January 15, 2018

Monday - Warmer with some rain

An okay day.

I’m sick!  Wah!  A couple of hours after I got up I realized I couldn’t breathe and that has pretty much gone on all day. I am either plugged up or my nose is running. Sigh.  

The morning was good and quiet. I had breakfast upstairs, thought about going back to bed, but did laundry instead.  I did a couple of loads today.  I saw K first thing in the morning, then not again for a while.  

When I went down to grab my lunch, K was up and about, but she was wearing a mask, and I told her I had a runny nose too. I didn’t offer to make her lunch today but I did share some of the food that we bought last night.  She had some food of her own anyway.

I went outside before 4 pm and cleaned up a few bits and bobs around the house and garage.  It started to rain so I gave up and came inside. I wore my new hat and it was lovely and warm.  

F was late coming back tonight and since his mother wasn’t feeling well and neither were we, we decided to stay in and just have the rest of the curry.  We had bought naan last night, so F and K had some rice with theirs, I had naan.  F wasn’t feeling well either and the two of us got into a bit of an argument about something…oh yes, F pretended that he didn’t know how to put curry on my plate because I didn’t have rice on it first.  Umm…what?  I had opened two packets of naan, and then he refused to eat any of it.  I ate the contents of one packet with my (underheated) curry…why can’t he just make the curry hot?  He always heats things up until they are lukewarm.  Anyway.  We ate and things were okay.  

After dinner, I did the dishes and then went upstairs.  I knew F wanted to go to an onsen tonight but I said I wouldn’t go.  I have a mysterious bruise on my leg, plus a cold, I just didn’t want to go to an onsen.  I encouraged him to go, though.  I watched The Great British Bake-Off and he still hadn’t left!  When it was over, I asked if he was going to go out. He was, but to the store. I volunteered to go too, so that’s what we did.

We needed some batteries, but also got some food for both of us.  The curry just wasn’t cutting it tonight.  

We came back to the house, I took a shower and F relaxed.  He went to bed very early, and I think I’ll be close behind him. I’m tired and really not at my best today.  

No idea what I’ll get up to tomorrow. I hope it goes well.  Until tomorrow….


Alicia Quintard said...

Hi Helen,

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Alicia Quintard

Usman Makhdoom said...

This is why you're both fat...

Helen said...

Thank you so much for your "helpful" comment. It's very kind of you to care.