July 18, 2018

Wednesday - Hot and humid

An okay day.

I had a very quiet day today. I mostly packed my suitcase and watched a lot of stuff off the DVR. I had to make space for the new things I am recording while I’m away!

F was very late as he had an out of town driving assignment.  It was so hot and so late when he did come back to the house that I suggested getting bentos for all of us.  He thought it was a good idea.  We ordered them and then went to pick them up.

F and I had a few minutes before the bentos would be ready, so we toured the grocery store.  He got a few things, I didn’t really.  

We got our bentos and then came back to the house to eat.  We all enjoyed what we had ordered.  F washed up afterwards and we came upstairs.  

I took a shower, chatted a bit with my best friend and drank some tea.  I had a quiet evening.

I won’t be blogging for the next few days as I will be out of town.  Don’t miss me too much.  I’ll likely be back blogging either on Monday or Tuesday our time. It depends how tired I am when I come back.

And that’s it for me.  Have a good weekend! Until next time….

July 17, 2018

Tuesday - Hot and humid and hot with a touch of hot heat.

A bad day.

Today F was up and out of the house before I woke up.  It was his first day back at work after the weekend.  I got up, watched the news and since I haven’t started watching the latest 9 am drama, didn’t do the tea thing yet.  I put together a couple of loads of laundry and took one downstairs.  I started it and then grabbed my breakfast.  

In the afternoon I got into a fight with a friend on Facebook.  I’m not exactly even sure why it happened.  I asked her to give me some time to calm down and regroup, but she said that was unacceptable to her so I ended up cancelling one of the events on my trip to Niigata this weekend.  I’m rather sad about the whole thing.  It is so incredibly hot here in Japan that tempers flare very easily.  I’m not sure if we’ll ever feel the same way about each other again.  

The majority of my afternoon was taken up with this fight.  I did manage to wash my lunch dishes and also the new plates that we bought when we visited IKEA on the weekend.  I had to make some room in the cupboard for them too.

In the evening F came back to the house and announced that he wanted to go to the onsen. Well, of course he did.  That’s all he wants to do these days.  Whatever.

I suggested that we have dinner at the house tonight.  We had bought some pre-cooked sausages at Costco, we could get hotdog buns and some salads and have a very casual dinner.  That’s basically what we did.  F and I went to the grocery store for some buns and pre-made salads.  We came back to the house and F washed and cut up some cucumber and tomatoes and I grilled the sausages to heat them up.  I’m not sure if it was the best dinner ever, but it was cheapish and at the house, so maybe a win.  We ate and it was fine.  With the heat, no one has much of an appetite these days.

After dinner, we did the dishes and then F and I went off to the onsen.  I sat in the lobby and sent a few emails then crocheted a few of my squares.  I’m getting close to the end. Woot!  

When F was finished we sat for a while and chatted, then left the spa.  On the way back we stopped for ice cream at a drugstore. They didn’t have any really new kinds, and we thought they had already closed, but they hadn’t!  It was rather funny.

We came back to the house where I watched Bates Motel and then Suits and then the first part of Bates Motel.  It was a little confusing, but no matter.  

I put all my squares out on the bed and took a picture of my blanket.  It’s getting there. Just a little bit to go and then I can join the squares…

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I have to finish packing my suitcase and getting ready for my trip.  I probably will update tomorrow night, but if I don’t, please come back on Monday or Tuesday to see how I got on.  Until tomorrow….

July 16, 2018

Monday - Hot and Humid, muggy

A good day.

This morning F and I slept in a bit.  It was lovely.  Why is it that we go on holiday and get up earlier than usual, more or less?  I don’t know either.  

F made his mother some udon and I imagine, he had some too.  I was offered it but didn’t want it.  After a while, F came back upstairs offering to take me out to lunch. Nothing came of that, then he started telling me some quite disgusting stories about dealing with human waste at his job and I really didn’t want to eat at all.  Not sure what he was thinking. It’s the second time in a few days he’s told me these stories and I wish he’d wait until another time.  

I realized that he had no intention of going out so after a while I had a very late breakfast of cereal and yogurt.  

We stayed in the house until 2 something I think, then went to the grocery store for a bento for his mother.  I got my lunch foods as well.  We dropped off the stuff and then headed out to the mall in Mikawa.

In Mikawa, we got our tickets and went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  It wasn’t amazing or anything, but I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.  The reviews have been horrible, but as a summer popcorn flick, I was entertained!

After the movie, F and I had dinner in the mall.  We both had bibinba, but different types.  Then, we walked over to the hardware store and bought a few things.  I got a new cleaning brush for the bathroom, F got something for work.  

Next up, we went back into the mall and had ice cream.  It was Baskin Robbins last day of buy-a-double and get a triple instead, so we took advantage of it.  Yum.

We came back to the house and took showers.  F went first and very sweetly turned off the water heater when he was done. Sadly, even though I was in the kitchen, I didn’t notice, so I had to get out of the shower and turn it back on.  Not best pleased, luckily I hadn’t soaked myself too much yet!

We watched last week’s episode of The Good Doctor and enjoyed it.  No fights like last week. Whew.  I did a bit of crochet.  I hadn’t done any at all when I was in Sendai.  Sigh.  I was just too tired for a change.  

And that’s about it. F turned on the AC around 10 pm as it was about 30 degrees in our room and so humid.  I’ll have to turn it off before bed, but I don’t really want to!

Come back later if you dare and see what I get up to on Tuesday.  Until tomorrow….

July 15, 2018

Sunday - Hot and sunny

An okay trip.

We got back from Sendai and Yamagata tonight. I’m a little sunburnt despite using sunscreen and wearing big floppy hats.  I’m not sure how that happened.

We went to see Winchester with Helen Mirren. It was a “based on true events” story about the heir to the Winchester fortune.  She spent her time building rooms onto her house.  She’d build them for the ghosts of people who were killed by the guns her company made.  There were some good jumps in the film and it wasn’t as gory as it could have been.  

We did spend a lot of time fighting or perhaps it was just being passive aggressive towards each other.  F was generous at times, he bought me a new pair of shoes and also a lovely shirt and cover, but didn’t want to spend much time with me.  I’d be in mid-sentence with him and he’d grab his phone and put on a video.  Things like that.  Rude, certainly, but done often enough makes me think.

Today we left Sendai and headed to Yamagata. We did the Costco thing.  It’s so strange with F, going there.  He just seems gormless when we are in the shop.  I’ll ask him things and he just stares at me.  I’ll ask him if he wants anything and the answer is always no.  Well then, why are we here then?

We got a few things, I got some avocados, some snacks, new ink for my printer, that kind of thing.  F got a new jacket for himself and not much else!

We came back to the house.  K was fine, she seemed happy to see us.  We unloaded the car, I tried to carry too much stuff upstairs at once and fell.  Luckily it was on the turn and I was going up, so really it wasn’t too bad.  I did have to check some of my bags to make sure nothing was hurt.

F and I went out for a very late dinner to the gyudon shop.  I had the newest one with salad on the gyudon, F had the grilled salmon set and complained about the thickness of the salmon.  Yay him.  

Really that’s it.  Tomorrow is a holiday so I have F around again.  He’s got some things planned and I’m trying to give him other ideas so there is a lot to do.  Come back later and see what I get up to on Monday.  Until tomorrow….

July 12, 2018

Thursday - Rainy and cloudy, coolish

An okay day.  This morning I dragged myself out of bed and watched the news.  After it was over I watched X-Files but was a bit tired.  I did a load of laundry today too.  When I come back, I’ll need some clean clothes.

I admit that I did snooze for a few minutes on the bed, but I didn’t really sleep.  I got up after a bit and went back on my computer.  I watched quite a bit of TV from the DVR and I also packed my suitcase for tomorrow’s trip.  

Oh, one odd thing was this morning when I was in the kitchen getting my breakfast, I noticed that a burner was switched on. There was no pot or pan on top of it, the fire was burning away.  It was on quite low, but still, not good.  I turned it off. I didn’t tell K what I’d found as I have a hard time making her understand.  I think she must have heated something up and then forgotten to turn it off.  I’m glad there wasn’t a pot on it.  

After I washed my lunch dishes, I grabbed a cup of iced tea and gave one to K as well.  I hadn’t really seen much of her today.

F came back to the house around 6 pm and reminded his mother that we were going away for the weekend.  She had forgotten. Oh dear. She wasn’t very happy about the two of us going away.  Sigh.  

We went to the grocery store as a  family to get her some last minute food.  She barely got anything. F said he’ll pick her up some in the morning.  We dropped off the food at the house and then went out for udon together.  We went to Udonichi again and had a good meal.  F had ordered before I had a chance to ask him if we could have a salad.  I tried to get the waitress’s attention so we could order it, but she was quite busy. Took ages!

Back at the house after dinner, we just vegged upstairs.  I watched some of the stuff off the VCR, F did the phone thing.  I took a shower and a bit later F did too.  That’s really about it.

Tomorrow the mister and I are off to Sendai for a couple of nights. We don’t have a firm plan, but I have a few ideas and hopes for things to do.  I hope we do some of them.  

Come back in a few days and see what we get up to on our trip.  Until Monday or Tuesday then!  Bye….

July 11, 2018

Wednesday - Cloudy, rainy and cooler

A good day.

I woke up this morning before F left and wished him a good day, but rather sleepily! I got up just before 8 and got on with my day.  

I watched a bit of TV today, and once again put on a movie in the early afternoon.  While I was watching it I darned in the ends of the squares I had made. I finished doing them during the time that F had popped in for a quick visit.  The movie was fun and F came bearing ice cream, so it was nice to see him too!

After my lunch and dishwashing, I gave K some iced coffee and took some for myself and went back upstairs.  F wasn’t very late tonight and said that he’d like to go to the onsen again.  Sigh.  I do wish he’d like to go somewhere else!  We got K a bento before we left and then drove out to the Spa. He took a bath, I sat and did a bit of crochet after I updated my phone.

We ate our dinner at the onsen tonight too.  I had Katsu Curry and it was nice.  F had udon and tempura and he liked his.  When we finished eating, we drove back to Tsuruoka.  On the way, F asked if I’d like to go for ice cream and I said sure.  We ended up at Cafe Studio 44 and shared their dessert platter.  We each had a cup of tea too.  The desserts were nice.  There was a cheesecake which F ate, and then some pannacotta and some Catalina, which I’d never had before. 

When we finished we came back to the house.  F fell asleep quite quickly, but he didn’t change into his pyjamas first.  Oh dear.  He’s snoozing on the bed in a t-shirt and jeans despite me trying to wake him to change.

And that’s about it for me.  I had a decent day today.  Tomorrow I really need to pack some clothes for my trip to Sendai on Friday.  Oh, yeah, I won’t be here this weekend. I might take my computer with me, but I’m not sure at all.  

I should be here tomorrow night, if I am, I’d love to hear from you.  Until tomorrow….

July 10, 2018

Tuesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning after F left, but I woke up while he was still here. I said a sleepy goodbye to him.

I had a quiet morning, doing my usual things.  In the afternoon, I put on a movie and started on the darning in of ends of my granny squares. I still haven’t finished making them, but I realized that I could actually start putting some of it together if I wanted to!  Having the yarn ends darned in just makes things easier to do later.  

Halfway through the movie I went downstairs and grabbed my lunch.  K was snoozing in the living room. I can’t say I blame her. It was hot today…good siesta day.

When I came down later to do the dishes, I washed and then dried everything. I grabbed a freezie thing from the freezer and gave her one.  These are adult Freezie Pops…from Italy.  Very nice, real juice and interesting flavours.  

F was a little late tonight, but not terribly so.  We decided to try and get dinner from the grocery store.  We went and instead of being a simple dinner, F went overboard buying things.  When we got back to the house we all had hiyashi chukka and okonomiyaki. F contributed katsuo sashimi and also some pickles.  I put in some blueberries that I quickly washed tonight.  It was all good, but there was too much food.  I was a bit annoyed with F for putting the sashimi out on individual plates for us.  He gave me more than he gave himself…I didn’t really want any at all.  It was good, but I would rather have taken a couple of pieces rather than a given portion.  Anyway, dinner was good but big.  F did the dishes, in his own weird style and I dried them.  

I asked that we go out for a bit as I wanted to cool down and get a drink.  We went to McDonald's and had our drinks, then picked up a few things in the grocery store nearby.

We came back to the house and put the groceries away.  F took a shower, pipping me to the post.  I took one afterwards and did a spot of cleaning in there too.  I thought that K was doing it but a couple of nights ago wore my specs into the shower for a few minutes and noticed that it needed a good cleaning.  I did a bit of one tonight while I was in there.  The only problem was the scrubbing brush I used was losing its bristles. I had to fish them out of the drain and in doing so cut my finger on the metal on the drain. Sigh.  I took my shower and then came back upstairs.

It was 30 degrees in our little room and after F went to bed we decided to use the air conditioner for a couple of hours.  It’s too hot to sleep in really.  

And that was it for my day.  I watched the British Bake Off while I was blogging….love that show!  It’s just nice and fun. People are polite and funny. And they win a cake stand. 

Tomorrow I may go out depending on the weather or I may do some laundry and watch another movie.  I’m not sure. Come back later and find out. Until tomorrow….