March 17, 2018

Saturday - Sunny but cool

A good day.

This morning F and I got up and eventually had a quick breakfast before we headed out to our doctor’s office.  Now, I haven’t written too much about the doctor’s office, but there are a few things I don’t like about it.  They seem to feel that it is okay for the nurses to read patient’s blood pressure out in the waiting room in front of all the other patients.  I refuse to allow that.  One of the nurses called me by my first name today, rather than my family name.  I corrected her.  I wasn’t rude about it, I just went up to her after and said my family name and “desu”.  She said she was sorry…let’s hope she doesn’t do it next time.  F got mad at me though, which annoyed me.  I asked him why it was okay for him to be called by his family name and not for me?  He couldn’t answer, just liked being annoyed with me.

After the doctor’s visit, we went to the pharmacy and then back to the house.  We checked to see if K needed any food, she did, so we went off and got her some lunch, then brought it back to her. 

F and I went to the Indian restaurant for lunch and it was quite good.  We were very stuffed afterwards!  We went to a clothing store nearby but didn’t buy anything. I was sorely tempted by a sweater that I thought might be nice for my friend but decided not to do it. 

I asked F to drive us out to the Mikawa mall for a little shopping.  When we got there, we had a drink at McDonald and then did a little shopping for my friend.  I did try on a couple of things for myself and ended up getting a sweater for myself. It’s quite soft and yummy…for the next couple of weeks it’ll be cold in the morning and at night, so will use it then.  I got a couple of things for my friend too, so yay!

We went to the grocery store and bought something for F’s mum to eat and then left the mall.  We drove over to Don Quixote and did a little walk-through there.  I got a new lightning cord and a drink, F picked up a couple of things too.  

We drove back to Tsuruoka and delivered the food to K.  I brought some of our stuff upstairs.  F had an idea for our dinner, so drove the two of us to a new restaurant for us. It was Japanese and to be honest, I was a bit leery when we went in.  It was noisy and the waitress that met us at the door seemed a bit odd.  However, the food was quite good so we may go back.  We were on our way back to the house when F said that he’d like to get some eye drops, but it was too late. I pointed out that most of the drugstores stay open until 10 pm so we’d be okay.  We went to Tsuruha and did a little shopping. I got some body wash to take to the onsen with me, and F got his eyedrops. 

We came back to the house after that.  We watched a little TV, or I did.  F watched something on his cellphone.  We had some decaf coffee, later I had some tea.  

It actually turned out to be a nice day.  I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  My craft circle meet up has been called off so I have the afternoon to get into mischief instead!  Come back later and find out what I end up doing.  Until tomorrow….

March 16, 2018

Friday - Cooler with a bit of snow at night.

An okay day.

I got up fairly early for me this morning and then watched the news and got dressed, etc.  I had my breakfast and then did a load of laundry too. I hung it up in my room.  I rewatched Castle and enjoyed it, then I took a nap.  In bed.  Not on the floor.  It was great!

In the afternoon I watched a little more TV and went down to get lunch.  I gave K some salad that I’d bought a while ago and was going to expire soon, I took the other half of it.  She kept hers for later.

When F came home this evening he was sore and tired.  Of course, he wanted to go for a bath.  I didn’t really want to go but did need to at least take a shower, so said I’d go.  We went to the store to get his mother a bento and some other food, then came back here and gave it to her.  Then, F and I went off to have dinner.  

He wanted fish, and suggested a place I don’t like much.  I countered with another place, and then suggested F’s favourite place.  We decided to give it a try.  We went off to Okazaki and had a great meal.  We each had the same dish, a type of grilled trout with tempura.  It was lovely.  Very nice. I was less impressed with the side dishes, but overall it was a good meal. 

We drove to the onsen after dinner.  It looked quite busy from the parking lot and sure enough, it was busy inside too.  The women’s side usually doesn’t have as many people in it as it did today, but it was fine.  I did have a small problem finding a washing station at first.  Anyway, I did my thing, spent a bit of time in the rotenburo which is my favourite bit of the whole experience and then got out.  F got out a bit before me, but I had stayed longer to dry my hair.

We were on our way back to the house when he suggested that we go somewhere else.  He then suggested going to McDonalds which was fine with me.  We just had a couple of cold drinks which was a touch silly as it had started to snow outside a little! We spent a bit of time on our phones and then came back to the house.

I watched a bit of TV and then F came over and watched the Oscar repeat with me for a few minutes.  He liked some of it.  He soon went to bed though.  He’s having a hard time with the pain in his neck and back.  It’s very hard to see him like this.

Tomorrow we have doctors appointments and I hope to go shopping in the afternoon.  Fingers crossed it works out.  Come back later and see what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

March 15, 2018

Thursday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up fairly early today, K didn’t. Tee hee.  It doesn’t really matter to me if she does or doesn’t get up early.  I hope when I’m 80 something people will let me sleep as long as I like!  In fact, I think I’ll insist on it.

I watched my shows, made my bed, did a couple of loads of laundry and hung them in the room.  I did finally see K today but really didn’t talk much to her.  It’s funny how we bump around in this house and not run into each other.  

I should have gone out for a walk, but didn’t. It didn’t even have to be a power walk, just to get out of the house. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow. That’s what I keep saying to myself.

In the afternoon I opened a window up here and let some fresh air come in. Unfortunately, I think K was grilling some fish and that smell came in too.  Boo!  I don’t actually know how, but it did.  

Oh, during the afternoon I watched one of the NHK’s programmes of British Rock performances from the 70’s.  This was particularly good for me as it had a ton of people that I was either a big fan of or really liked.  It had Wizzard, Mud, Alvin Stardust (my mum loved him) and best of all was David Essex doing Rock On! I had such a huge crush on him when I was in Britain.  He really has the twinkliest eyes…even now I think.

I did quite a bit of work on my scarf today and thought I might come close to finishing it.  I stopped it to do some computer stuff though.

When F came back to the house he suggested going to the Internet Cafe and I thought it was a good idea. We got K a bento, then we went to Coco Ichibanya for curry. I had a spicy curry which was good. 

We got our massaging chairs and were able to relax for a few hours.  I worked on my scarf for most of the time and very nearly finished it.  I had just a little bit left, so after we came back to the house, I worked on it and finished it. Yay me. I did muff the finishing, but I think I fixed it.  Tomorrow I’ll try to darn in the ends and take some pictures of it.  

So, another boring-ish day. Tomorrow I will do a bit more laundry if all goes well and probably finish my scarf.  That’s it for me for now. Come back later and see if I get up to anything exciting.  Until tomorrow….

March 14, 2018

Wednesday - Muggy day, warmer

An okay day.

I actually got up at my alarm time this morning, well, one of the times!  I watched the news live this morning, not on the DVR.  I am feeling a bit like K is very “Springy” these days. She’s getting up early nowadays and is dressed and in the living room, rather than sleeping in the bedroom.  I’m glad for her, but a bit sad for my quiet time!

I grabbed breakfast and came upstairs to eat.  I ended up taking a short nap on the floor again. I don’t know why I just don’t go to the bed.  Crazy I guess. It was short, I woke up before my alarm went off.  

In the afternoon I thought about doing another Postcrossing but decided to finish my unpacking from my trip last month and then sorted out some of the cards that I have bought recently.  I’m not sure if I mentioned that I found a box with many cards that I had bought during my first three years in Japan, but I have decided to toss them into the Postcrossing box too.  Of course, I have so many postcards that I would have to send postcards every day for years to get rid of them all!
Lunch was a bit late but good. I had salad and a couple of open chicken sandwiches. I went down later to wash my dishes.  I had just finished and was on my way back upstairs when K came out of the living room and called my name, looking upstairs.  I didn’t really want to surprise her, but after a second I had to let her know that I was behind her!  It was a little funny.  The living room and the kitchen are next to each other and the doors open into the hallway.  She hadn’t heard me in the kitchen.  She gave me a postcard that had arrived for me.  Yay.  This was from Hong Kong.

F came back to the house nearly on time tonight.  He asked me on the phone if I had any ideas for dinner tonight so I suggested Kula Sushi with his mother. He said he’d check with her when he arrived.  

When F arrived I gave him his White Day present. It’s a dumb made up Japanese holiday, but since I expect him to do Valentine’s Day for me, I have to do White Day for him!  I gave him a bag with a puzzle, some chicken ramen and a box of nice chocolates that I got last night at the mall.  He had a present for me, which kind of amazed me!  He gave me a nice box of chocolate tarts and chocolates.  Yum. 

Apparently, his mother wanted to have udon for dinner, but Kula Sushi has that on the menu.  We all piled into the car and F made a reservation.  We got there and only had to wait a few minutes.  K got her udon, and onion rings and a surprising number of french fries too so was happy.  F and I enjoyed what we had too.  K had dessert and so did I. It’s one of the few places I can get a soy-based dessert.  I said to F that I’ll have to check in summer if I can get that to go!

We brought K back to the house and then F and I went out again.  I needed some groceries.  We went to McDonald first for a little wifi and some face to face time, then a quick run-through of the grocery store.  

We drove back to the house and F dropped me off at the house and then went off to his onsen. He wanted to go tonight and I really didn’t.  He planned to go to the closest one, but it wasn’t open, so he had to go to the usual one anyway!

I got busy when I came in. I unpacked the groceries then started doing the garbage for taking out tomorrow.  I did all that, bringing some from upstairs too and got it ready for F in the morning.  Then I decided to clean out the ice compartment in the fridge.  We don’t use a lot of ice here in winter, so it hadn’t been done in a while.  I tossed it in the drainer in the sink and then refilled the tank.  

I went upstairs and had a good few minutes on my computer. That was rather nice.  F came back around 10:30 and it was good to see him.  I watched the two-hour finale of Bones which was bittersweet and quite enjoyable. They checked quite a few boxes with memories over the years. I enjoyed it a lot. It wasn’t as good as it was nearer the beginning, but it still was an interesting show and I liked that Brennan was an atheist and a scientist and a woman who could hold her own in any situation.  

And that’s about it.  Oh, of note today is that Stephen Hawking died. 

Come back later and if all goes well I’ll have another report for you.  Until tomorrow….

March 13, 2018

Tuesday - Warmer and sunny

An okay day.

I had a really hard time dragging myself out of bed this morning.  K was already up and dressed which surprised me no end!  I think she must be a Spring person.  

I got up finally, watched the English bits of the news and then my morning shows.  I had a quiet morning really and took another nap on the floor. I should just go and nap on the bed, but I’m stubborn!

F popped back to the house a couple of times today, but it was nice to see him. He couldn’t stay long either time.  

I did some Postcrossing today, for the first time in over a month.  I did 4 cards today, from writing, scanning and posting them too.  I didn’t do a lot else today, but I did that!  I barely even saw K today and didn’t have the chance to talk to her either.  Well, as much as I can talk to her!

When F came back to the house after work tonight he was really tired. He wanted to get his hair cut, so I suggested taking me to the mall.  He also wanted to have dinner and go to the onsen again. I was less than enthusiastic about the last one but said I’d go.  He drove downtown, dropped me off at the mall and then went away to have his hair cut.

I did a little bit of shopping.  I found a place selling the discounted Valentine’s Day Chocolates, so bought a small box for F, then went up to the hundred yen shop and got him a cloth bag for his onsen gear.  Tonight he tried to cram his clothes into a small plastic bag and I thought it was a bit embarrassing, not to mention silly.  I picked up something else for him too and paid.

I was just on my way to Doutors when he called to say he was done.  I asked him to meet me and he did. We went to Doutors for a bit of wifi and coffee and dessert.  That was nice.  We left about half an hour later.

We had a quick and fairly cheerful dinner at Tsukiya tonight.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. I had gyudon, F had salmon and natto and egg on rice. It looked fairly horrible…the natto did anyway!

We drove out to the onsen and went our separate ways.  Despite the locker room seeming to be busy, it really wasn’t.  I had an okay bath and enjoyed a few minutes outside in the rotenburo.  

On the way back to town, F stopped at a convenience store so I could get some salad for tomorrow and he picked up a couple of things too.  We came back to the house and after a few minutes where he seemed okay, he fell asleep. He’s still dressed, so I’m going to have to wake him up soon to go to bed.

And that was my day. It was quiet, but okay.  I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow. Come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….

March 12, 2018

Monday - Cold and cloudy

An okay to good day.

This morning I had a hard time getting up.  I overslept and then realized that I hadn’t recorded the news. Sigh. Oh well then. I got up and watched my tv, and eventually had some decaf coffee and breakfast.  

I had a very quiet morning, to be honest. I even took a nap on the floor of my room…I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.  It helped and I felt better afterwards. 

In the afternoon I decided to finally update my Postcard blog, so wrote some entries for it. Then I discovered that I hadn’t scanned any of the cards for it. Oops.  

I went down for lunch and noticed that K was holding a postcard for me.  I wasn’t expecting one as my numbers are a little skewed.  I took it from her and thanked her of course.  I took something from the fridge that we had bought for her yesterday and offered it to her.  She asked me to warm it up for her, and also if she could have some of the bread.  Of course, she could, and I did.  

I took my salad and my sandwiches upstairs and ate. I had a nice meal, made even nicer by F coming upstairs right at the end. He’d popped in for a few minutes as he had a driving assignment nearby and had a few minutes of waiting time. I made him some coffee and then he had to leave again.

After he left, I finished my meal, watched a recorded show and then went down to wash my dishes.  I came back upstairs and scanned my cards. F called while I was doing that and I suggested that he get his mother something for dinner.  

When he came to the house, we talked about where to go for dinner and I suggested a couple of local places.  We picked the Korean restaurant nearby and headed out. However, on the way there, F suggested going to karaoke and having dinner there.  I was up for it!

We went to the Karaoke place downtown and spent 3 hours there. We had a fun time and had some food there as well. 

We left after our time was up and made a quick run-through a grocery shop to get something for K’s lunch.  We found a weirdish thing in the deli department…chocolate croquettes for White Day.  We had to try them, so we got one each and brought it to the house.  

Back at the house, we tried the croquettes and well, not so great! Not terrible but not something I need to eat again.  We had a quiet evening in. F went to bed early as he’s tired, I’m still up.  I’ve had a good TV night, Bones, Agents of Shield, and now So You Think You Can Dance.  I’ll have to get myself to bed soon though. 

So, that was my day. It was quite good! Come back later and see what Tuesday brings. Until tomorrow….

March 11, 2018

Sunday - Sunny, cold and then rainy

A good day.

I slept in today, much later than I meant to.  I woke up once around 9, again at 11 and finally got up after 1am.  I got a leg cramp immediately after I got up, and expected F to help me with it, but he wasn’t there.  Ack!  I was so surprised. I thought he was in bed as he’d left the bedclothes in a huge mound. 

I got dressed and we decided to go out.  F and I had talked about going to Cafe Irodori for lunch and he was okay with it.  Then, he told me that his mother wanted to come too.  Okay.  I wasn’t too happy and didn’t know if she’d like it or not, but thought it was fine.  We were planning to go out to the Mikawa Mall after lunch as I needed to have my coat taken in for repairs.  We were nearly at the point where we had to turn or go straight to the restaurant when I suggested that we just go to the mall for lunch.  I wasn’t sure that K would like the food at Irodori, and there were more choices at the mall.  

We drove to the mall, parked and went to a soba restaurant there.  I wasn’t too pleased in all honesty as I’m so over Japanese food these days but kept my mouth shut.  We had a pretty decent lunch and then walked along the mall to the mending store.  I led K there, F had to go to the bank machine.  He caught up to us before we got to the shop.  However, all of us needed the washroom at this time.  No worries, there was one right beside us.  

K handed F her bag.  He just looked at it, after all, he planned to use the washroom too!  He decided to wait.  I went into the ladies at the same time as K, there were a few stalls open.  I was a little bemused when K took off her coat and handed it to me! Do I look like a coat check worker?  She went and closed the door, I found a stall and hung up her coat and my coat that I was taking in to be fixed, did my thing and went out to wash my hands.  

She was out there waiting for me and kind of wanted her coat back before I was ready. It was a comedy of sorts.  I had to point out the hand dryer to her as she wasn’t used to the place.  Anyway, we were all fine, but it was quite funny in a way.

F and I talked to the lady at the mending shop and since I’d been there once before with the coat, she knew what we wanted.  She checked on the colours of the zipper that we wanted and had to special order it.  It’ll be about 3 weeks for the zipper to arrive.  Good thing winter is almost over or I’d freeze!  We paid and then did a little shopping.  K got herself a pair of pyjamas, I did a little scoping out of clothes for my BFF. I told F I needed to come back without his mother someday. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a lot of stamina for walking, so we have to do things on her time.  

I suggested that we go downstairs and have a coffee and a doughnut at Mr Donut, so we did.  Trying to get F to take care of his mother is sometimes really hard.  She took a shopping cart into the food area for support but was close to crashing it into people.  I wanted her to choose a doughnut and then sit down, F seemed to want her to wait in line with him.  I wasn’t waiting in line with him, why should his mother? 

We had a nice coffee and snack, only K decided she didn’t want her doughnut right then, so we wrapped it up for her and she put it in her bag. I sent F off to get the car and meet us at the closest door for K. It was raining now and she was quite tired.  
Things worked quite well.  We took her back to the house and she seemed quite happy.  F and I had a bit of a rest too, and we decided to go out at 6:30 and have dinner.

When 6:30 came along, the two of us drove out to Cafe Irodori and had an okay meal.  We both ordered meals off the menu that had to be specially made for us.  I really like this place, but the food just isn’t as great as it should be. I had Tandori chicken, but it was more like grilled chicken with a few random spices on top.  I LOVE tandoori chicken, have even made it a couple of times myself and mine was so much better.  Also, I would have loved to have it served with bread rather than rice.  Oh well.  F kind of liked his pho but said he’d had better.  I’m wondering if it was just because we came late in the day or if we are expecting their “ethnic” foods to actually taste “ethnic” rather than the watered down versions of other people’s cuisine for Japanese people.

When we finished we left the restaurant and made a quick detour. We’d noticed a couple of nights ago that a new grocery store had opened in Tsuruoka.  We went to check it out.  While it was interesting, it really wasn’t that much different than the ones we already have, and it didn’t have any import foods that I noticed.  We probably would only go there if we had a reason since the hours aren’t any better than our regular places.  

Next on the to-do list was go to the onsen. Yes, F talked me into going on a Sunday night.  It was quite nice, to be honest, not busy at all on my side.  I like going to the onsen, but there are a ton of things I’d rather do than take public baths.  Maybe I need to let loose my inner Roman? I sat in the rotenburo for a few minutes and just enjoyed being outdoors and warm.  

After the bath, we were supposed to go to karaoke and to do him credit, F said he’d go, but I thought it was a bit crazy. It was 10 pm and he has to work tomorrow, so said that we’d go another time.  

We did stop at MaxValu for a few things. I needed yogurt and salad, we got some drinks and even found a new bottled coffee-style drink with no caffeine. It’s an orzo drink, which I quite liked when I had it at Doutor a few years ago.  

We came back to the house and had a fairly quiet evening.  It turned into a nice day after all.  F is snoozing, I need to get some sleep soon too as I have to get up early tomorrow.  

Oh, and yes, if you are counting, it is the seventh anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake.  You can read my blog entry for the day here if you like.  

Come back later and see what I get up to on Monday.  Until tomorrow….