but…it started to rain.  Not good for walking through trees and grass to see bugs.  F suggested going to Mikawa instead to see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie instead.  I did want to see it, but I wasn’t in a panic about it. I wasn’t sure if he was serious, but we found ourselves out at Mikawa, just in time to see the movie.  

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was not the greatest movie ever. It wasn’t the worst movie ever either.  I am a bit meh over the whole thing.  I think it was overlong and there were whole subplots and characters that could and should have been cut from the film.  But that’s just my opinion!

We came back to Tsuruoka and picked up some food for lunch tomorrow.  If I have to make K’s lunch with mine, I need easy to make things.  I asked him for some advice, but he kept suggesting things that I would never make in a million years or that I would have to run to the store before lunch to get.  He wasn’t very helpful. He also seemed to forget that _I_ wouldn’t eat some of the stuff he was suggesting.  K has said a couple of times that she wants what I have…if she was okay with different stuff, that would be fabulous!

On our way back to the house, K called to tell us to come home.  F and her had a few words when we arrived.  I know it was late, I didn’t really expect to be out so late, but we aren’t exactly teenagers that need to be scolded for coming in after curfew.  

And that’s about it.  Once back here I took a much needed shower, then F did afterwards. He’d said he wasn’t going to, but did.  Crazy man!  

Not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow. I hope that I can do some laundry in the morning and I would like to wrap my niece’s birthday present.  Hope I get it all done.  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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