June 9, 2018

Saturday - Cloudy and cold

A good day.

This morning I slept in until 9 am, or nearly there.  I got up, did a few things on my computer and wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  I had gone downstairs to make myself some toast when F called to say he was on his way back as he was finished at the doctor’s office.  

I made some toast for K and I.  There were only two slices of bread so that was all I could make.  I buttered hers and used some of my nice raspberry jam on it.  I had peanut butter.  When F came back, he made some udon for his mother and himself.  I refused it, he did offer me some.  I made some more toast for myself as F had brought bread with him.  

We all sat in the living room for a while. I got bored of the J TV, so went into the kitchen and washed my dishes.  I had mentioned to F that the kitchen was in a big mess and he was angry with me.  It was!  There were pots everywhere, and he’d spilt soup all over the table.  I just decided I wasn’t going to even help him clean it up.  I came upstairs and after a while, F came upstairs too.  

F went to bed.  I was quite annoyed since we’d discussed what we needed to do today and sleeping wasn’t part of it.  He did finally agree to drag himself out of bed.  We drove downtown.  He parked in the Marica parking lot and we walked over to his barber.  He got his hair cut and I walked to the drugstore and bought a few things for myself.  

I walked back to Foodever and was just about to buy myself a cup of coffee when F came up to me and asked what I was doing!  He bought us coffee and a cake each and then we sat down and ate and drank them.  

When we finished, we drove over to the local Shimamura (a clothing shop) and looked for something for my niece’s birthday.  We found a few things and picked 3 of them.  Then we got her an accessory too. Hopefully, she’ll like them. I’ll have to try and get them in the mail soon.

On the way back from the shop we were near a coffee shop we’d read about in a local magazine, so I suggested looking for it.  We found it, parked and went in.  Since F bought the presents, I volunteered to buy the coffee.  It had one table inside, but a big selection of coffees and jazz CDs.  We spent a good few minutes there drinking some iced coffee and playing with our phones.  I was reading a book on mine.

We were going back to the house after our coffee when F pulled into a bakery on the way to his house.  We got a few things and then we went into CD Brain next door.  It’s a second-hand CD shop.  It used to be much nearer my old apartment, but it moved. They had a lot of old records and some CDs.  We looked at a few and didn’t buy anything today, but I’m sure we’ll be back.  

Back at the house, we all sat in the living room and ate our nice chocolate buns from the bakery.  I left and came upstairs, F followed a little later.  He took a bit of a rest, but around 7 I suggested we do something about dinner.  

We ordered bentos from a chain store and then F and I went to pick them up.  I had gapao rice, F had chicken namban and his mother had some kind of fish bento.  They were hot and pretty nice. We sat and ate them in the living room and enjoyed ourselves.  

Afterwards, F washed most of the pieces of plastic and we put them out for recycling.  I dried the few regular dishes that were used.  We came upstairs for a bit.  We wanted to go for a walk, but it was too soon after eating. 

Around 9:15 we started to get ready to go out.  We didn’t leave here until 9:30 so the park was out. It closes at 10:00pm.  F and I walked around some of the streets in our neighbourhood.  The lighting was sometimes better than in the park anyway. Just before 10, we came in.  My knee was bothering me.  It still hasn’t recovered properly from two weeks ago.  

The rest of the night was taken up with showers and a bit of TV.  I’ve been reading a silly romance novel on my phone and it’s rather enjoyable.  

I’m not sure what we’re going to get up to tomorrow.  F may take his mother to the onsen in the morning, or/and we might go to the International Centre for their World Bazaar.  I’m not really sure.  

Come back later and find out what fascinating things we do on Sunday!  Until tomorrow….

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