March 18, 2018

Sunday - Cloudy and cool

A good day.

I got up this morning a few minutes after F and his mother left for the onsen.  I had a piece of toast and some peanut butter for breakfast and took care of a few personal things.  I made the bed, got dressed and sat down to do some computer stuff. I darned in the ends of my new scarf, so finished that too. Yay me!
My loom knit!

F came back as I was finishing up my scarf.  He’d taken his mother to the usual place, but it was closed.  They’d gone to another onsen in Haguro and then had lunch together, with my blessing.  They had ramen and as we all know, I don’t do ramen.

I was getting a bit hungry and came up with places to eat, but they were probably finished with food serving due to the time. Finally, I said we should go and check out the new restaurant in the Daiichi Hotel.  We drove to the mall and parked.  Sadly, the newly renovated restaurant was past the last order time for lunch, so we didn’t go there.  I decided to try the Pizza Hut Express and had a look at their menu.  Due to my weird food intolerances, I wanted a pasta with no tomato sauce or cream sauce.  They did have a very interesting looking pepperoncino pasta with grilled vegetables and bacon, so ordered that.  F went off to get himself a dessert and then bought a drink at Pizza Hut too. 

The guy brought my pasta over to me and I just looked at it.  It was pasta with chicken on top, and a packet of nori beside the plate.  No vegetables.  I checked the receipt. He’d rung it in correctly, grilled vegetable pasta, but delivered the wrong one. Oops.  F took it back for me and the man said that I could eat that one too if I wanted, but I didn’t really.  I got the correct pasta a few minutes later.

When I was eating, I asked F what else he’d like to do today. He didn’t have any ideas so I suggested going for a drive to the beach. He liked that idea. When we finished eating, I sent F off to the grocery store for drinks and I went to the ladies. 

We drove off to Yunohama and had a good look at the beach. We got out of the car and walked along the beach for a while. It was very dirty and covered with crap from other countries and Japan too. However, it was still lovely to be out near the ocean. We took some silly pictures of each other and found a couple of lovely seashells before we got back in the car.
You can just see the snow on Mt. Chokai in the background.

Some beachcomber
We drove back towards Tsuruoka proper and I suggested coffee at a bakery I had seen.  It turned out to be a fancy cake shop, but they did have a few tables and chairs for people to eat in.  That was really nice actually. I had a pear tart, F a strawberry shortcake. 

In Tsuruoka we stopped off at a store to pick up a few things for ourselves and a bento for K’s dinner if she wanted it. We went back to the house where K was cooking up a storm of smelly fish for herself. She’ll have the bento tomorrow I think.  

F and I went out for our dinner. We didn’t really have any plans so I suggested one place and then on the way there suggested another.  We decided to go to Sukaze.  We’d last gone there about a year ago, I’d been reminded of it by my blog. It was a good choice. F had Dadacha-mame pasta (our local soybean) and I had a hamburg. Both dinners came with salad, coffee and dessert, mine also had soup and bread too. I was quite touched when after the meal they brought me tea to drink. Whenever I’ve been there before I wasn’t drinking coffee, so always asked for tea.  I didn’t specify tonight, so expected coffee, but they remembered that I drink tea. How nice! F doesn’t always like the place and tends to complain that it is expensive, but the food is good. Tonight he liked it.

After our meal, we came back to the house. K was still up so F went to talk to her and I went upstairs.  We had a quiet evening here.  I worked on options for my Duos Mini-con and did a lot of research for that.  

And now, you’re up to date.  I would like to get to bed soon, so will end this and then get some sleep.  Come back later if you would like to and find out how Monday goes.  Until tomorrow…. 


Rosa said...

What a busy day!

I didn't realize you were so close to the beach. Is it good for swimming in the summer or does the water stay cold year 'round?

Have you ever thought about selling some of your scarves and such on Etsy? Might be a pain with shipping, but maybe a fun way to earn some pin money.

Helen said...

Hi! The beach is about 20 minutes away from here. There are places where you can swim in summer...I'm not a summer person and burn to a crisp, so we don't go very often. Also, my husband doesn't like to pay for parking! June and July are fairly good for swimming...August the jellyfish come out and people stop swimming. There were people trying to surf yesterday...but in wetsuits of course.

I have thought about selling things on Etsy but that would turn my hobby into a chore and I'd rather not! A friend has done something similar and does quite well, but she seems to have crafting time built into her day but I haven't been able to do that yet.

Thanks for visiting!