September 1, 2014

Monday - Hot and sunny.

An oddish day.

I overslept a bit this morning and had to hustle to get out on the road.  It was also complicated by F coming home in the middle of my leaving.  His mother was unwell again, and he took the day off to take her to the doctor. 

I went for a nice walk, and enjoyed myself going around the park.  When I came home, I did the things I usually do and waited for F to come home.  

I took a shower around noon and then watched most of Psycho. It was nice to see it again. 

I was getting concerned.  Last time F took his mum to the doctor he was home around 2.  Today, he arrived around 4!  I had waited for him to have lunch, but he'd eaten with his mother, he'd taken her shopping too.  I don't grudge her that, but I really don't understand why he didn't phone me!  I had plans to go out in the afternoon, but didn't because I thought he'd be back early.

He asked me if I'd like to have lunch then, or he could do more cutting of grass.  I suggested that he cut the grass since if we went out and had lunch he'd lose the light.  I'd make my own lunch and then later we'd go for dinner.

That's basically what we did. I had leftovers from Friday night and they were great.  F went outside and worked very hard and got most of the cutting done.  

When he came in he was in a bad mood and picked a restaurant that he didn't really want to go to, and I didn't either.  Then he was annoyed that I didn't want to go there!  I suggested another one, that was closed when we got there.  We ended up at Hana, the fish restaurant.  It was okay tonight.  I had a grilled fish, F had raw fish on rice.  

We bought groceries and then came home.  I decided to make chicken stew tomorrow night so that we can have it for a couple of days.  I really don't want to cook every night if I don't have to!  I suppose I could make dumplings or something.  Hmm.  

We had a basically quiet evening.  F watched some TV, so did I.  Yay.  I wrote up a few postcards and I'll send them off tomorrow. 

That's about it for now.  Tomorrow I should be a little bit busier than I was today.  Got to go.  Night!

August 31, 2014

Sunday - Mostly sunny, some rain in the early evening

A good day.

I got up this morning around 7 and took a shower.  I dressed and checked email, and made myself ready for my trip.  My friend came on time and we began the long drive to Koriyama in Fukushima.

We made pretty good time and arrived about when we hoped we would.  We had a really great afternoon.

We had a lovely meal at Angelo's, a Koriyama Italian restaurant and bakery, then we all walked around the park.  When we did that, we came back into the restaurant's tea shop and had tea and cake.  It was very nice.

Sadly, we had to break up our little party as it was time to head home.  We had a long, long trip home.  We started out, managed to get on the highway fairly easily and then that was when the weather changed.  It had been hot and sunny, but then it became rainy.  However, we managed to outrun the storm and turning back on to the Yamagata Highway took us out of the worst of the traffic and weather.

We had an okay dinner at Sagae in the rest-stop and I picked up a little souvenir for my husband.  Then, it was back on the road.  I got home a bit before 9 pm, and my friend a few minutes later.  

Although it was a long car-ride to get there, it was a great afternoon, and really spiritually refreshing to meet up with other ladies and just have fun and great talks.  

F was glad to see me, and his souvenirs, and I was glad to relax.  We had some tea and after a bit I watched a little TV, and F went to bed.  

No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow.  I hope it's fun though!  I've got to go.  Night!

August 30, 2014

Saturday - Cloudy and then sunny.  

A nice day.

I got up this morning in time to watch Gordon Ramsay.  After that, I headed back to bed for a nap.  I had a lovely nap.

After a while I got up and F & I went to lunch.  He suggested a couple of nice places and then suggested Simon.  We went there and it was lovely.  We both had the same thing, hamburg with vegetable sauce.  We had soup, and a squid salad and a few other things with it, plus I had a bun and tea.  I really enjoyed it.  

When we finished lunch we headed over to the bike shop.  Since my tire blew yesterday F & I were talking about whether I should get a new bike or not.  I don't really need one, but F told me his cunning plan tonight.  He is thinking to get me a new bike and he'd use mine.  His bike isn't that great, and mine is, so it wouldn't be a bad thing really.  I'm looking at a bike catalogue and trying to decide if there's a new one I want.  We just popped in quickly to see if he had a tire for my bike.

We continued to the Mall.  We got something for F at the hundred yen shop, and then had a drink at Doutor.  

We came home for a bit.  F took my bike over to the bike shop and then he started to cut the grass around the apartment.  He was outside for a while, so I did a lot on my computer and watched a bit of TV.

F took a rest and then walked back to the bike shop and brought my bike back.  He said that just one tire was replaced and it cost about 4000 yen.  I should be good to go for a while.  

We talked about dinner.  F suggested yakitori, so we went to the place we both like.  We had a nice meal there.  It was quite busy, though, so food took a long time to arrive. 

I needed something a little lighter after I finished eating all that meat, so we went to the grocery store for some salad and other stuff.  I came home and got ready for tomorrow, then ate my salad.  Yum!

Tomorrow I am heading off with a friend to Koriyama to meet up with a few other ladies who are married to Japanese men. I have to get up very early on a Sunday (for me it's early!) as we have a very long drive ahead of us!  Ack.  

So, that's it for me.  I hope to update tomorrow night, but if I don't, I'll see you in September.  Night.

August 29, 2014

Friday - Overcast in the afternoon, sunny and hot in the morning.

A good day.

I got up late today, but still went for a walk.  I was just getting into it when a strange car drove up beside me and the driver said, "Hello," to me.  At first I thought…stalker…but it was F!  He was driving in his work car, had just delivered something to our apartment.  I was surprised to see him, then said bye and went on with my walk.

I had the usual sort of morning that I have usually! It was quiet, calm and nice.  I read the paper, ate breakfast and relaxed.  

I took a shower in the afternoon and then got dressed.  I watched a bit of TV and after a while I scanned my cards.  I ran them to the post office a little before 5 pm.  On the way back from the post office though, something happened.  My back tire blew.  The man at the bike shop had been recommending that I get new tires…guess he was right!  I walked the bike home and parked it.  Sigh.  

During the day, I took some pictures of my lovely new purse.  Would you like to see?  I thought you'd never ask!

Mermaid's Tears Purse
(pattern by Bernat)

Close up on the flower. The thread has a lovely little shimmer to it. It doesn't show in the photographs very well.

The bag standing up.

F was quite late tonight, but I did a few things before he came home.  I set the table, peel the potatoes, that kind of thing.  When he called to say he was coming home, I asked him to bring us some bacon.  I was making German Potatoes from a spice packet in the shop, and I needed bacon.  He brought some home with him, plus a few other things!

When I cooked everything it was very nice.  We had basil sausages, German potatoes (potatoes fried with an onion and bacon, covered in a cheesy-curry sauce…a version of stovies?), salad and leftover asparagus.  

F did the dishes much, much later, and watched a whole bunch of TV too.  There isn't too much on Friday nights for me anyway, but I would have liked to watch something.  Oh well.

Tomorrow I hope that he'll take me to the bike shop to order or buy new tires for my bike.  I know that F is planning to cut the grass around our apartment and if he still feels like it, we might go fishing in the late afternoon if the weather holds up.  Come back tomorrow and find out what we get up to!  Night.

August 28, 2014

Thursday - Overcast, cooler and rainy

A good day.

I got up early this morning and went for a walk. It took a while to prepare, but I had a good one through the park.  My foot still hurt, but I think I did okay with my walk.

When I came home I watched TV, checked my computer, had breakfast and even worked on my bag again.  I sewed on the last handle.  Yay for me.  

I showered, did more computer stuff and then had lunch.  I finished up some of the leftovers in the fridge.  It was a little closer to 3 pm than I wanted, but I left to see if I could get my hair cut.  I biked off to my hairdresser.  She was with a client, but said she might be free at 4:30 or 5, so I agreed to come back.

I biked over to the mall and did a little hundred yen shopping and then had a drink in Doutors.  I had my drink and read some of my book, so it was a nice break.  After a while, I left and made my way back to have my hair done.  My hair was quite long before, it had lost all of its shape.  I have it cut in another pixie, but this time the top is a little longer than the sides.  It is still very short!  I love it!  Yay me.  

I came home after I paid.  It was raining, but it was just random drops falling.  I thought I should probably get home quickly in case it poured. 

F called me but went to check on his mother before coming home.  Before he arrived home I did up the lunch dishes and got a little started on dinner.  

Tonight we had a pork stir-fry from the grocery store, with some asparagus and hash-browns from the freezer.  It was a nice meal really, came together quite fast.  I should have had more food honestly, but it was okay.

After dinner I watched a lot of TV. X-Files, House, Bones and The Good Wife. That one has just finished the season, so soon they'll put on Once Upon a Time. I also wrote up 3 cards for postcrossing and made some tea for myself. I also sewed the flower on the bag.  It is basically done now. Yay!  I do want to make a second, possibly removable strap for the bag, so I'll see if I do that. It would be a good idea I think! Hopefully there'll be pictures tomorrow.

That's really about it for me. I had a good day and with my long delayed haircut, I feel really good too! Night!

August 27, 2014

Wednesday - Cooler, overcast day.

An okay day.

I didn't wake up early this morning, I overslept a bit and I decided not to go out for a walk too.  My foot was still sore and I thought I'd try giving it a bit of a rest.  I did get up and stayed up for the rest of the morning.

During my "Charmed" time I ate breakfast, and worked on my bag.  I had to make the handle a little longer in order for it to be the same length as the other one.  Funny how that works!  It should be okay now, but I still have to sew the handle in. And then the flower!

I had a quiet day really. I scanned my cards in the afternoon and ran them off to the post office.  The Hidden, an old Kyle MacLaclan/Michael Nouri movie was on and I had to tape the last half hour of it because I didn't want to miss it! I was in the post office, bought stamps and then came home with them.

F was a bit late tonight because he went to check on his mother.  She was fine so he came home and we went out for dinner to Cocos.  I had a hamburger with veggies and a salad, F had some cold noodles. He didn't hate them, but he didn't like them much either.  

We bought groceries afterwards and then came home.  I was hoping to get the ingredients to make stew with, but they didn't have them, so I'm trying other things.  Hmm.  Sure hope I know what I'm doing!

We each watched a bit of telly tonight, so that was nice.  It was just a quiet day. 

I hope I'll be able to walk tomorrow.  I really missed going out this morning.  I like listening to my music and seeing the world around me.  Well, that's it for me.  Come back tomorrow night and we'll see what I get up to.  Night!

August 26, 2014

Tuesday - Overcast then sunny later on

An intriguing day.  I got up this morning and put on my walking outfit.  I went out earlier than yesterday and had a good walk.  I was debating coming home a different way when I realized that my foot was sore, so just decided to come home.  

I was coming up the road to our apartment when I saw a familiar car coming towards me.  It was F.  He stopped and told me that his mother had called him this morning to say that she had a sore back.  He was on his way to take her to the doctor.  After that, he'd probably come home and we'd decide what to do.  

I went home, watched my shows, had my breakfast and even a shower, then waited for F.  I did a load of laundry and was just going to hang it up when he finally came home. 

His mum was okay, she had received some medicine from the doctor and was feeling better.  We decided to go over to the internet cafe for some massaging chair time and lunch.  They have a fairly low cost lunch there.  So, that's what we did.  I had chicken & rice, F had a ramen set (that he complained about afterwards, of course!)  

It was actually quite nice there.  I worked on finishing my little bag.  I finished the bottom, then sewed on 3 parts of the straps…one more to go.  I also have to sew on the flower.  But, I'm nearly done.  Woot!  What did I watch? Part of Person of Interest, part of a Foyle's War episode, and part of Hawking, a film starring my next husband, Benedict Cumberbatch.  Maybe next time I'll get to finish the film!

After our 3 hours were up, we left, hit the drugstore for a few minutes and then came home.  F left to check on his mother, and after a while I got dinner started. 

Tonight we had pasta with 4 cheese sauce.  I put a bag of spinach in the cheese sauce too and that was a nice twist.  We had that with a side salad and it was a nice dinner.  I think F was surprised that we were eating at home, but I couldn't keep the spinach for another night.  

After dinner, F did the dishes and I used my computer.  We both watched some TV and I went and took a nap for an hour.  I was so tired!  

I got up, made some tea and watched The Following.  That show gets more and more weird all the time!  

F went to bed a while ago and I am still here.  I had a good day.  Tomorrow I hope to go out to the post office and maybe a little further if the weather holds up.  Wish me luck with that.  Night!

August 25, 2014

Monday - Warm and muggy, overcast most of the day.

I got up this morning, a little later than I planned, and went for my walk.  It wasn't too bad for a change.  It wasn't sunny, so I didn't feel too hot and wasn't worrying about the sun that much.  I also didn't sweat quite as much as I have lately.  Yay.

When I came home, I changed out of my clothes and about 5 minutes later F came by to drop something off.  He didn't stay long, didn't really notice that I was sweaty or anything!

I had a quiet morning.  Oh, now in the gap between Charlie's Angels and Charmed, they put on The Middle today.  I'm glad!  I think it is quite a funny show, and it beats an infomercial in Japanese any day.  I had breakfast, then a shower, and a little after that, had lunch.  For some reason I was starving this afternoon.  

I got my computer stuff done and then I turned off the TV and finished writing my column.  I was happy with what I wrote, just hope the editor likes it too.  I finished around 6 pm, just when F came home.  Whew!  I was done.  

I relaxed for a little, but I realized F was hungry and tired, so I started dinner fairly quickly. It was a pretty easy one tonight.  I made a chicken stir-fry.  I had a packet of prepared veggies from the store, but I added some mushrooms, an onion and a cucumber.  It was nice.  F came and we had a nice dinner.  He even did the dishes afterwards, even though I half offered to do them.

I watched a bit of TV tonight, but I wasn't too mean about it.  I let F watch some too!  I relaxed for a bit and even wrote up 3 Postcrossing cards. I hope to have a little time to do more tomorrow.  

This is an anniversary of something sad for my family too.  I don't know if I mentioned it last year or not….This year it was a quiet one, I'm glad about that.

That's really about it.  My column took up most of my time, and now I have to do a bit of housekeeping tomorrow so that I have clean laundry next week!  Tomorrow I'll go to the post office to mail my cards if I can and cook dinner.  Yay me!  Night.