July 24, 2014

Thursday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up early today and put a load of laundry in right away. I surprised myself with that.  I checked email and such and then hung up the laundry when it was done.  At 10:30 I settled in for Charmed and breakfast and the newspaper, followed by a little bit of crochet.  

I was just finished making the bed and changing into house clothes when F called to see if I'd like to go for lunch.  I said sure, so had to change again!

We went to a gyudon restaurant where I had gyudon on tofu with miso soup on the side.  It wasn't bad at all.  

I came home and scanned the cards I was sending out, plus wrote two more while I watched DCI Banks.  I am enjoying the English Detective show that WOWOW is putting on in the afternoon.  A little after 4 pm, I raced off to the post office to mail my cards.

When I came home again I got started on the yogurt and cucumber salad.  I had drained a lot of the yogurt overnight, so it was thick and creamy, but I had to drain the cucumbers too.  Unfortunately I didn't rinse off the salt quickly enough so the salad was a bit salty, but honestly not that bad.  I got it all done and put in the fridge.

F phoned at that point to say that he'd be a bit late and I told him it was fine as the salad had to chill.  

When he came home later he cooked his udon or whatever, and I put out the other food.  I cut up the roast duck that we bought yesterday and put out the cucumber-yogurt salad and also a regular salad for me.  Dinner was nice.  No muss, no fuss.

We had a quiet evening in.  I watched my double shot of House & Bones, followed by a very interesting The Good Wife.  Really enjoy that show.  

I did have a funny thing happen when I was making the salad today.  The garlic powder had caked, so I was loosening it up with a spoon.  Suddenly, the now loose garlic came cascading out of the bottle and sprayed me from head to toe in garlic powder.  It went everywhere.  It stuck to my t-shirt and my undershirt and we won't even mention what other places it ended up in.  I told F that when I wash my clothes, the washing machine is going to smell like garlic soup for a while!

That's about it for me. Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend early for a change.  We'll have tea or something, maybe a bite to eat, and of course, lots of talk!  After that, who knows?  Come back tomorrow and find out!  Night.

July 23, 2014

Wednesday - Hot and muggy, rainy at night

A good day.

I got up a little late this morning, but did get up.  I watched my show while I checked email, then went over to the couch and had breakfast while I watched my other show!  I took a shower and I was relaxing in front of my computer a bit later when my cell phone rang.  

F was calling to say that he'd been given the rest of the day off and did I want him to bring me anything.  I asked for a Subway sandwich!  

The next thing I knew, he came home with a sub for me.  It was so nice.  He didn't really have any plans for the afternoon, and neither did I, so I suggested going to the Internet Cafe, and that's what we did. 

We got there around 4 and each got a massaging chair.  We stayed for 5 hours, could have gone for a bit longer, but had to get to the grocery store, so left.  I didn't watch any movies, but I did watch some TV on a channel we don't get at our apartment, and some regular stuff too.  I did a bit of crochet and read some of a magazine, so really, I enjoyed myself.  It was cool there, I could drink all the tea I wanted and we even had dinner there.  

We got stuff for dinner tomorrow night. I think it's going to be partially a fend for yourself night, but I'm going to make a cucumber and yogurt salad, and there will be some sliced duck too.  

Tonight I read email, wrote up a couple of postcards, did the garbage, and now I'm blogging.  Tomorrow, I don't really have much planned.  I'll likely have to make the aforementioned salad, and run to the post office to mail my cards.  I hope to write one or two more.  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to!  Night.

July 22, 2014

Tuesday - Muggy and hot

A good day.

I got up early this morning and turned on my computer, did the usual stuff I do.  I was so sleepy today that I took a bit of a nap between my two shows, but managed to wake up in time for my other show.

I stayed home today, and enjoyed myself.  I did turn on the air conditioner in the afternoon. It was getting very, very humid and I was very, very sweaty!

I got to work on dinner around 4 pm.  I was making a caesar salad, so I had to cut up the veggies and wash the lettuce.  F came home just about the time that I finished doing that sort of prep.  I had also put together some bread, butter and garlic for garlic toast.  

I checked on cooking methods for the chicken breast, but discovered that I should have started hours ago, so just did it as is.  I grilled the chicken, toasted the bread, and served it all up.  It was really nice.  Honestly, it was so nice not to have anything too heavy on a day like this.  

F did the dishes and I got to work on registering my postcards.  I received 7 in the mail today, plus a package of Gotochi cards that I had swapped for.  I was a happy camper! 

I decided not to send any cards tonight, but hopefully I'll have time tomorrow night.  

We had a quiet night, F has already gone to bed, and I'll probably go fairly soon too.  

No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow night.  Come back and find out what happens!  Night.

July 21, 2014

Monday - Hot and sunny

A very good day.

I got up around 9 this morning, which surprised my husband.  Last night, my dear husband wanted to know if he should try and wake me up in the morning.  I rather indignantly told him that I could and would wake up myself!  He didn't believe me.

I took a quick shower and then checked my email and my social media sites.  I watched the end of Charlie's Angels and then at 10:30 I watched Charmed.  After that, I got dressed and waited for my friend.  

She came with her son and the four of us drove off to Fireball.  We had a good meal there.  My friend and her son had pizza and F and I had pasta.  Of course we all shared and had some of each others.  We chatted and watched the little guy and had fun.  

After lunch we spent a few minutes letting my friend's son play on the slide and play house outside the restaurant, then we drove over to city hall.  We parked our cars and then went over to the Chidokan museum.

The Chidokan is an old Samurai school and it has some artifacts and old buildings to look at.  It was free and it wasn't busy, so it was a pretty good place to bring a little boy with lots of energy.  He didn't bother people there and he could run around on the grounds, and wouldn't hurt anything.  

After we saw enough at the Chidokan, we decided to go to McDonalds for a drink, so headed over there.  We sat at a table and chatted and were glad that we were out of the sun for a while.  

After that, it was time to go our separate ways.  F and I came home and F took a nap.  He was quite tired.  I read my book and relaxed.  

In the evening, F and I went out for dinner. I didn't want much, so we went to a Taiwanese restaurant and had hiyashi chuka.  I quite enjoyed it. I had mine with chicken on it.  

When we had finished eating, we went over to the MaxValu and bought groceries for tomorrow.  I'm hoping/planning to make a big salad with Grilled Chicken on top of it.  I'm hoping that it'll be good.  Fingers crossed. 

I'm not sure what else I'll get up to tomorrow.  I had a great day today, and a really nice weekend.  Woot!  Come back tomorrow and I'll fill you in on all the scuttlebutt.  Night!

July 20, 2014

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up at noon, or just before today.  F asked about lunch right away, so I got dressed and a little while later we went out.  We went out to a fish restaurant that has a quite good and low cost lunch.  I was happy with my lunch, F a little bit less so.  I had sashimi, F had chirashi sushi.  

After lunch we drove to the hardware store to look at bike handle grips.  I'm having a problem with overgripping my handles when I ride my bike, so I am hoping to get a new, more cushioned grip.  F wouldn't buy one because he wanted to check my bike first, so off home we went.  At home, we checked my bike and then went off again, to the bike shop?  Nope, the internet cafe.  There aren't a lot of bike handles available there.  

Anyway, we went to the internet cafe and got massaging chairs and I spent a happy 3 hours there drinking soft drinks and crocheting.  I also got to watch a couple of cool TV programs, Arrow and Almost Human.  I enjoyed them both.  We left around the time our 3 hours were up and F wanted to go for dinner.

He picked an izakaya, so that's where we went.  We had a pretty good meal.  One thing we were both impressed with was a hot vegetable salad. That was very nice.  Lovely cooked vegetables with a yummy sesame dressing.  We also had some yakitori, yakisoba, and caesars salad.  It was mostly very nice.  

After the meal we came home.  I checked email and such and decided to watch Magic Mike.  I'd seen the first part when I was in Niigata, but couldn't see the end as I had to check out!  It was okay, but not great. The dancing was hot, and the actors too, but there were quite a few characters who really didn't get much of a story at all.  That was a shame.  

And that was pretty much my day.  I had a good one.  Tomorrow F and I are going out with a friend and her son, then we hope to go and see a museum or two if we're all up for it.  Come back tomorrow and see how we all get on.  Night!

July 19, 2014

Saturday - Hot and sunny

A quiet day.

Today was a very sleepy quiet sort of day.  F got up last night just as I was going to bed.  Apparently he came back to bed just a little after I went, but I was already asleep and didn't hear him.  

This morning I got up a little later than usual and watched Gordon Ramsay's cooking show.  He made teriyaki salmon which looked good, but I've never made it.  I don't really like sweet coatings on food though.

For lunch I reheated my soup and we had that and leftover bread from last night.  It was very good.  I really enjoyed it.

We watched quite a lot of TV in the afternoon.  F started working on something for our trip, so when I asked if we could go out at 5, he said not yet.  He was still working at 7, and got a little antsy when I suggested dinner.  Finally, we went out at 7:30.  Our first choice looked really busy, so we tried a yakiniku place and were able to get seated quite quickly.  

We had a nice meal and enjoyed ourselves.  We came home afterwards although we did talk about going to the internet cafe.  At home, I watched more TV, which I enjoyed and then at midnight I turned it off!  

No idea what we'll get up to tomorrow.  We might go shopping, we might go fishing, we might stay home!  Come back tomorrow night and find out.  Night.

July 18, 2014

Friday - Hot and steamy

An odd day!

I got up early today, turned on my computer and checked email.  Then, I spent some time watching Charlie's Angels and reading the newspaper.  When I finished the paper, I spent more time on my computer!  There's now a gap between my shows.  I watched half of The Dog Whisperer!  I had breakfast and did some crochet during Charmed.  It was a nice morning.

I had a quiet afternoon. I scanned my cards and wrote a couple more. I wanted to be at my limit going into the long weekend.

I ran off to the post office around 4 and when I came back I did a little bit of weeding outside.  Then, I came back inside and started dinner.  I poached another chicken breast and chopped up a lot of vegetables.  I used the water that I poached the chicken in as the base of the soup and it was nice.  

F came home in the middle of my prep.  He was in a bad way, and a bad mood.  He was shouting and trying to get around me without even asking me if I would let him by. I asked him to just talk to me, but he wouldn't.  Then I asked if he was mad at me.  He shouted that he wasn't and went and shut himself up in the bedroom.  I did talk to him a little later and he wasn't rude or angry, just not doing well.  

I had a lovely dinner of chicken vegetable soup and bread, and then did all the dishes.  

I had a quiet evening by myself. I watched a lot of TV and basically enjoyed myself.  It was quite nice.  

Around 1, F got up and has been a bit antsy around the apartment.  He's made ramen of course and seems out of sorts, but not angry or anything.  

Not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow.  I'm hoping to have a nice quiet day.  I'm going to serve my soup for lunch. It's rather yummy, so I think that'll be a healthy hopefully non-fighting kind of lunch.  Come back tomorrow and you can hear all about it.  Night!