May 9, 2018

Wednesday - Cloudy, cold and now rainy

A better day.

I woke up early today but went back to sleep and was quite surprised when my alarms went off this morning.  I watched the news from bed(so much easier to reel in shock when one is already lying down). I got up when it was over, dressed and made the bed, the usual.  

I watched a bit of TV this morning but also forgot to take a load of laundry downstairs to wash, so will have to do it tomorrow, probably.  In the early afternoon, I turned off the TV and ended up watching a bit of YouTube.

I barely saw K today. I heard her, and spotted her from a distance, but didn’t have much chance to say hello.  She had a bit of a cough so I was wondering how she was.

Tonight, F didn’t call to say he was on his way to the house. When he arrived, things were quite pleasant actually.  He wasn’t doing well and I offered him some coffee.  I finally brought up the topic of dinner and suggested going to an Udon restaurant that we like, and inviting his mother to come too. I also asked that the two of us go out after to get a bit of wifi as it had been a few days for me.  He countered with the Internet Cafe, so I said it was okay. 

We did all go to the Udon restaurant and it was a good call on my part.  I had a bit of a sore stomach all day, and I just wanted something plain.  Usually, I wouldn’t have had just plain udon, but it was quite nice.  F had something fairly plain too, but his mother has udon and tempura, and then in a typical K move, gave half of the tempura to F!

After our meal, we went to the grocery store.  I got a few things, and so did K.  We paid and then came back to the house.  We unpacked the groceries, found out K forgot to get some stuff, and then F and I set out again.

There was no one in the massaging chairs at all in the Internet Cafe, so we were quite happy.  We spent the next three hours however we liked.  I watched a bit of telly and did more of my loom knitting.  It’s going quite well.  Hurray for that.  

We left on time and made a stop at a Family Mart to see if they had the new Big Thunder Chocolate Mint bar I had read about.  They didn’t. However, we did get some soy sauce and miso for K so that was good.  

We came back to the house, polished off the cake that my friend had given us and I watched a bit more TV.  

Oh, and while I was in the Internet Cafe, I booked myself a little holiday in Niigata for a couple of months from now.  It’ll give me something to look forward to, plus I just need to get away.  I’m not able to go to my women’s group’s Convention this year (the airfare to get to Fukuoka is too much for me), so hopefully, I’ll be able to have a little meet-up with the local ladies and do some sightseeing again.  That’s the plan anyway.  If something better comes up I can cancel the hotel so I’m not trapped into going.  

Tomorrow I might check my bike in the afternoon if the weather is better. I also might go exploring. I have a bit of mending to do too.  I might be busy! 

Come back later if you are up to it and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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