May 24, 2017

Wednesday - Muggy then rainy all day

A good day.

I didn’t really want to get up this morning, but I did.  I got dressed and left with F again.  He dropped me off at the apartment’s driveway, and I walked in.  I watched the news and drank my coffee, then took a shower.  I watched X-Files and then promptly fell asleep for 30 minutes.  I didn’t mean to, it just happened.

When 11 am rolled around, I started looking for my friend, but she didn’t come.  I half thought she’d forgotten about us, but she arrived a little later.  We stopped off in the mall and bought some sandwiches for lunch and then went to her apartment for some crochet time.  

We ate, and I helped her with her crochet.  She was doing very well, and knew she was doing something not quite right, so I was able to help her with it.  She restarted her project and then did a couple of long rows.  

She dropped me off at the apartment before she went to her work and I came in.  I was supposed to get busy but didn’t.  I had a bite to eat and then some iced coffee.  I managed to spill the iced coffee all over myself, that was fun!

F was a little late today, and was very tired when he got there.  We had some coffee and shared an ice cream bar, and talked about dinner.  He wasn’t hungry, I was, so I suggested a few places and let him pick one. He chose Jiro, so off we went. 

We had a nice dinner there. I had the teriyaki chicken, F had carbonara.  I sort of wish I’d had that too, as it looked very nice.  After dinner, we tried to get his mother something to eat and then came back to the house.

At the house, I took down my dry clothes and did another load of laundry including the stuff I spilled the coffee on today!  It came out, so that was good.  

F and I had a quiet evening and he’s sleeping away now.  I should try to get some sleep now too.  Tomorrow I should get some work done and if the rain is bad, I probably will.

Come back later and see what I get up to on Thursday.  Until tomorrow….

May 23, 2017

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, but rainy at night

A good day here, elsewhere not.

The first thing to talk about is that there was a terrorist bombing outside a concert in Manchester today.  Although I’m not very familiar with the young singer, the stories of the young people who were hurt or killed are so sad.  I keep thinking that it could have been my sister and my niece at the concert, if they lived there.  It’s the kind of thing that they do together. A horrible, horrible thing to happen.

In other news, F finally booked the movers.  I’m not exactly pleased though, he booked them for the last Monday of the month because the weekend was too expensive.  Right.  And, the fact that I have literally been asking you to book them for months means nothing to you? So, basically, we’ll have to do all the floors either after the movers are done, or the next day. Gah.  

Today I got to the apartment and took out the scrap metal garbage and then watched X-Files and last night’s ER.  I did do quite a bit of boxing up of things today.  I boxed up all of the plates left in the kitchen, my teapots and a few other things. I also emptied out the kitchen drawer and cleaned it.  I was going to take out the windows so I could do the outsides, but couldn’t manage to lift them out…and was too nervous to try really hard to do it!  

F was quite late tonight. He’d worked late and then gone to the office to book the movers.  I’m just glad he’s finally done it, although last weekend would have been sooooo much better.  

We went for dinner to his Taiwan restaurant that he likes so much.   It was terrible.  As usual.  The food isn’t very good and there’s too much of it.  I went against my instincts and had a set meal that was blah.  I discovered reading back through my blog that I’d had the same meal two or three years ago today and didn’t like it then either.  He was joking about going to the yakiniku buffet that is nearby, but honestly, I would have preferred it…if it was the same price.

We bought a few groceries in MaxValu and then came back to the house and unloaded the car.  We came upstairs and had a quiet evening.  

Tomorrow, I’m back to the apartment, but I might be going on a crafting lunch, I’m not completely sure.  Come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….

May 22, 2017

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

We woke up this morning and got up.  F was up long before I was. It was rather hard to get up this morning for me.  My nose was running, running this morning, and in fact all day.  I think it was allergies, whether from pollen or from too much milk, I’m not sure.  

F dropped me over at the apartment and I had a quiet morning in.  I took a shower and then had some breakfast. I watched a bit of telly too.  My friend arrived just after 11:15 and we went off for lunch.  

We went to the Daiichi Hotel and had their buffet lunch.  Yes, I just had it on Saturday, but it was a little different today, and was fine.  My friend had her baby with her so we needed a quiet place that wouldn’t mind if the baby started to cry.  A few minutes after we were seated, another couple of women came in with a stroller and they were seated near us.  We thought it wouldn’t matter if either of the babies started to cry as we’d all be understanding about it.  However, the babies were very quiet.  Yay.

We chatted for a while, then did a bit of a shop around the mall, and finally ended up at the coffee shop.  We had some iced coffee and then it was time to go our separate ways.  My friend drove me back to the apartment.

In the apartment, I changed out of my nice clothes and packed up the dehumidifier.  I cleaned a bit of it too.  When it was back in the box, I moved it near the door.  

There wasn’t that much else I could do in a short time, so I stopped and waited for F to finish work.  

When he did, he looked shattered.  He said he was very tired.  We had some coffee and chocolate and then he felt well enough to get on with things.  He put the box in the car and then we went to Gusto for dinner.

Gusto had just had a facelift!  They had made the restaurant look quite nice again, updating it and putting in some new drink machines.  We had a fairly nice dinner.  I had a burger with avocado on salad, F had an udon salad that he said he liked.  

After dinner, we visited a grocery store to pick up something for K’s dinner. I got a drink for the house, and some cold coffee for the apartment tomorrow. It’s going to be hot again I think. 

We came back to the house and came upstairs.  F didn’t suggest a walk tonight and I didn’t want to go anyway.  My nose is still running a lot.  I even took allergy medicine today but it didn’t work that well.  Sigh.

So, that’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I hope to get something done in the apartment, perhaps get a few more things ready to go out the door.  Come back later and see if I accomplish my mission!  Until tomorrow….

May 21, 2017

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

We slept in a little bit, but got up eventually.  F suggested going for brunch to a Japanese restaurant he likes and it was fine with me.  We took his mother too and had a nice lunch.  F and I had sushi for lunch, she had chirashi sushi. After lunch, we made a brief stop by Yamaya so that I could get some decent cereal!

We came back to the house and then F worked on fixing the window screens, and I worked on making some room up here.  I took about 5 boxes of books over to the garage and put them up there for now.  I hope to bring them back eventually.  Right now there are too many boxes in our bedroom.  I also unpacked a few videos and put them in the shelves.  

When F came back from the shop with drinks I was sweating a lot.  It was hot work up here.  After a little bit of a rest, we decided to go out for a drink.  We went to Doutors and had ice coffee and relaxed for a while.  We also used the free wifi!  

We bought a few things at the shop in the mall and then delivered them to the apartment.  We had a quick look around and then went for dinner.  Tonight I suggested Indian food, so that’s what we had.  We went to Anmol and had a pretty good dinner.  I had the chicken curry again and enjoyed it.

We came back to F’s house via the grocery store near his house for some drinks.  With the added heat, I am drinking a lot these days.

On the way back to the house, F asked if I’d like to go for a walk tonight and I said yes.  So, after we arrived, I grabbed my stuff and off we went.  We walked over to the big park across the road and basically did their walking track.  It is 1.5 kilometres so we did it plus a little bit more.  I actually achieved my step goal on my app tonight.  Hurray for that!

We spent the rest of the evening fairly quietly.  We hope that F will be able to call the movers tomorrow and have them come on Saturday afternoon.  I’m a tad worried that they might be busy, but will let him worry about it!  

And that’s it.  Tomorrow I might have a friend visit me, or not.  I’m not sure. I have to do some cleaning at the apartment and get more things ready.  I may have to cut up some boxes too.  

Come back a bit later and see how my Monday goes.  Until tomorrow….

May 20, 2017

Saturday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

We got up a little later this morning than usual and went out.  F was heading to the doctor, me to the apartment.  He had to stop at the big corner near the park, so I asked if I should get out and walk from there, and he said yes.  So I did.  It was a lovely day and I really didn’t mind.

I was at the apartment for a while and I did some of my knitting.  I got it back to where it was before I ripped it out last night. I had some drinks and watched some TV including Nigella. 

F finally came back and we talked about lunch.  F had some bad suggestions so I finally suggested going to the Daiichi Hotel.  They have just started to have a buffet lunch again, so we thought we’d try it.  It was a tad expensive, but the food was generally quite good.  

After lunch, we went to the Chido Museum and F renewed his membership.  They were having the katana show too, so we went to see it.  It was okay,  F gets a lot more out of it than I do.  We saw a couple of other things and then went to Cafe Studio Cinq for coffee.

F pled backache after coffee, so we went back to his house for a nap.  We tried, but didn’t quite manage much sleep.  We asked K if she’d like to have dinner with us, but she’d already eaten, so we went by ourselves.  Our first choice was closed, so we went for curry and had a good meal.  

We came home via the conbini for some drinks and a very strange type of potato chip that I don’t recommend!
Yes those are pineapple candy flavoured chips.  Not my cup of tea.

And that’s about it for today.  Not sure what we’ll get up to on Sunday, so please come on back and find out!  Until tomorrow…

May 19, 2017

Friday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning, but I really didn’t want to!  I had plans for later, so I managed.  Yay me.  F and I drove to the apartment area and he dropped me off.  

Today I watched my shows and then at 10:30, I left.  I rode my bike over to the cinema in Tsuruoka and saw La La Land again.  I quite enjoyed it today, although I think someone in the audience didn’t turn off their phone and got a call during the movie.  Sigh.  After the movie I visited the bakery in the theater and then rode off.  I stopped at a convenience store for a drink which I had in the store, and then continued on my way to the apartment.  

I took a shower at the apartment and did a little sweeping but really today was mostly a vacation day for me!  

F came back to the apartment before 6 pm and said that he wanted to go home.  I was a bit miffed, but then decided to ask if he was interested in going to the Internet Cafe.  I wanted to relax and watch a bit of TV to be honest.  We went over there and were able to get massaging chairs so spent the next few hours there.  I did some knitting…then ripped it back and restarted.  I think it’ll be a bit better now.  

A little after 10 pm we left and drove back to the house. We stopped off at the conbini for a bento for F’s mother and some stuff for us.  

We had a quiet evening here.  F is sleeping and I’m tired enough to want to get some sleep soon too.  I’m not really sure what we’ll be doing this weekend  F has a doctor appointment tomorrow, but apart from that, I have no idea.  Come back later and see!

Until tomorrow….

May 18, 2017

Thursday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I had a hard time getting up this morning, but I managed finally. I got dressed and went out with F to go to work.

He dropped me off near the apartment and I went in. After I got in the apartment, I left again with two bags of garbage. Yay me. I took them to the gomi station and then came back to the apartment.

I had a quiet morning. I ate breakfast, did a bit of knitting, watched X-Files and last night’s ER.  No big deal.   After a bit, I started doing some work.  I cleared a few things away and put them in the spare bedroom.

F came back for lunch and then went back to work.  When he left,  I had my lunch.  Afterwards, I was a bit busy. I moved a bunch of boxes out of the way and cleaned off the couch, I vacuumed the tatami room and generally moved things out of the way.  My goal was to make the rooms tidy enough so that people could move objects through the rooms easily.  I think I did it.  

When F finished work he was a bit surprised at all I had done, and seemed pleased.  Yay me.  He was tired so I gave him some coffee and then we went out for dinner.  Tonight was courtesy of Tai, the ramen/curry restaurant.  F had ramen, I had curry.  It wasn’t too bad at all.  

We picked up a bento for F’s mother nearby and then came back to the house.  At the house F gave her the bento and then we came upstairs.  That’s about it.  

 F may be off to Sendai in the morning for work.  I’m trying to come up with a cunning plan for my day…come back later and see if I manage to do something with my day.  Until tomorrow….