January 18, 2018

Thursday - Sunny then a bit rainy

A good day.  

F had taken today off work, so he didn’t need to get up early at all.  We slept in a bit, but I did get up around 8 am. Nature was calling and so was the gomi.  I got dressed enough that I wouldn’t be arrested and then took the garbage out to the station.  F usually does it on his way to work, but he wasn’t working this morning. 

I came back to the house and went back to bed for a bit. I had DVR’d NCIS which was a good thing as I had slept right through it. When I got up I had a cup of soup as my breakfast, gave F some coffee.  

My friend arrived right on time and we both went out to meet her.  F took pictures of her and her baby, I didn’t!  My friend and I and the baby, of course, drove off afterwards.

We went to Foodever, the food court near the train station.  It was a good choice as we could walk around and look at all of the things on display and then go back to the food court after we had decided.  We both decided not to go to the expensive pasta restaurant (the set menu was ¥3000 for LUNCH!) and ended up at the food court.  We both had virtually the same thing, gapao rice.  It was nice.  The baby was relatively good and because she’s so cute people made a big fuss of her!  After our lunch, we went over to the coffee shop in Foodever and had a drink and a dessert.  

Sad to say, it was nearly time to go, so she drove me over to the mall and left me.  I called F who was all set to come and pick me up. He told me that he had been planning to take his mother to the onsen but would cancel their trip.  I asked if she knew about his plan, and she did.  I then told him to go ahead and take her.  I had to run some errands and since I rarely have free time out of the house anymore would really enjoy being able to go shopping or whatever.  I finally talked him into that and we rang off.

I went upstairs and bought an umbrella at the hundred yen shop, then went off to the post office.  I bought some stamps and a couple of gotochi cards there.  I walked back to the mall and ended up going back to the hundred yen shop for a few more things.  I got a container for my shampoo.  Because we’ve been going to onsens a lot lately, I’ve been using the shampoos and body shop that they provide. I end up being incredibly itchy afterwards, so have decided that I should really take my own stuff.  Now I have containers to do that in. 

After a little walk around the mall, I went to Doutor and had a new drink, a houji-cha latte.  It was nice, but a tad too sweet.  I waited for F and checked my phone and such.  He finally came and we had another drink together.  He said that his mother wanted to have udon tonight. I didn’t know if he meant at the house or out, but he said probably out. He had found a new-to-us restaurant on the net.  

We went back to the house, picked up K and went to the restaurant. It was quite an old style place and we were the only customers, but it was very good.  We got big bowls of noodles! F thought his were too soft, but I think it was because of his dish.  I liked mine, and K seemed to like hers too.  

After dinner, we drove back to the house, dropped K off and I picked up my backpack.  We headed over to the Internet Cafe and were able to get massaging chairs again. Yay.  I watched a bit of TV and to be honest, did snooze a little for the first hour, but rallied and did quite a bit of loom knitting on my scarf. I’ve nearly finished the first two balls of yarn now.  

We stayed for our 3 hours and did manage to get out before we hit the three-hour mark.  We went to the grocery store where I picked up some bread and yogurt for tomorrow.  

We came back to the house and had to do a few things.  I put away the groceries that needed to go in the fridge, and F started to fill our kerosene tank in the upstairs heater.  I finished that chore, but he carried it upstairs for me which was nice.  

We had a fairly quiet evening here.  F has to go back to work tomorrow, but only for one day and then he’s off for three days.  I hope it is a good thing!

Come back later if you feel like it and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

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