September 22, 2016

Thursday - Cloudy and Rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning to an empty apartment, so I did my usual stuff.  I watched The X-Files, had breakfast and tea.  F came home and I kept watching my other show too.  Afterwards, I took a quick shower and then we went for lunch.  

I had suggested Cafe Studio Cinq, so that’s where we went.  It was very nice today, as always, although F thought it was too expensive.  Gah.  

We went to Musashi for a couple of things and then ended up at the Internet Cafe.  I wasn’t terribly pleased to be honest as I hadn’t taken my bag of things to do with me.  Still, I thought I’d spend some time surfing the web or whatever.  We arrive and F was able to get a massaging chair, but I wasn’t.  I went to a reclining chair and watched The Rock, or part of it.  I chuckle a lot at that film, Sean Connery, a 60+ year old man manages to do what the Marines/special army guys can’t do.  

The staff worker came to tell me that I could change to a massaging chair at the very end of the film.  It took a few minutes and I missed the end.  Sigh.  And then, I tried to watch YouTube, but for some reason it had no volume at all!  So, basically, I had a boring time, with the exception of watching The Rock and a bit of Agent Carter.  

After a long while, F came to get me and we checked out.  He suggested Tonkatsu for dinner and as it had been a long time since we’d had it, I was fine with it.  We went to our usual place and had a nice meal.  The restaurant wasn’t too busy, but it seemed to take a long time to get our meal!

Next up, we bought a few groceries.  We are planning to get bento for dinner tomorrow night, since we don’t want to leave a lot of mess behind in our apartment.  I might get Subway if I have the chance, although that is a little doubtful.  

I made us some tea and watched Bones and did some crochet during it.  F went to bed fairly early as he has to go back to work tomorrow.  
The two panels of my upcoming poncho.  Same colours, totally different looks!

So that was my day.  It was quite nice to be honest.  Tomorrow I need to do a few household chores and finish my packing.  

I’m not sure if I’ll update tomorrow night.  I might try and get an early night, but you never know.  I won’t be around for around a week, so don’t miss me too much!  Until……?

September 21, 2016

Wednesday - Sunny and warmer

A good day.

I got up on time this morning, and watched The X-Files.  I had my lovely overnight oats and really enjoyed them too along with some tea.  I tried to have a relaxing morning, but F popped home once to pick something up.  

I finally got dressed and then made the bed, I got out of the way so that F could use the kitchen.  I watched a bit of TV and enjoyed it too. I got caught up on a lot of my weekend telly and finally got around to packing my suitcase.  I’m not finished yet, but I did put things in and thought about the outfits that I plan to make and wear.  I am taking a few extra shirts and things in case I spill or have some kind of accident happen.  

F came home around 6:30 and I cooked dinner then too.  It was quite simple tonight, just lemon pepper chicken, tofu, cucumber sticks and salad.  F had rice with his too.  I didn’t go to a huge effort which I’m glad about. 

F did the dishes and then proceeded to have a couple of beers too.  He was in bed by 10:10 I think!  I went to the couch and had a couple of hours of crochet fun while I watched a couple of programmes.  

After my shows, I did up the garbage for F to take out in the morning.  If he doesn’t take it out, it’ll all have to stay in our apartment until we get back, which I really don’t want!  Actually, I think he’d take it over to his mother’s for HER to put it out, but that’s not right.  

I’ll most likely be back tomorrow night.  Thursday is a national holiday here and I have no idea what we’re going to get up to.  It’ll be one of F’s last chances to pack for the trip, so I don’t know if we’ll be gallivanting around the city or not.  I hope to go and have a drink out at least! 

Come back later and find out all about our day.  Until tomorrow….

September 20, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy and cooler

An okay day.

I got up in time to watch The X-Files and did.  I had a nice breakfast and some tea too.  I dozed off between my shows, but somehow managed to wake up in time for the second one.  Yay me.

F came home about 3 times during the day and phoned me at least twice.  It was a bit annoying since I had wanted to get some work done, but find him being home a huge distraction.  I can live with him coming home for lunch, but the popping in drives me to distraction.  I was just going to have lunch when he came home.  Gah!

I looked up some tours again, but didn’t book anything.  I have a basic plan for the first day, but would like to have a little leeway in what we do.  I think if we schedule ourselves too much, we won’t have any fun.  I suggested either contacting the travel company office in Seoul or the hotel, or a tourist office and asking them to book the tours that we want there.  I don’t know if F trusts me though.  

He cooked dinner tonight.  He made nabe.  It was okay, but to be honest, he uses a soup base for soba and I just don’t like it.  It doesn’t taste like anything.  I had requested a chicken consomm√© base earlier but I was overruled.  And, F used the shimeji that I bought for my cooking of dinner tomorrow night in his nabe!  I was a tad put out.  He offered to get more, but it’s probably fine.  Probably!

After dinner I did the dishes and then looked up more tour stuff.  I put on Criminal Minds at 11 pm and watched it and did a few rows of crochet.  I am still enjoying the work. F went to bed a while ago, and I am still up, but planning on going to bed any day now!

Tomorrow I will be cooking dinner, hopefully get a few things packed into my suitcase, and maybe do a bit of vacuuming.  I bet I don’t get anything done again.  Sigh.  Come back later and see!  Until tomorrow…. 

September 19, 2016

Monday - Cloudy with scattered rain

An okay day.

I slept in a bit this morning, but finally got up.  It was so dark outside that it seemed like night.  I showered and got dressed.  Then, I decided to change my clothes and wore one of my new things from Saturday.  It was a good idea and I was terribly comfortable all day!

We tried to have lunch at Hyakkenbori, but it was quite busy, so went to Futaba instead.  That was really nice.  I had fish and F had pork for lunch!  We had the opposite of what we usually have.  After lunch, we tried to go for coffee, but the coffee shop was closed.  

We ended up at the Chido Museum to see an exhibit of a Yamagata artist, Y Sugawara.  Surprisingly, I liked his paintings and thought they were rather good. I liked getting up close to see the brushstrokes, but found they were greatly improved from a distance!  I even recognized one of the places in the picture, so yay me. 

We checked out the garden and the pond as usual.  It looked nice and I even got F to take a picture of me.  However, he didn’t tell me when he was going to take the picture so I didn’t smile in any of them.  Sad!

Sort of an OOTD pic.
We went to the coffee shop/restaurant that is next to the museum afterwards.  I had an iced coffee and F had a huge kakigori!  I could have had one, but they only had one made with red beans and I didn’t think I would like it.  The waitress did bring F a small bowl with his kakigori, so he gave me a bit.  It was okay but I really think it was too much!

We came home for a while after our drinks and looked into a tour for when we are away.  I didn’t have a lot of luck so I suggested that F sign up for it instead.  We ended up going for dinner.  

Today we went to the little restaurant near the theatre that we’ve gone to twice before now.  They have reasonable, locally sourced food, with all you can eat rice, miso soup and pickles. I had chicken namban which was a bit disappointing, and F had chicken steak which he quite liked.  I’ve had it before and should have had it tonight too.  

After dinner, we had an hour before our movie started, so I suggested doing our shopping.  We went to our grocery store and picked up a few things.  Tomorrow F is going to do a nabe and on Wednesday I’ll do some chicken.  Yay us.  

We brought home the groceries and then went out and saw Now You See Me 2.  It wasn’t a necessity to see the movie, but F seemed to want to go.  I liked it, but wouldn’t go again, F fell asleep on it at the beginning, but liked it overall.  

We came home and I made us a cup of decaf coffee each and we tried to book the boat tour.  F had to register for it and it sounded odd, so I tried in English.  They kept flipping me into PayPal, which I did NOT want to use, so I gave up on it too.  I looked up other companies, but they were charging exorbitant fees so I told F we’ll try and book something when we get there.  Maybe the hotel or the tour company will do it for us.  

So, that was my day.  It wasn’t bad at all.  F and I didn’t argue, which is sort of amazing. We didn’t do a whole lot of things, but it was nice to have a bit of a lazy day for a change.  Come back later and find out how Tuesday goes.  Until tomorrow….

September 18, 2016

Sunday - Cloudy

A good day.

We both slept in today.  Or did we?  I slept in.  I actually went to bed before F did.  He was still up when I made a trip to the loo, and came to bed soon after that.  He didn’t sleep, and got up again.  When I finally got up around noon, he still hadn’t slept much.  His neck was really bothering him.

We stripped our bed today and turned the mattress, then went out for lunch.  I picked Bikkuri Donkey!! and it was okay.  I had a different dish today, a burger with bacon on it, and we shared a salad.

After lunch we drove off to the laundromat and washed some of our bedding.  It didn’t take that long, which is a little sad as I really hoped to get a lot of my book read.  I did read a bit though so that was good.  When we were done, we came home and made the bed.  

I tried to take a nap later, but failed. After a bit, F went to his house to check on his mother and then we went out for dinner.  We went to a Korean restaurant and had some yummy food.  We came straight home afterwards.  I had sort of wanted to go for coffee, but didn’t actually say it plainly for F.

When we got home, we watched Creed and I have  to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I quite enjoyed the movie.  I think F liked it too.  I did some crochet while I was watching, I got 4 rows done, so yay me.  

F went to bed and is sleeping, but I’m not sure how well.  His neck is bothering him and there’s a typhoon in the offing, so it might be bad for a bit.  

I’m not sure what we’re going to do on Monday.  I’d like to go for coffee or something, but it doesn’t really matter.  I also have to start thinking about packing!  

Come back later and find out what we get up to.  Until tomorrow.  

September 17, 2016

Saturday - Cloudy and then rainy

A very nice day!

I went to bed rather late this morning, so when my alarms went off to day, I got up, checked my email and then went back to bed.  I woke up around 11 am and got up for good.  

F asked about lunch and I suggested a fish restaurant that he often suggests for us, so I think I made brownie points.  Yay.  And…this is huge…he asked me if he should cancel the free tour on our trip.  YES!  I said, "Yes, please!"

We had a lovely lunch and then we did a bit of running around.  My wallet that I have had for years fell apart a couple of days ago and I wanted to see if I could have it repaired.  It was expensive when I got it and it is more a case of the leather coming out of the frame than a rip or anything, so I think it can be fixed.  The first place F took me to said they couldn’t, the second place, a shop in the mall took it and said they’d check into it.  Of course, if the repair is too expensive I won’t do it, but basically the wallet looks like it is in good condition apart from this.  I’ve been stuffing too many shopper point cards in my wallet.  Sigh.  I bought F a drink at Doutor and we toured the hundred yen shop. 

We took a trip over to Yamada Denki to get an adapter plug for our trip and then we toodled over to Shimamura, a Japanese clothing store.  We spent a bit of time there and I tried on a lot of clothes.  Most fit fairly well (yay!) and I ended up getting a long cardigan, a long t-shirt dress and a short t-shirt/top thing.  All of them are in shades of grey…
We followed that up with a quick/not so quick trip to a hundred yen shop that we don’t go to very often.  A few things for the apartment and us were picked up there.  We also grabbed a few things to eat.

We drove home and had our snacks and then left again to go to the Night Bazaar on Sanno-Machi, near downtown.  It rained a bit on us so when we got there, people were starting to pack up and leave.  We looked around a little, bought a small pizza made by one of the area’s premiere restaurants.  That provided one of the few bad times of today.  F just would not stop somewhere and let me eat the damn pizza!  He kept trying to find a “place to sit” but honestly…I wanted my pizza hot! Finally, I pulled him off the road a little into a quiet area and said, “Now let’s eat!”  It was good, but would have been better if it was hotter.

After we walked the length of the road, the rain was stronger and people were leaving, and the tents were being packed up, so we left too.  I suggested going down main street and having something else to eat there.  F suggested yakiniku, so that’s what we did.

We went to a local place and had some really good meat.  He had a beer and I had oolong tea.  After an hour or so, we left for home.  We stopped into a convenience store for a washroom and some ice cream, then went on our merry way home.

We came home and had a quiet evening.  F has been watching all kinds of boring sports, but honestly, I don’t mind that much as I’m paying attention to my computer.

So, that was my day.  It was really good and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the weekend is as good.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

September 16, 2016

Friday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.  Rather than stay up any longer, I have decided to just blog the food that we were served at the restaurant Luna in Tsuruoka.  It was a lovely meal and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

I complain about F a lot, but he is a lovely guy most of the time!