March 20, 2017

Monday - Clear, sunny and warm

A busy day.

I got up this morning in time to watch ER.  I couldn’t have breakfast because I didn’t have any yogurt!  I didn’t have tea either, so when F came home I’m afraid I was a bit of a mess.  We had a bit of an argument, but after a while made up and got to work.  F and I loaded up the car with our laundry and then went over to his house to take a few things to his mother’s house.  We left quickly afterwards and had lunch at Restaurant Futaba.  We both had the Quiche lunch and it was lovely and fairly reasonable too!

After lunch, F dropped me off at the laundromat with 3 huge bags of laundry and he went off to get his new car.  I spent the next hour or more washing clothes and then transferring them to driers.  When I arrived at the laundromat it was quiet, but over the time I was there, it got quite busy.

F came to get me and show off his car.  We folded up the laundry and put it in the car and then drove off to our apartment.  We made our bed, and then drove over to F’s house and made our bed there too.  We left the rest of the bedding there too.

We went and had some coffee and fruit tarts and then came home again for a bit.  I was cold as the sun had gone down and I was in a sleeveless vest.

We relaxed a bit at home and then went for dinner.  We had Indian food tonight.  The great thing was we had a stamp card that was full, so one of us had a free meal. Yay us.

After dinner, we bought a few groceries, but couldn’t get garbage bags.  We had to pick up some at the drugstore instead!  

We came home and had a quiet evening in.  I watched my show and did a row of my blanket’s edging.  Oh, yes, I forgot to say, I saw the baby that I’m making it for today!  She’s still very little, but sweet, so I hope that I can finish up soon.  I want her to have the blanket before she is walking.  

So, this was quite a big day for us to be honest.  F got his new car (his old one broke down just before our trip to Sendai and wasn’t cost effective to repair it), we did laundry and made beds in two places and drank coffee!  

I will most likely NOT be here tomorrow night, so come if you want, but don’t be surprised if I am not here!  

I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but please check back for me!  Until next time….

March 19, 2017

Sunday - Clear and sunny, warmish

A good day.

I got up very late this morning, but I did go to bed very late last night too.  When I got up, F had already made a trip to his house with some stuff and had taken his mother to her hairdresser.  

He suggested taking his mother out for lunch, so I quickly got dressed and we headed out.  We picked her up and went to Nagomi, a soba & udon restaurant.  It was a good choice and we all enjoyed ourselves.  After lunch, F and I dropped her off at home and arranged a few boxes and then left.  I suggested going for coffee so we went to Aurora, a little coffee shop we’ve been to a few times, but not for ages.  It was a good choice.  I had an African coffee blend, F had the stores regular blend.  We were both pleased.

We came home and spent the next few hours working.  F went through some of his stuff in the living room, and set up the DVR to put some of my stuff on DVD (more on this later.) I “unboxed” some of his stuff in the tatami room.  F has this little habit of cleaning up by throwing everything into a box or bag.  No rhyme nor reason.  I am always annoyed by what I find when I have to go through the boxes.  Anyway, I went through 2 or three of his boxes and then got some of my boxes from the tatami room and boxed up my stuff.  

Around 7:00pm we went for dinner to Jiro and then went looking for a laundromat.  We finally found one, but I’m not sure if we’re going to use it tomorrow or not.  When we came home, we loaded up the car with stuff to take to F’s house and then looked at my bicycle.  I might ride it over to his house tomorrow so that I have it there.  

We had a quiet evening.  F tested the dvd he made and discovered that the DVD had only recorded in Japanese, not in English.  That meant that the series I had kept on the DVR for over a year was completely useless to me.  I deleted it all. Sigh.  I told F that he has to buy me the dvd of the series!  I was very disappointed, but at least I got to see it in the first place.  

I went through my paper and stationery cabinet and junked a bunch of stuff and repacked it a bit.  It took ages to do it, but it looks pretty good.  F probably will take it over to his house tomorrow.  
F went to bed a bit before midnight and I might try and get there soon myself.  It’s not early, but it would be for me lately.

Not sure if I’ll be updating tomorrow night or not, don’t miss me too much if I’m not around.  Until next time….

March 18, 2017

Saturday - Rainy and cloudy

A good day.

I got up at a fairly decent time this morning, but decided to go back to bed very soon after. I needed more sleep.  F came back to bed too and we slept for a while. 

We got up around noon and then went out for lunch.  We went over to Hyakkenbori where I had fish again and F had tempura.  We both enjoyed our meals.  We visited the Chido Museum after that to see the Hina dolls and also the Miniature collections that were on display. Both were great.  
As usual, I took a couple of pictures of the garden afterwards.  I love seeing the changes in the place every time we visit.

In an ongoing attempt not to do work today, we followed up the museum with a trip to the mall to go to Doutors.  On the way into the mall, we found someone’s medicine…they’d dropped the bag with some stuff in it.  We turned it into the information desk, but they couldn’t make an announcement because there was a concert going on a the moment that was being broadcast live! We went to Doutors, had our beverages, picked up a few items for us and for F’s mother and then came home.  F put a few boxes in the car and I gave him some of the fruit crumble I made for his mother.  He went off to visit her and I checked my email.

I had a few things to do on my computer for my volunteer job, so I took care of that and a few other things.  F got back just as I was about to start on his corner of the room.  

Over the next few hours, F and I cleaned, boxed, sorted and threw out oodles of stuff.  Most of it was fine, but there was a lot of dust, and weird stuff.  My husband is a big packrat…I am too, but we both collect differently! 

We took a break to go and have dinner in Gusto.  We picked up more tape beforehand, and then came home and finished the corner.  We got almost all of the DVDs boxed up, and a lot of F’s books.  He wanted to keep old travel magazines, but I threw the older ones out…they won’t be useful now anyway.  

We stopped around midnight and took a break for the last of the fruit crumble and some chips and dip and tea.  After a bit, F went to bed, I’m still up but plan to get some sleep soon.  I’m tired!  

Tomorrow we will likely be doing more of the same! Boxing, packing, cleaning and sorting.  Wish us luck with it all eh?!  It is getting closer to the time when I won’t be able to update for a while, so please don’t miss me too much.  Come on back in a bit and see what’s up with me.  Until tomorrow...? 

March 17, 2017

Friday - Rainy and cloudy

A good day.

I got up on time this morning and I was just getting my breakfast ready when F came home from the doctor’s office.  He was in an odd mood and we ended up having a bit of a fight.  I was rather annoyed with him and him with me.

After a bit of us being in different ends of the apartment, we decided to take some things to Hard Off to see if we could sell them.  I got 100 yen for a game, F got 250 yen for four printers!  Unbelievable really.  

Since we were now at lunch time, I suggested lunch first.  We went to a ramen/curry shop near hard off and had a pretty decent lunch.  I had a lunch special of a hamburger with rice and salad.  F had mini ramen and something else.  

After lunch, we went and ditched the stuff that we couldn’t give to Hard Off, some cords, old electric stuff.  It’s supposed to be recycled there, so that was a good thing to do I think.
We went home and loaded up the car and took another load to F’s house.  I took over some clothes today, as well as my postcard collection and a few other things.

We came home again, had some coffee and some fruit crumble and then F went to bed and I went to work!  I did a few loads of laundry, tossed a few clothes and also boxed up some of our kitchen foods.  I tossed a lot of outdated things…and gave F his precious noodles to decide if he wanted to toss or keep them.  

Around 6:30 I heard moaning from the bedroom and went to check on F. He wasn’t doing well as usual, so I suggested going for dinner.  He was okay with that.  We went to the Chinese restaurant near our apartment and had a pretty great dinner.  We came home afterwards and did a little more work before taking a break for me to watch Penny Dreadful.  I did a round of my blanket while I was watching and a bit beyond.  Yay me.  

Blanket before edging...all sewed together!
That’s about it. I’ve been watching the Tony Awards which has been really great.  I would love to go to New York and of course Broadway sometime.  I would have such a great time, if I could afford it that is!

Tomorrow I think more packing and cleaning are in order. F has to run some errands in the morning, I’m probably going to be at home for a bit.  

I think I’ll be here tomorrow night, come on back if you are interested, if not, oh well!  Until tomorrow….

March 16, 2017

Thursday - Rainy and cool

A busy day.

I got up this morning, mostly on time and had breakfast and tea.  I had a quiet morning, but in the afternoon I did get busy.  I finished packing a couple of boxes of stuff in the kitchen, emptying out a couple of high cupboards.  I even wiped them out for good measure, so that they are done.  

I had a bunch of stuff on the couch to be looked at by F, so I just left it there and then cleared off the table.  I decided to make the fruit crumble that I’ve been thinking about making for a while and did.  I took out the bag of fruit from the freezer and made it and even baked it for good measure! 

When F came home I got dinner ready fairly easily.  We had pasta with the last of the 4 cheeses sauce, teriyaki chicken and some salad.  I opened up the last packet of beets too.  

F was being a bit of a pain coming to the table for a bit, but then gave me a big hug before he sat down.  It was really nice, and just what I needed.  I probably won’t be cooking much more here so I wanted our last dinner at home to be low-stress.  

After dinner I checked my computer and found that some jerk had left me about 5 or 6 really nasty comments on my blog. I deleted them when I recognized them for what they were.  

F and I went to the grocery store to pick up some soy milk and ice cream for the crumble.  We didn’t spend a long time there, and then came home.

After F’s telly was finished I watched some TV and started crocheting the border of the baby blanket.  It looks very pretty in my opinion.  

Tomorrow F is off work and will probably see his doctor.  Then, I’m hoping that the two of us will get a lot of stuff done for the move.  Fingers crossed anyway.

Should be here tomorrow if you’d like to come back.  Until tomorrow….

March 15, 2017

Wednesday - Beware the Ides of March —Cloudy and rainy

An odd day.

I got up really late this morning.  I slept through my alarms and got up much later than I wanted to.  I did have my tea and breakfast though.

F didn’t come home for lunch, but I’m so used to him coming that I was almost disappointed that he didn’t.  Instead I tried to do a few things around the apartment and I also did a bit of laundry.  I cleaned out the shelves under my side of the bed and threw most of the stuff out. 

In the afternoon I went over to the post office and deposited the coins that I had rolled and counted last week.  It came to quite a surprising amount actually.  Yay for me.  I deposited it in my account and then came home.

At home I had a late lunch…I made French Toast with Aquafaba and it was good.  Then did the dishes.  I took a shower, no big deal.

When F came home he had his earphone in his ear so basically shushed me when I tried to speak to him.  I was quite wounded really.  I was in the midst of getting dinner on the table, didn’t know why he was being like that.  

He didn’t want to come for dinner really…he was a bit annoyed when I asked if I could turn down the TV…it was so loud.  I had baseball blaring at me.  I hate baseball.  

I actually finished dinner before F for a change and went into the bedroom and closed the door.  I decided to pack a few of my clothes from the closet and did so.  Along the way, I found a few things that I couldn’t/shouldn’t keep which was a little sad, but I am mostly okay with that.  I came out a few times to show F a few of my things, but really he just cared about the baseball.

After 10 pm I realized I was missing my shows and set up the DVR for them in a break.  Annoying that.  Then, when he left the couch, I sat there for a while and finished sewing the squares on my little blanket.  It looks pretty great!  I have to edge it now, but I hope that will go fairly quickly.  

And that was my day.  F has an early morning tomorrow and a driving assignment, so probably won’t be home for lunch  (yay) so I might have some time to get a few of my things finished or started.  However, he is supposed to take Friday off, so we’ll see if that proves to be a good thing or a bad thing!

And…we’re supposed to be moving over the weekend.  I’m not sure if it’ll happen or not, but I’ll be losing my internet here on Tuesday.  I hope to be able to keep posting, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have in the next few days and weeks.  I’ll be around, not sure if I’ll be here or not though.

So…probably here tomorrow!  Please come back a bit later and see what is new with me.  Until tomorrow….

March 14, 2017

Tuesday - Pi Day! - Rainy and cold

An okay day.

I got up this morning and did my usual breakfast and tea on the couch.  I was a little busier than normal though.  In the first break, I took care of a couple of personal things and I made the bed.  

After my show, I boxed up our videos.  Yes, we still have some of those. F has a VHS machine back at the house.

F came home for his lunch and I think was surprised to see me working.  He also was nice to me, so that was good!  I had pre-boiled the kettle for him, and along the way offered him some coffee.  

After he left for work, I did a few more things including cleaning the toilet.  The top had some stains in it, so I tried a couple of things.  At first I tried WD40, which was okay, and then I tried baking soda, which was much better. I did some general throwing out of stuff for a while.

Around 2 pm I started making dinner.  I did have to do some prep work, but I put everything in my slow cooker and then left it.  I made Curried Vegetable and Chickpea Stew.  

I knew that F would be late today, so I did the kitchen clean up early and got it done in time.  Yay.  I decided to tackle my computer desk and got through a huge mound of papers.  There are some things that I want to keep, but I did throw out a lot of stuff.  

When F came home, he brought me a White Day present, which was nice of him, as I hadn’t been out to get him one.  I got dinner together fairly quickly.  I cooked the last of yesterday’s bacon and then we had the stew, plus bacon, plus yesterday’s quinoa.  I thought the stew was fabulous, F liked the bacon a lot!  He said the stew was good, but didn’t want seconds.  Sigh.  

After a while, he did the dishes and then we went to the grocery store for a quick shop.  F needed rice, and I wanted something for dinner on Thursday.  

We came home again and watched Castle.  I sewed some of the squares together on the blanket.  I have 4 left, and then I can start the edging.  Woot.

That’s about it for today.  Tomorrow the packing continues.  I’m trying to decide where to start.  I could possibly move out some more of my hobby stuff, but I think it might be hard for F to move it all by himself.  

Come back later and hear all about my scintillating packing!  Until tomorrow….