April 23, 2018

Monday - Cloudy and muggy

A quiet day.  

I went to bed a little early last night, so did manage to get up this morning.  I had a quiet morning, never did run into K until the afternoon. 

I had breakfast later on and also washed a bunch of F’s dishes. He left a bunch up in the room.  I came back upstairs and did a bunch of computer stuff.  Later on, I worked on my column a bit. I transcribed what I wrote yesterday and thought more about which movies to feature.  

I grabbed lunch and then came back upstairs to eat.  After a while, I went downstairs and washed the dishes and then started making some guacamole.  The avocados were perfect.  I’ve sometimes left them until they were overripe, but today amazing.  Yay. 

When F called after work, I told him I’d made guacamole so he said he’d bring some other stuff.  He showed up a bit later with some sashimi, fried kamaboko and some senbei for his mother to eat instead of the tortilla chips.  

We also had to run an errand.  K's glasses had fallen apart, so F and I went to the glasses shop for her and had them repaired. It didn't take long and we didn't get charged for it.  I'm so glad. It was also nice for me to get out of the house today!

We went back to the house and then we had quite a nice meal.  We had some miso soup, guacamole and chips, sashimi, kimchi and that cutlet thing.  I joked that it was a Japanese-Korean-Mexican meal and it was true! 

F washed the dishes and I dried them.  It didn’t take too long.  

After dinner, F and I went for a walk.  We went for about 40 minutes over to the park.  Man, it was dark over there! It was a tad cold and windy too, but the actual walking was good.  We went about one and a half times around the park.  Yay us.  

We came back to the house and then watched last week’s episode of The Good Doctor.  It’s an interesting concept. I like Freddie Highmore a lot. F and I had a cup of decaf coffee and used our new cups, which are great by the way.  Here they are.

I've "taken" the one on the bottom.  It's mine!!

I finished up the evening watching So You Think You Can Dance and it was good.  That’s about it.

Tomorrow I have to work more on my column. I really have to buckle down on it now.  Come back later if you like and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Those are really nicely made cups! What a treat to have something beautifully handmade to have your tea or coffee from.

Good on you for getting out and walking even when it's cold and windy. The weather has been perfect here and I still can't motivate myself to walk out the front door!

Helen said...

They are really nice cups. I was planning to get myself one, it was a surprise when F said that he was going to too! There is something really nice about them being handmade rather than mass produced!

I've had a hard time making myself go out too. F asked if I wanted to go out last night and so I said yes. I probably wouldn't have gone without him!

Thanks for visiting again :-)