January 19, 2018

Friday - Colder but clear

An okay day.

I got up this morning on time basically, and did some of my usual morning stuff. I cleverly got dressed quite early for a change and that was a good thing!  I decided to watch yesterday’s NCIS: LA instead of today’s “live” and that was good as it was a continuation of Thursday’s.  I also started a load of laundry in the middle of it.  After it was over, I went downstairs, grabbed my breakfast and came back upstairs to eat.  

I was halfway through my cereal when I heard the doorbell ring.  K wasn’t up yet, so I bounded down the stairs.  It was K’s brother and his wife, come for a visit.  Of course, I didn’t know they were coming, and obviously, neither did K!  I woke her up, but I couldn’t remember the name for brother in Japanese…probably because I never have to use it!  Anyway, K got up and didn’t seem upset that they were already in the house!

I filled up the water pot in the living room and made my escape. I took my laundry over to the garage and hung it up, and started another load.  I went upstairs to try and finish my breakfast, but when I had eaten a few bites, K called me downstairs to see the visitors off.  K and I did a little chatting to about the visitors and she told me the correct word to use about her brother so that was good!

We went inside again and I went upstairs and finally managed to finish my breakfast.  However, it was laundry grabbing time!  Between doing laundry and dishes I was quite busy for a bit.

I came back upstairs, watched the second part of the NCIS and a bit of something on TV.  I went down a little earlier than I have been recently and asked K if she’d like lunch.  She turned me down, which was fine.  I got my lunch ready to take upstairs. I had wanted some bread, and even though we bought it last night, I couldn’t find it! A few minutes later, after a frantic search on my part, K came through from the living room, with the remnants of my loaf!  She’d eaten a couple of pieces, which of course was totally fine…I just wanted a couple of slices myself.  I hadn’t expected her to run off with the bag of bread!

While I was preparing my lunch, K turned on the radio.  Surprisingly for me, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody came on and I had a vision of her doing the head-banging bit from Wayne’s World.  I didn’t look, I didn’t want to spoil it for myself!

I went upstairs to eat again and had a quiet time. I watched a bit of TV and worked on an on-line thing that I do.  

F came back to the house around 6 pm and I suggested going out for a drink since the weather was decent.  He begged off as his back was too painful.  I told him I’d run downstairs and check the avocados and would make guacamole with tortilla chips if they were okay.  They were and I did.  I also put out a plate of Ukrainian sausage from Canada and some crackers, smoked oysters and we called it a meal.  It may not be the healthiest thing, but it was pretty good.  K really loves the garlic sausage and eats a lot of it!

F and I did the dishes and then went upstairs.  A friend of mine had some questions about our women’s group and I talked to her via Skype for a couple of hours.  I had to beg off at the end as I needed a break!  While I was on the computer with her, F went to bed and fell asleep. I felt a bit sorry for him. He worked all day today.

So that, in rather long-winded form is the story of my day.  It wasn’t too bad at all.  

I’m not sure what Saturday will bring, but I am hoping for a movie or something. Find out later!

Until Tomorrow….

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