July 29, 2015

Wednesday - Hot and sunny, with dark clouds at times

A good day.

I woke up on time today, but F was sitting on the couch so I went back to sleep.  It was nearly 10 when I got up, but I did get up.  I got dressed too and made the bed.  

I checked out my email and my websites and waited for F to come home.  He arrived around 11 I think.  We went out again fairly soon after that.  First we did our business at City Hall and it was fast.  We didn’t have to do anything strange and no fighting!  Then it was lunch time.  My first suggestion for lunch was closed today, so I thought about going to Hyakkenbori.  We went there and had a nice meal.  I had teriyaki chicken and F had fritters, which basically meant tempura.  

After lunch we went over to my dentist’s office to make an appointment.  I’m travelling in a couple of months and I want to make sure my teeth won’t cause me trouble again.  Appointment made, we went to Doutors and had a couple of iced teas.  I had the soy milk tea, F had the milk tea.  Yum.  

We were on our way home to take a nap or two when F suddenly suggested karaoke.  I was game of course, so we went to the internet cafe again, for karaoke this time.  We were there for 3 hours but had a great time.  F ate so much of the soft ice cream.  He’s crazy. Unbelievably, I didn’t have any!  The milk really causes phlegm to build up in my throat and then I can’t sing so I didn’t have any.  I did a wide assortment of songs and enjoyed myself immensely.  

I asked F if we could get a dryer inset for my shoes.  With the humid weather, they aren’t drying between wears and since I’d really like to wear them on my way to Canada, I want them dry.  We went to Shoe Barn, got them…the last pack in the store…and then talked about dinner.  I realized that we were right around the corner from a restaurant that F likes, so I suggested it.  

We went to Hana tonight and both had fish.  I had gindara which I liked a lot, and F had a kaisendon, or raw fish on rice.  The food was good, and F was enjoying himself, so that was really good.  I enjoyed it too, so win-win.  

We came home via the grocery store.  I’m going to make barbecued chicken in the slow cooker tomorrow.  Hopefully it’ll be enough for two meals for us, at least.  I may even make some buns in the later afternoon if I get highly motivated!  Ha! 

We had a quiet evening at home.  I watched Nikita, it must have been the end of season show, followed by CSI and then Unforgettable.  I did a little crochet during Nikita, I finished one of the blue and brown squares and came close with another one.  

I don’t have a picture with the finished square in it, but I did take one earlier in the day of the squares laid out on our bed.  It’s quite different from the other one I made, even though it is made up of the same colours!
I haven't quite decided if I want the corners to be plain and the middle squares two colours or the middle squares plain and the corners two coloured. Decisions, decisions!

I might have a busy day tomorrow.  I have to work out because I skipped it today, set up the slow cooker, get some more food from the grocery store (maybe), make buns and do some tidying up.  I’m exhausted already!  

Come back later and see if I manage to get any of this accomplished!  Until tomorrow….

July 28, 2015

Tuesday - Rainy and hot and humid!

A good day.

I got up really early this morning, early enough to watch the BBC in America broadcast on TV.  Of course, I fell asleep during the infomercial after it, but never mind.  I watched my show and after it found In Her Shoes, so I had some breakfast and watched the end of it before I worked out.  I even had a little visit from F before the movie finished.

I did a couple of shorter workouts today and when I was doing the first one realized that I had a problem.  My big toe was sore.  I stopped the video, went to the bathroom and took a look.  I had a long and fine splinter in my toe and it was hurting.  I pulled it out and I was fine.  I went back to my workout.  Yay me.  

I had a quiet day.  I did a couple of loads of laundry, and I even had lunch earlier than usual. I scanned my postcards and then took them to the mailbox around 6 pm.  I couldn’t get them done earlier.  It was nice to get out of the house, even if it was only for a couple of minutes!

When I came back, I started to set up the kitchen for dinner.  I was doing dishes when F called to say he was on his way.  Tonight I did boiled potatoes, baked chicken, and salad with orange tomatoes. It was all quite nice really.  F came to the table in an almost goodly fashion, and we had a nice meal.  He did the dishes tonight which I was glad about.

At 10 pm he went off to bed and I went to the couch for Grey’s Anatomy and a bit of end darning.   I got all the ends done up until now.  I did a tiny bit of crochet too, just enough to get the yarn out on the square. 

And really that was mostly my night.  I spent a bit of time on my computer as usual.  I’m trying to co-ordinate a visit to a museum in Niigata next month, but one person can’t come when the many of the other people can.  I’m really trying to include her, but having looked at finances, I can’t really make a separate trip to go with her and then with the others.  Sigh.  I’m not sure if the others will go if I don’t go, since it was my idea.  Damn and blast anyway.  I have to go and see my lovely Pre-Raphaelites while they’re so close.  

Anyway, I must be off.  Tomorrow F is off work and we have to go to City Hall.  As long as we don’t have to fight City Hall, I’m fine with that!  Got to go.  Until tomorrow….

July 27, 2015

Monday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I woke up a few minutes late, and jumped out of bed.  I came through to the living room and watched Suits.  Afterwards I took a bit of a nap.  Oops.  When I woke up again, I did my workout.  I did the two mile walk. Before I started F called to say he was going to come home for lunch and asked if I wanted anything.  I said no.

F came home for lunch and I told him I was all sweaty because I’d just walked two miles behind where he was sitting.  He asked me if I’d walked back and forth 500 times!  I got a good chuckle out of that.

After he left I did a bit of computer stuff, and had a shower.  I had a relaxing afternoon.  I should have done a lot but it was so hot I didn’t feel like moving.

Around 5 I started to get the kitchen ready for dinner.  I had to do dishes from the odd snack that we’d had and clear the table.  I got it all done, but stopped because most of my dinner prep couldn’t be done until right before I was going to make dinner.

Finally a very tired F came home and I started dinner.  Tonight we had reheated soup from last week, plus chicken and sun dried tomato omelettes  with lettuce and hash brown patties.  It was nice.  I even did the dishes tonight because F was so tired.  

F got to watch a lot of Japanese TV tonight.  I did manage to get in an episode of Gossip Girl and did some crochet during it.  That was fun. 

It’s late and I’m still up, and I’m really tired so I’m going to end this.  Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  I do have to scan some cards as I wrote up 5 postcrossings tonight.  Come back later and see if other interesting things happen!  Until tomorrow….

July 26, 2015

Sunday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up fairly early for me on a Sunday, but no one else was around to appreciate it.  F was over at his mother’s house.  I got dressed and chilled out a bit while I waited for him.  

When he came home we talked about lunch.  We ended up going to the new restaurant in the souvenir shop near city hall.  We both had the same dish as last time, which was salad, grilled chicken in a curry sauce, with some rice, eggplant soup and scalloped potato on the side.  It was very nice and the atmosphere was great.  We looked at the shop section after our meal and I got a few postcards there.  I’m not sure how they’ll go over as they are mostly local foods, but you never know! We were told there that they were having a special day and at their other store, if we showed the brochure, we could get a free ice cream…a stamp rally thing.  They are very popular here.  

We went to Yamaya next and got a bit of food.  We both picked up a few things for ourselves.  I got more granola.  It’s expensive, but better than the regular grocery store’s.  

We went to the other souvenir shop and looked around.  No postcards that I wanted, but I liked the shop really.  They were selling a lot of local foods that people buy for souvenirs, and had a lottery on for some of their products.  It was 200 yen for a ticket, so we each got one.  We got the same level  of prize.  We could choose between a blueberry shake or a spinning top.  I chose the top, F chose the shake!  We also went and got our ice cream.  Well, I did at first, F had coffee and a shake.  Then, he decided he wanted ice cream too!  He got his free one.  It wasn’t just ice cream, it was Dadacha mame (the local version of edamame) ice cream!  I liked it.

We came home for a while after making a quick drugstore run.  Basically we relaxed for a while, I tried to nap, wasn’t allowed to! 

When it was time to discuss dinner I had a few suggestions, but F wasn’t too happy with them.  I wasn’t too happy with his either!  Finally we agreed to see if the Komagihara buffet restaurant was open.  I suggested calling first, but F didn’t want to.  We went there and sad to say, weren’t too impressed.  It was like all their food had gone!  There were 2 little pieces of sandwich meat and 5 pieces of what looked like corned beef for the meat, several empty trays where normally there’d be food, and no sashimi.  They did bring out a bit of sashimi later, but nothing that would really please me.  And, their desserts were mostly gone too.  When we go for lunch they seem to refresh everything often, tonight it was like they didn’t have anymore food.  I do think we got our money’s worth, but I would have preferred a greater selection.  

We bought groceries after dinner.  I think tomorrow is going to be an omelette night.  I really don’t feel like cooking a huge meal, so something fast and light would be nice.  I have some leftover soup, and bought some lettuce, so we can have that with it too. 

F had requested that we watch a movie tonight, so I thought it would be fine.  Unfortunately for me, he picked a movie we have already seen, and then fell asleep on it!  I did a bunch of crochet and I liked the movie anyway, so it wasn’t all bad! It was Any Day Now and Alan Cumming was terrific of course.  

That’s about it for me.  My weekend is almost over but it was quite nice.  The weather was a bit hot for me, but I survived!  

Until tomorrow….

July 25, 2015

Saturday - Sunny and a little cloudy at times

A good day.

I got up at a goodly time this morning, and even dragged myself out of bed to boot.  I checked email and FB did all the usual time wasting things I do.  I went to take a nap around noon and of course F came back about 5 minutes later.  He had eaten with his mother today, but I hadn’t yet, so after a think or two, I suggested going to the mall to Subway.  I had a tandori sub with oven baked fries and a drink, F had a mango-coconut dessert thing that I had a coupon for.  Yum.  

We did a little window shopping and then went to Doutor and had a drink.  It was nice to relax there for a while.  We decided to go to the Internet Cafe but came home first.  On the way home, F told me he meant to go to the Internet Cafe after he went to his house, so I went inside and vegged for a bit.  

We had a quick and nice dinner at Cocos Ichibanya Curry.  I was smarter tonight and didn’t have a deep fried cutlet.  I had the chicken and seasonal vegetables curry.  I really enjoyed it, except it was a little hot for me.  

We went to the Internet Cafe and had a bit of a dilemma.  There was only one massaging chair available.  For a change, F gave it to me and he took the reclining seat in the office section.  I stayed in the massaging chair section for an hour and a half, long enough to see an episode of Outlander, and then asked F if he wanted to swap.  it was quite unusual to have to wait so long.  We swapped and I think I had been in his spot for 20 minutes when a worked came and told me that I could move to a massaging chair.  Yay.

We did all the necessary paperwork and I got another massaging chair.  I had watched 666 Park Avenue earlier and then part of Hannibal. I finished up by watching an episode of Person of Interest and then we left.  We’d been there quite a while and it was midnight when we left.  I did get a magazine read and crocheted a square, so I don’t really consider that time wasted!

We’ve had a quiet evening at home since, but I’m a bit tired and would like to get some sleep soon.  Come back again and find out what happens next.  Until tomorrow….

July 24, 2015

Friday - Rainy and humid

A good day.

I got up on time this morning to discover that my early morning drama has been changed to something that I’ve already seen before.  Sigh.  Oh well, it’s still worth getting up for, but not quite as much!  I had an early breakfast today and also did a two mile walk behind the couch.  That quite blows F’s mind when I tell him I walked for two miles behind the couch!  He asked me today if I went back and forth for two miles!  I do, for part of it, but not all of it!

After I finished my workout, I got on with using my new slow cooker.  I washed it, and then plugged it in and prepped the veggies and the soup base for it.  I put everything in, which took a bit of time, and let it do its thing.  

In the afternoon I watched a couple of things on the DVR, including the first episode of Broadchurch 2.  It was good, lots of great actors in it so I’m looking forward to seeing more, maybe next week?

I scanned my postcards today to send out, but because the weather was horrible most of the day, didn’t mail them.  I’ve asked F to mail them on his way out tomorrow. 

When F came home tonight I got dinner out really quickly.  We were just having a simple soup and salad meal.  He’d made bread over night, so we had some French bread with it too.  It was pretty good.  I had made chicken & vegetable soup and together with a gussied up store salad things were nice.  In this heat, we don’t really need or want a lot to eat and this worked for us.  

F did the dishes and we settled in for a quiet evening.  I watched Castle from the couch where I did a big brown square.  I weighed the yarn before I started and then how much a square weighed.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I have quite enough of the brown yarn to cover 8 squares plus ends, so I think I’ll do a little bit of fun stuff!  I hope I still think it is fun when I have to darn in the ends later on!

And that’s about it for my day.  We have no plans for the weekend.  I think it might be a stay at home and relax weekend as F isn’t doing well with the weather.  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

July 23, 2015

Thursday - Rainy and cooler

A good day.

I overslept again today.  I didn’t check my alarms before bed and I had turned some of them off yesterday, so I just didn’t wake up.  It was late when I did wake up. I got up and got dressed in my workout clothes, and didn’t have my couch time.  Sigh.  

I did my workout this morning/into afternoon.  I did two shorter ones again, but had a pretty good workout really.  I also ended up watching Jeremiah Johnson, the old Robert Redford film.  I noticed that WOWOW had Dances With Wolves on, so it seems that Japanese TV wanted me to watch a western today!  While I was watching the movie, I sat on the couch and darned in the ends of the navy-blue squares.  Yay me.  

In the later part of the afternoon I took my shower and then worked on packing up my niece’s present.  I found a box to use, but it was full of something, so I put the stuff away. 

I washed dishes and had a very late lunch.  While I did that, F called me and then the phone died.  I think it was his speaker on the earphone.  I couldn’t hear him, but he could hear me.  I told him I thought he was calling to say he was going to his mother’s and that he’d be home after that.  I was right!

F got home a bit after 6 pm, and I asked him to take me to the main post office to buy a box and send off the presents.  He found a box with his stuff in it and we used that after he emptied it.  I hadn’t wanted to use the other box as it had my address written all over it in marker. We taped it up and went to the post office.  I was organized and got everything done quickly.  F paid for the mailing and off we went.  

I asked for Indian food for dinner tonight, so we went to the new place.  It was nearly empty when we went in, but another family came in after us.  We had the set meal and quite enjoyed it. I had chicken curry and F had seafood.  He liked his too.  

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  I watched House and did more darning in of ends on the couch. I got all the Petrol squares finished now, so I can start on the big squares again.  Those’ll be fun.  

And that’s mostly my day.  I did write a few cards for Postcrossing tonight, and I received a couple in the mail too.  I also got some Gifu Gotochi cards in the mail so that was nice.  

In the morning I have to get up and make soup.  I’m going to try out my new slow cooker and use up some of the veggies I just bought to make something nice for us for dinner.  That’s the plan anyway!  Come back later and find out what my day is like.  Until tomorrow….