July 27, 2017

Thursday - A bit muggy, but cooler

A yucky day.

I had a pretty decent morning. It was quiet for the most part.  I made some tea for myself and watched the news, so it was nice.  I went down after a bit and had breakfast with K.  I think I gave her too much as I was finished long before she was.  I did the dishes before going upstairs.  

I did three loads of laundry today too and hung it up.  It takes quite a while, but I think this washing machine is better than my old one.  Plus, it is set up to use hot water if I want it to!  Woot.  

I had lunch a bit before 1.  K didn’t want any today, so I had the salad, soup and some tuna all to myself.  I came back upstairs, watched last week’s Castle and did a bit of crochet after I ate.  I watched a few things off the DVR and erased them. 

F came back and told me that his mother wanted to come out with us for dinner, and she wanted fish. Sigh.  Since we are planning to have sushi for dinner tomorrow night, and I had fish for lunch today and yesterday, I’m feeling a little over-fished.  But, whatever.  I suggested going to the fish restaurant early as it is an izakaya and K might not be comfortable there later on.  We went and I decided to try a new dish for me there, chirashi sushi.  It was awful.  The fish itself didn’t seem all that good, and they’d covered the rice with tiny white fish that is just bait in my opinion.  I never eat that stuff if I can help it.  I picked out as much as I could, but it didn’t help that I turned over a big mound of chopped tuna in my bowl.  Underneath it looked just like a rock does when you turn it over.  There was a huge amount of yucky white fish and I honestly thought I’d vomit since it looked like insects.  Yuck, double yuck.  I ate as much of my dish as I could stomach, barring that bait stuff and just left the rest.  

We went to the sushi place and put in an order for tomorrow’s dinner to be delivered.  Then, we dropped K back at the house and F and I went to the Internet Cafe.  

I watched ER (Carol Hathaway had her babies), and then decided to watch music videos from the 80’s after that!  I did a whole whack of Falco videos, then segued into Gowan, my favourite Canadian singer.  It made me sort of sad in a way, but the music was great.  Sadly, we had to leave around the 3 hour mark.

We had a bit of a spat on the way home over fish.  I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed on the eating fish department.  I’m from a landlocked area and no-one eats fish there…at least not as much as I do.  

Came back to the house and took a shower, mostly made up with my husband, and tried to relax.  

Tomorrow F is off work.  We have to run an errand in the morning, he needs me to go to City Hall with him and then he’s going to the doctor in the afternoon.  I might get a little stir crazy, but I suppose I could always go out on my bicycle if I want.  

That’s it for today.  I’ll most likely post again tomorrow night, so come back later and see if I do.  Until tomorrow….

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