March 14, 2018

Wednesday - Muggy day, warmer

An okay day.

I actually got up at my alarm time this morning, well, one of the times!  I watched the news live this morning, not on the DVR.  I am feeling a bit like K is very “Springy” these days. She’s getting up early nowadays and is dressed and in the living room, rather than sleeping in the bedroom.  I’m glad for her, but a bit sad for my quiet time!

I grabbed breakfast and came upstairs to eat.  I ended up taking a short nap on the floor again. I don’t know why I just don’t go to the bed.  Crazy I guess. It was short, I woke up before my alarm went off.  

In the afternoon I thought about doing another Postcrossing but decided to finish my unpacking from my trip last month and then sorted out some of the cards that I have bought recently.  I’m not sure if I mentioned that I found a box with many cards that I had bought during my first three years in Japan, but I have decided to toss them into the Postcrossing box too.  Of course, I have so many postcards that I would have to send postcards every day for years to get rid of them all!
Lunch was a bit late but good. I had salad and a couple of open chicken sandwiches. I went down later to wash my dishes.  I had just finished and was on my way back upstairs when K came out of the living room and called my name, looking upstairs.  I didn’t really want to surprise her, but after a second I had to let her know that I was behind her!  It was a little funny.  The living room and the kitchen are next to each other and the doors open into the hallway.  She hadn’t heard me in the kitchen.  She gave me a postcard that had arrived for me.  Yay.  This was from Hong Kong.

F came back to the house nearly on time tonight.  He asked me on the phone if I had any ideas for dinner tonight so I suggested Kula Sushi with his mother. He said he’d check with her when he arrived.  

When F arrived I gave him his White Day present. It’s a dumb made up Japanese holiday, but since I expect him to do Valentine’s Day for me, I have to do White Day for him!  I gave him a bag with a puzzle, some chicken ramen and a box of nice chocolates that I got last night at the mall.  He had a present for me, which kind of amazed me!  He gave me a nice box of chocolate tarts and chocolates.  Yum. 

Apparently, his mother wanted to have udon for dinner, but Kula Sushi has that on the menu.  We all piled into the car and F made a reservation.  We got there and only had to wait a few minutes.  K got her udon, and onion rings and a surprising number of french fries too so was happy.  F and I enjoyed what we had too.  K had dessert and so did I. It’s one of the few places I can get a soy-based dessert.  I said to F that I’ll have to check in summer if I can get that to go!

We brought K back to the house and then F and I went out again.  I needed some groceries.  We went to McDonald first for a little wifi and some face to face time, then a quick run-through of the grocery store.  

We drove back to the house and F dropped me off at the house and then went off to his onsen. He wanted to go tonight and I really didn’t.  He planned to go to the closest one, but it wasn’t open, so he had to go to the usual one anyway!

I got busy when I came in. I unpacked the groceries then started doing the garbage for taking out tomorrow.  I did all that, bringing some from upstairs too and got it ready for F in the morning.  Then I decided to clean out the ice compartment in the fridge.  We don’t use a lot of ice here in winter, so it hadn’t been done in a while.  I tossed it in the drainer in the sink and then refilled the tank.  

I went upstairs and had a good few minutes on my computer. That was rather nice.  F came back around 10:30 and it was good to see him.  I watched the two-hour finale of Bones which was bittersweet and quite enjoyable. They checked quite a few boxes with memories over the years. I enjoyed it a lot. It wasn’t as good as it was nearer the beginning, but it still was an interesting show and I liked that Brennan was an atheist and a scientist and a woman who could hold her own in any situation.  

And that’s about it.  Oh, of note today is that Stephen Hawking died. 

Come back later and if all goes well I’ll have another report for you.  Until tomorrow….

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