April 24, 2017

 Monday - Sunny

A good day.

It was hard to get up this morning, but we still managed.  We left before K was up I think.  We stopped and got some coffee and I got a salad, F got something for his breakfast.

He dropped me off at the apartment and I went in.  I took out the garbage first and then vegged for a while.  I had a very hard time getting motivated today.  At first, I went through some of F's boxes and sorted them out a bit.  F just has so much junk and wants to keep it all.  For example, a few years ago he bought a couch cover without any input from me.  It was horrible.  Brown lace, polyester. Bleck.  We used it for a while, but it became too much of a pain to keep on the couch.  Today I found it in a bag and later asked if I could toss it.  No.  He likes it.  It has that stinky, musty smell at the moment and it is seriously ugly.  And did I mention we are junking the couch anyway?  I think I might accidentally lose it tomorrow.  Is that too evil?

F came home for his lunch and afterwards, I went out to buy mine.  He did offer to bring me something, but I needed to pick up a few things like granola and bread.  

After lunch, I did a few little things around the apartment.  I didn't really accomplish anything big though.  I put some bathroom stuff in a box, I tidied up a little, that kind of thing.  

When F came around 6 tonight he started cleaning right away.  I was going to stop him, but decided that it was a good thing and he should keep doing it after all! I joined him in cleaning, and did a first run at the living room windows.  I haven't finished, but I took the windows from gross and dirty to just dirty! My plan is to take down the curtains tomorrow and wash them, then while they are in the machine, I'll wash the windows. I'm not sure if I'll get the living room and the bedroom ones done, but I can try.  

We picked up a few groceries for K and then went and had our dinner.  We went to the little Chinese restaurant near the bridge.  Now that we have an idea what dishes are good, I'll miss this place.  For the longest time when we went there, I got stuck with really nasty things, but recently, I enjoy most of the food we get there.

We came back to the house and gave K her food.  F and I came upstairs where we have stayed.  F is snoozing away. He's having back and neck problems again, but this new doctor did at least give him different medicine and stronger painkillers.  

So that was it for me today.  Come back in a bit and find out how my Tuesday goes.  Until tomorrow….

April 23, 2017

 Sunday - Sunny with a touch of rain

A good day.

I stayed up late last night, almost to my old standards.  I was blogging and then reading Brat Farrar.  It was around 3 before I went to bed. 

This morning when F was up and awake, it was very hard for me to drag myself out of bed. I really didn't want to get up, but it had to be done.  F suggested going for breakfast, so we took his mother and went out to Gusto.  Actually, it was quite nice and we all enjoyed it.  I had scrambled eggs and sausage, they had fish, both cooked and uncooked on rice.  We did a little shopping afterwards and then dropped off K at the house.

F and I went back to the apartment and got busy.  During the day, he took a couple of loads of stuff back to the house and we also got the shed emptied and cleaned. Yay us.  Inside it didn't go quite as well.  

F was being a bit of a pain.  I spent 20-30 minutes clearing off my computer desk and also cleaning it.  I put it near the door for him to take out.  He then spent another 10 minutes trying to clean off the marks that I couldn't.   There was so much else to do…why re-do my work?

After he left with a loaded car, I did some cleaning, tidying and box filling.  He came back with a snack that was a meal for each of us.  Sigh.

He spent a good 10 minutes trying to get the burn mark off the top of the microwave, the one that I'd tried and failed to get off a few days ago after I had packed up the toaster oven that used to live there.  I was a bit exasperated by that, and told him to clean INSIDE the microwave if he really wanted to help, since I hadn't done that.  Honestly, I wanted him to spend his time going through HIS stuff or doing things that I can't do, like bring down the light covers, since they are a bit high for me, even with the step ladder.   I believe I asked him to do that three or four times today, but it didn't get done.  

There is still a huge amount of work to be done.  None of the rooms are completely cleaned out and F still hasn't called the movers to come and take things out for us.  On May 1st, I will not be in the apartment.  I don't even want to move, but I am finishing up on April 30th. I've asked him for blooming weeks to arrange this and he hasn't.  I hope he still can.

We did get quite a lot done today, despite my grousing.  I got my personal furniture out and over to the house.  We have removed quite a bit of the stuff from the apartment.  There are still boxes everywhere and bags of things, but there is a bit more space.  Tomorrow I hope to be able to do more cleaning of walls or windows and also to get a few more boxes out of the apartment, if F is willing after work.

We knocked off around 7 pm tonight and went for dinner.  We went to Coco Ichibanya, the curry place and both had their soup curry with tandoori chicken. It was a bit hotter than I am used to, but it was quite good.  After that, it was back to the apartment where I finished Brat Farrar.  Man, I love that book.  I'm not quite sure what it is about it, but I still enjoy reading the novel even though I've read it at least 10 times.

And that was my day.  I am glad that we got a lot of things done….but now we are coming down to the wire and things must get done.  Fingers crossed that they do get done!  Come back soon and find out about my day on Monday.  Until tomorrow….


April 22, 2017

 Saturday - Cloudy and cool, some rain

A busy but good day.

This morning I was so tired when I woke up.  We slept in a little bit, but left the house before 8:30.  F wanted to see a new doctor, since the one he's been going to for a while is total crap.  He got a recommendation from his old doctor and today was the first time to see the new one.  He dropped me off at the apartment and then left.

I did a couple of small things for myself and then curled up on the couch and fell asleep! I started watching something on TV, but I just let myself go to sleep.  I couldn't really blame myself, I was tired.  I woke up a couple of hours later a bit stiff from sitting in a ball, but a bit more refreshed.  

I did some laundry and started to think about packing up some of the clothes on the bed.  F came back to the apartment around 1.  I think he liked the new doctor better.  We did a couple of things around the apartment and then went for lunch to Kappa Sushi.  It wasn't bad, and was kind of fun for a change.  It seemed quite a bit better than it used to be.  We both ate too much however.  It was fun to try different foods though.

We picked up some food for F's mother at the grocery store and took it back for her.  We had a few things in the car too, so unloaded them.  We then went back to the apartment for a while and brought back more stuff to F's house.  We made another trip, and even brought more food for F's mother.  

We went to the internet cafe tonight for our dinner and relaxation.  We found that they have new chairs, they are really nice and comfy.  Not as easy to use for me, but still enjoyable.  I watched a bit of regular TV and also some silly YouTube videos, but did a bit of knitting, so that was good.  

We left before 11pm and came back to the house.  We relaxed a bit, and F is snoozing away now. I'm going to go to bed soon too.  I might sneak in a chapter or two of Brat Farrar first though.  I'm re-reading it for the umpteenth time and I love it just as much this time too!

Tomorrow we'll be back at the apartment.  I want to get as much extraneous stuff as we can.  This is our last week and we really need to move our butts to finish.  I had planned to do some cleaning today but then I realized that I can do that when F is at work.  I can't take stuff to the house without him.  

Anyway, come back later and see what we get up to. Until tomorrow…. 

April 21, 2017

 Friday - Sunny with a touch of rain, cool

A busy, busy day.

I got up this morning at the regular time with F and we headed out to the apartment.  We grabbed our coffees as usual and then went.  I vegged on the couch for a bit, F dealt with the tatami guy.  He took our tatami panels away to fix.  

During ER I took a break for breakfast and tea.  ER was great, F even watched it with me.  Afterwards, I turned off the TV and got to work. 

Today I was quite busy.  First I emptied a couple more kitchen drawers and wiped them down, then I took out the three bottom drawers and cleaned underneath them.  There was a bunch of gunk stuck there, there is none as far as I know now.  F was busy too, he worked on his closet, and then when I vacated the kitchen, he went in and worked on the fan over the stove.  

I went into the toilet room and cleaned the walls.  I haven't done the toilet yet, but the walls look so much better.  

Oh, and we went out for lunch.  It was to Hyakkenbori and we both had the special and tried to update our iPhone apps.  I got a few done, F got less.  I was a bit mad that he'd try downloading a major update on free wifi! After lunch we went over to Hard-Off and got rid of our fax machine.  We didn't get much for it, but we don't have to throw it out ourselves.

We came back to the apartment and got back to work.  I stopped before 4:00 to take a shower, then ate the food that F had brought me.  Which reminds me, I asked F to bring me a snack for my early dinner/late lunch. He was going out anyway and offered.  When he came back, he was pleased with himself.  He'd brought us some senbei and low calorie chocolate.  It was quite silly.  I expected a sandwich or a salad, something meal-like, not snacks!  F went out to get me something, and then came back with a tortilla roll and some salad.  They were great and we shared the meal.

I watched the news and then got ready for my class.  F was busy when I had to leave, but he soon came and dropped me off.

The class went quite well.  It wasn't perfect, but it went fine.  I enjoyed myself, I hope the students did too.  

We picked up a couple of thing from the apartment, I changed out of my work clothes and then we went to the grocery store for food. I got a couple of things and then came back to the house and feasted.  F has fallen asleep now, and I'm so tired that I keep sleeping every few minutes.  

Sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense.  I'm really sleepy.  In fact, I need to go and sleep now.  Until tomorrow….

April 20th, 2017

Thursday - Clear but cold

A busy day.

I managed to get up this morning on time and went off to work with F.  He dropped me off at the apartment and I went in.  First thing I did though was to take out the gomi.  That done, it was back to the apartment.  I watched the news in English and then showered.  ER and breakfast was next.  I realized halfway through ER that I had to get ready for work, and shouldn't take my time about it.  Luckily, I had left things mostly ready. Yay.  

I walked out of the apartment and over to the place I was teaching.  Class went well and I enjoyed it, and I like to think that students enjoyed it too.  I left and walked back to the apartment again, via the convenience store.  I needed some mints and also got an iced tea for myself.  

At home I thought F might come home for lunch, but he didn't.  I watched a little telly and then decided to have lunch.  This is where it gets a bit funny.  I had bought a caesar salad mix when I was with F this morning.  It was a mixture of items, some separated from the base…basically you put everything in the base, add the dressing, put the lid back on and then shake it up to distribute everything.  Well…er…um…despite my being really careful, somehow the lid flew off in mid shake and I had garlicky caesar salad down my shirt, all over my jeans, the couch, the floor and the table.  Yay me.  About half of the salad was gone!  Luckily I hadn't put the croutons in the salad.  But, when I got up to get a cloth to clean up the mess, I knocked the croutons onto the floor.  I lost all but three of them.  I am so thankful that I had changed my clothes when I came back from my class, otherwise, my nice work clothes would have been unwearable. I cleaned up and then ate the remaining portion of my salad.  Poor me!

I did the dishes up quickly and then got dressed into my work suit.  The taxi arrived and I went out.  I went to the class and it went fairly well.  Afterwards, I reversed the situation and came back to the apartment by taxi.  

I knew that F wouldn't phone me because of my classes, so when he arrived I wasn't surprised.  He had an errand of his own to do, so he changed and left almost immediately.  I decided to do a bit of apartment work, and cleaned most of a wall in the toilet wall, and then vacuumed and finished clearing the floor of the tatami room.  Tomorrow the guy is coming to do some work on it for us.  F came back while I was vacuuming and seemed glad to see me.  

He wanted to go out for dinner soon, so we loaded a few things in the car and left the apartment.  Neither of us really had a strong opinion of what to have, so I suggested  Cocos as I was thirsty. F said it was okay so we went there. However, after we were seated, F said he wouldn't eat anything.  What?  I asked him why and he said he didn't want to go there.  The thing was, he could have suggested somewhere else, I was open to places, and had even suggested other restaurants.  I offered to leave but then he decided to have something after all.  

It wasn't a happy meal.  F basically did the modern version of contemplating his navel…stared at his phone the whole meal.  I'd offer to get him a drink, he wouldn't choose one.  The first time he did that, I flat out refused to bring him something.  

We went to a couple of grocery stores tonight.  He didn't buy anything at the first one, and I refused to go into the second one.  I was getting a tension headache from being around him and needed a break.  He came back and we went back to his house.  

I suggested unloading the car and offered to help.  He unloaded it, but refused my help.  I basically came in and upstairs again. After a long time of feeling really upset with him, I had a bit of a chat with him.  He's really not doing well physically and is in a lot of pain.  However, when he's virtually the only person I talk to most days and he can't even be bothered to ask me how I am, that is something that needs to be talked about.  This has been a week with lots of news from the outside world, and things happening to me, but there hasn't been interest at all from my husband.  I'm feeling a bit hard done by to be honest.  I didn't want this move and frankly, it is going to affect my life in only bad ways.  

Anyway…tomorrow F has the day off to deal with the move and the tatami guy.  I have an evening class and then I'm off again.  I have already prepared for my class, so most of tomorrow will be either packing or packing and cleaning.  Oh joy!

Come back later if you like and see if I post tomorrow night.  Until tomorrow….

April 19, 2017

Wednesday - Windy and Rainy, cold

A weird day.

This morning I overslept a bit.  I woke up at 6 am, unusually for me, then went back to sleep.  I woke up again on my third alarm.  F was already dressed and hadn't even woken me or talked to me yet.  I think that surprised me more than me oversleeping.

We got our coffees at 7-11 and F dropped me off at the apartment, even helping me into the apartment for a change with my stuff.  That was nice of him.  He went off on his way, and I drank my coffee and watched the news.  Today though, I decided to use my vegging out time usefully, so I prepared the vocab cards that I printed out last night.  It took a while, but I got everything cut out and looking good.  

Around 10 I had breakfast today and then started working on the apartment.  I tidied up the tatami room, moved a lot of things out of the room, or off the straw mats.  

F didn't come home for lunch today, I half expected to see him there.  I went into the spare bedroom and started on the windows.  I took down the curtains and washed them.  Even though we will have to take them down again, I hate touching dirty curtains when I am cleaning around them.  It doesn't take long to stick them in the washer anyway.

I washed the windows and the frames around them.   It took ages because they were in quite bad shape.  I got them looking fairly good, but it wasn't a good day for doing windows with all the rain and cold wind.  I got the window done and then I took a break for lunch.  I watched Castle and then Blindspot. When I went back to the room I started on the walls.  I got one wall done almost completely, and most of another one too.  I had to use the stepladder, which I am not great with.  Heights are not my friend. 

For good measure, I threw out a few very outdated things from the fridge today.  We had stuff that had been in there for 10 years.  Gone now! I did up the garbage too so that I could take it out in the morning. I have to hide things that F might want to keep, but honestly, I don't want to keep outdated food in the fridge anyway.  There isn't too much left in the fridge now.  Some jam, some condiments, a bit of chocolate and that's about it.  Oh, I think there's an onion and a head of garlic. Yum! 

When F came to the apartment he was in a bad mood because of his back.  It was probably made worse by the weather.  I gave him some coffee and chocolate, asked him to go through the wardrobe in the room and decide if he needed to keep or toss items. He did it and then came through and drank his coffee.  I'm not sure if he really emptied his wardrobe though.  

We left for dinner soon afterwards.  He got in a strange mood when we went to the gyudon shop and stayed there for most of the night.  I didn't really understand what was going on.  I asked him about closing the mirror on my side of the car, he asked me to, then changed his mind, then stormed off.  No idea why.

We bought a few groceries after dinner and then came back to his house.  F asked me to go right into the house today rather than make him wait at the car.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I don't make him wait.  I offer to help him take things out of the car and I don't have my door key at the ready.  How is that making him wait? He grumbled something at me, so after he unlocked the door, I went into the house and went straight upstairs.  I turned on the heater in the room and then went into the other half of the room and did some printing on my printer.  

I tried very hard not to talk to him, which wasn't difficult.  When I finally came back to the heated part of the room, he was already in bed.  

I get that he is in pain, but he's practically the only person I've seen all day and he can't even be bothered to talk to me reasonably.  I would tell him to take a flying leap tomorrow but I need to get a ride to the apartment as I have an early class tomorrow and can't miss it.  

I hope that he is feeling better soon.  Otherwise, Mr. Grumpy-pants is going to be Mr. Lonely-pants. 

And that is my update for today.  Tune in tomorrow and find out how my day went. Until tomorrow….

April 18, 2017

 Tuesday - Cloudy with some rain in the afternoon

An okay day.

After a howling windy night, F and I got up this morning and went off to work.  He went to his paying job, and I went to the apartment to work on it.  I admit it, I relaxed for a while, but did a few things like do laundry.  I did a bit of spot cleaning and when F came home for lunch, got out of his way.

In the afternoon, I had lunch and then got quite busy.  I worked on F's old room for his clothes.  I went through some of the boxes and tossed a lot of garbage, then boxed up the good stuff!  I started to clean the walls, but realized soon that I would need to use the really strong cleaners, so did that.  I got some areas quite clean, others less so.  I thought I did a pretty good job, all things considered.

F came home a bit later and of course proceeded to re-do all that I did.  Ack.  He didn't really improve that much either.  I did ask him gently at dinner tonight to please do something different tomorrow…I need him to go through his closet and see if he still needs the clothes there, or if they can be tossed.  In his younger days, my dear hubby liked polyester a lot.  I'm trying to wean him off that stuff!

I was in a bit of a panic tonight because I wanted to go to the electric shop to get a cable for my printer and some new ink.  F watched a show about a boxer when he wasn't cleaning.  He knew that I HAD to go to the shop too, it wasn't a frivolous thing.  With me having some classes on Thursday and Friday, I needed to be able to print out lesson plans and word cards, that kind of thing.  

Finally, we left the apartment just before 7 pm.  We got to the electronic shop and I was able to get the things I needed.  I wanted to get everything tonight because if something went wrong, I still had Wednesday as a buffer.  

We had dinner at a restaurant near the store.  F had no preference and they had both Japanese and Western style food.  I had the pasta of the day and it was lovely, F had a Chinese style dish and didn't like it much.  Sigh.  

We went to the local grocery store and picked up a few things for F's mum, us, and my work, then came back to F's house.  I got some mail, and a postcrossing card.  That was a tad surprising!  I managed to register it and it had been travelling a long time.  I put my account on hold in the middle of February, so it was sent before then.

We came upstairs, I put new ink in my printer, then tried the cord we bought.  I got everything to work and then I printed everything out.  Whew!  Tomorrow I should make up the word cards…put a backing on them or something and do a last minute check on things.  

Oh, and I managed to post to my blog last night!  Woot.  I typed it on my computer, AirDropped it to my phone and then emailed it in.  I think I tried to do that before, but it didn't work.  Last night…success!  I have a backlog of entries but I'm not really sure how to set them up, so will wait until I have my internet actually set up.  

Well, I have to go.  It's been an okay day, but it was quite busy in the middle.  Come back soon and see if I'm still here.  Until tomorrow….

April 17, 2017

Monday - Sunny in the morning, cloudy later on, rainy and now very Kate Bush-y out there.

An okay day.

I got up this morning after my alarm went off and left with F for the apartment.  We got our coffee and were on our way.  F dropped me off at the end of the driveway, which suited me just fine.  I walked to the apartment, and then dropped off most of my stuff and then walked the garbage out to the gomi station.  The sky was a perfect blue and the cherry trees were in full bloom and looked wonderful.  I even had a short conversation with a lady about how lovely they were!

I went into the apartment and vegged for a while.  I just couldn't get motivated to move.  I did try, really I did.  I watched ER and had breakfast, same as usual.  Afterwards I took a short nap, and during the next show did a little bit of stuff.  After that show, I turned off the TV and got out my computer.  I planned some of my classes and made up the props that I'll need for the classes.  

When I finished, it was nearly 2 pm so I called Lunchtime.  I biked out to the grocery store and picked up a few things for my lunch then came back to the apartment and ate.  I watched Penny Dreadful at the same time as it is a must see for me.  Only 2 more episodes I think.  

I did a few things after that, F called and said he was going to take time off this week and asked me which day I'd prefer.  Both were days that I had to work, so I really didn't care as long as he didn't get in my way!

When F arrived a while later he was in an odd mood.  He started doing some cleaning, but instead of using the regular cleaner, he was using the bleaching/mould killer stuff.  He was using it on areas with no mould so I didn't get that.  He also announced he'd clean part of the apartment that he said he would, but he was still in his uniform.  I was rather upset and suggested that he move things out of the way first.  He didn't. I am hopeful for his sake that he didn't make a huge mess because his usual thing is to make twice the mess that he is trying to clean up.

I washed a couple of walls while he was doing that, so it wasn't like I was avoiding work. The good news is that F finally called the tatami guy who will come on Friday in the am.  He was apologizing to me, but honestly, we are usually out and about these days so it isn't a big deal for me.

We went out for dinner to Gusto, a cheapish and cheerful meal.  Well, I was cheerful anyway!  We followed that up with a quick trip to the drugstore.  I needed some laundry detergent and a battery.  We picked up a few other things, and then dropped off the stuff at the apartment and came back to F's house.  

His mother had gone to bed already.  I got out my printer and set it up.  It is wireless, but sadly, because the wireless set-up in the house isn't set up yet, I couldn't print from my computer.  I'm going to have to get a cable for it I think.  I also did manage to copy a few things, so that was good. 

F has finally gone to sleep and I'm still up.  The wind is making a terrible racket at the moment and I'm getting a bit worried about visiting Dorothy in Oz or something!

Tomorrow I'll be working in the apartment again.  I hope to go out and get a cable in the PM for my printer, and also some ink.  It is really needing it.  Wish me luck with everything.  The next few days are going to be difficult in my opinion.  

Come back soon and see how things go with me.  Until tomorrow….if I'm not blown away!