October 25, 2014

Saturday - Warm and sunny

A good day!

I got up fairly early this morning. F went off to the dentist a bit later and I relaxed a bit.  When he came back, I put lunch together.  It was really just leftovers.  We have tons of couscous left and we finished the nabe from yesterday.  It was really nice to have a cheap and cheerful meal at home!  

F wanted to go for a drive in the mountains to see the greenery…or properly the reds and yellows! We drove off and drove through Haguro and went on our way to Mt. Gassan.  Unfortunately, I noticed halfway up the mountain that there were a couple of big X’s marked on the GPS map.  The road was already closed for the season.  Oh no!  We had hoped to go up to the top. 

We got up to the road closure.  Luckily there was a big area to turn around in and so we parked and got out of the car.  We took a few pictures because it was really beautiful up there and got back in the car.  Then, F turned the key and nothing happened.  


He’s been a bit worried about the starter, but hadn’t thought about it much lately.  However, there we were, out in the boonies, with no working car.  Yikes.  He couldn’t find his JAF card either.  Luckily, I heard another car coming so F asked them for a boost.  They had to stop in that area too.  It was a little embarrassing, but F was able to get the car started after that.  Happily, _I_ had bought F jumper cables a few years ago as a Christmas present!  Yay for me.

We drove back down the mountain, but did stop a couple of times.  Once was in a visitor centre, just for a look-see, and the other time was at Mt. Haguro’s museum to get some postcards.  At the visitor centre F left the car running as he was worried about getting it started again.

We went shopping when we got back to Tsuruoka. F wanted a hardware store and I wanted a hundred yen shop and the foreign imports store.  We were both happy.  I got a new binder for my recipes and a new “touchpen” for my phone.  At the import store I got some rooibos tea, a soup mix, some granola and some pasta sauces.  F got some ramen from Thailand!  

We came home and I discovered that I had received 4 postcards.  I’ll be dealing with them shortly on my postcrossing blog, but I want to mention one of them.  The person complained about my profile and told me that it wasn’t what postcrossing was about.  I mention that I’m not a big fan of some types of cards and asked not to receive them.  Honestly, I don’t know what they were complaining about!  I’ve also been a member for much longer than they have!  I wrote her a fairly polite email saying thank you for her card and that I like my profile the way it is.  I’m in Postcrossing for the personal connections I meet, the postcards are important, but I’d rather “meet" the person behind them.

We went out for dinner at Jiro and both had the same thing, chicken. It’s not our usual dish there, but it was very nice.  After dinner, we headed over to Machi-Kine for a film.  Tonight we saw The Queen of Versailles, a documentary about a couple of very rich Americans who lost most of their money due to the banking crisis a few years ago.  It was a very interesting film.  I liked it a lot!

After that, we came home.  I’ve been blogging and catching up with various things that I need to do.  Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’m going to get up to.  F will go over and visit his mother early on and then who knows!  Come back and find out what we get up to!  Night.

October 24, 2014

Friday - Sunny

A goodish day.

I had a good and quiet day today. I stayed in all day, didn’t go out at all.  F came by briefly and invited me out for lunch, but we had a lot of food at home and I needed the time to work on my column.  

Speaking of which, I finally finished my column. Yay.  It’s not bad, there’s a couple of things that I could have done better, but I almost always say that!  Like Babe, it’ll do!

Before F came home tonight I did my lunch dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a bit.  He was lucky and got to start with a clean slate.  When he came home from work he got started on the nabe right away.  We ate fairly early and it was nice.  He made us a nabe and it was delicious.  I did the dishes after we finished eating.  

Tonight I used my scanner for the first time with my computer.  It’s a bit different, but it does work. Hurray for that.  I uploaded the cards to postcrossing and to my blog as well.  

F got to watch a lot of Japanese TV and after he was done, I watched some American TV too. Yay.  F went to bed fairly early as he was really tired.  I’m going to go to bed soon I think.

I’m not sure what’s on our schedule tomorrow.  F has a dental appointment and might do some chores at his house.  There are a couple of movies in the theatres but I’m not sure if we’ll see them or not.  Come back tomorrow night and see what we get up to.  Night!

October 23, 2014

Thursday - Sunny but coolish

A good day.

I got up early for me this morning and went for a walk.  I hadn’t prepared to go out this morning, so it took a bit, and I never did find my nice pink headphones, so I didn’t have any music either.  It didn’t really matter. I only went for 10 minutes, but it was nice.  Basically I went around our very big block!  I could feel my hip hurting a little, but it wasn’t that bad.  I’m not sure if I’ll go tomorrow too.  Maybe. 

When I came back I had some water and computer time.  I had a relaxing morning and did get stuck into my column finally.  It’s going fairly well.

I had a quiet day and then I thought about scanning my cards.  The only thing was, my new computer doesn’t support my printer/scanner.  Oh, it supports the printer part, but not the scanner.  Since I scan all the cards I send and receive, that was a big problem.  I spent many hours this afternoon downloading drivers and driver bits.  Finally, when I was going to give up, it started to work.  It’s quite different now and I’m not sure I’ll like it that much, but we’ll see.

When F came home, he basically went straight to bed.  I went in to check on him and he was okay, just tired and his back hurt.  I asked him if he wanted dinner and he did.  He said he’d get up for it.

I cooked so tonight I made Mediterranean Couscous (from a packet), miso pork chops (prepared by the grocery store) and salad.  We had two kinds tonight, one was just lettuce, the other was vegetable sticks.  F seemed to like it, except of course he added rice and slimy squid to it.  Bleck.

He did the dishes while I wrote my column and watched TV.  Tonight was my big night for it after all.  I enjoyed it.   

After midnight, F went outside to see if he could see any meteors, but he couldn’t.  He said the sky was clear tonight, unlike yesterday.  He did talk about taking a mini-break in November around his birthday, so I made a reservation for us.  I hope it’ll be okay.  I told him I didn’t want to go to Kanazawa again.  I’d love to go, but last time we didn’t really have a good time together, and I blame the hotel!

Anyway, I digress.  I basically had a good day today.  Tomorrow we’re going to have a nabe for dinner, so that should be nice I hope. I have to finish my column and polish it if I have time.  

That’s it for me.  Signing off!  

October 22, 2014

Wednesday - Rainy and cloudy

A good day.

I got up a bit late this morning, but got up finally.  I had a lazy relaxing morning and was just going off to take a shower when F called.  He was planning to come home for lunch.  He was bringing a bento and offered to bring me something too.  I told him I didn’t want one right now, and I’d be in the shower.

He came home and ate his bento.  We watched a bit of Revenge together and then he went back to work.  I had a quiet afternoon, but I was behind and didn’t get much of my column written.  

For lunch, which was very late, I made myself an omelet.  I had a duck, cauliflower and avocado omelet and it was fabulous!  So nice.  I just haven’t had one in ages, know what I mean?

F came home around 6 and we decided to go out at 6:30 for dinner.  I suggested the Komagi buffet and so we drove there.  When we arrived we were surprised at how quiet it was and discovered that there wasn’t a buffet tonight. Sigh.  We drove back towards home and tossed a few ideas around for dinner.  We finally decided on Hykkenbori, the university restaurant.  It was almost empty so we were seated right away.  We had a really nice meal.  F had udon noodles and I had pork stew, Japanese style.  My meal was lovely.  The only drawback was there was no tea or coffee on the menu and we would have loved some.  I had promised myself that I could have a dessert at the buffet, so I wanted a little something.  I didn’t get it.

We came home via the grocery store.  Tomorrow we’ll have miso pork and salad, on Friday a nabe I think.  I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted to cook for Friday, so I sort of used the Japanese solution!

At home we unpacked the groceries and then settled in for a nice night.  I made a pot of tea, framboise chocolate…to die for, and at 10 I went over to the couch to crochet and watch CSI.  I got two little squares done during the show, so yay me.  

After midnight, we did something quite unusual.  We went outside.  Fumihiko told me that there was supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, so we went out to see.  We were outside for about 20 minutes but didn’t see very much. I think we did each see at least one meteor, but it was so cloudy outside that it was hard to see.  It was really nice to be able to go outside together and look at the stars.  We’ll try again next month for the Leonids!

And that was my day.  I came in and watched my shows, F finally took his bath and we’ll go to bed soon.  It was a good day.  I’ve got to go.  Night!

October 21, 2014

Tuesday - Rainy

A good day.

I got up this mroning because my alarms were going off and because I was really hot!  I’d thrown off my quilt and unbuttoned my pajama top and I was still too hot!  That was odd as I’ve been rather cold the last few days.

I had a very quiet day after yesterday.  The weather was bad all day, so I stayed in.  I did a spot of crochet in the morning, I also read the newspaper and had some tea.  

When I got dressed I made the bed and did a little reading too.  I watched many hours of Project Runway today, but it was fun.  

When F called to say he was coming home soon I started the water on the stove for the pasta.  I was able to get dinner on the table fairly early for us.  We had pasta with a yuzu-miso sauce, sliced smoked duck, salad and leftover cauliflower from last night.  It was a pretty nice meal, if I say so myself.  Afterwards, F cut up a persimmon for us and we shared that.  

F did the dishes and we had a quiet night in.  I went to the couch for Grey’s Anatomy and did a little crochet.  

I did get a bit of a start of my column, hurray for that.  Unfortunately, I’ve only written an introduction for it, but it is a start.  

I also received about 6 Postcrossing cards today, so I’ll have to try and scan them tomorrow.  I don’t know if my computer will be able to recognize my printer…fingers crossed.  

That really is about it.  No big whoop.  I’m in love with my new computer but I’m slowly getting used to it too.  There’s a bit of a learning curve but I’ll get there eventually!  Come back and see what I get up to tomorrow.  Night!

October 20, 2014

Monday - Cloudy and a bit rainy

A good day.  

I got up and F was still home.  What?  I had forgotten that he had to go to a meeting this morning and didn’t have to go in early.  He left just after I got up.  

I spent some time on my computer but I was quite worried about it.  It was acting buggy again.  Yesterday when I started it I got a strange message and today it didn’t want to start easily.  I decided to make today the day I transferred to my new computer and then I went over to the couch to have breakfast and read the paper.  

While I was reading F called to see if I’d like to have lunch with him. He was finished his meeting early.  I said it was fine but I needed a shower first.  I took care of that while he drove home and relaxed for a minute or two.

We had lunch in Bikkuri Donkey!! and it was very nice, but rather high calorie.  We had the salad plate, so we got an egg, a burger and some salad, plus deep fried squid legs.  Afterwards F drove me home and went off to work.

I came in and after cleaning off my computer desk - more or less- I got out my new computer and began the task of transferring data.  Well, it took most of the night, but….I’m getting ahead of myself.

After F called to say that he was going to be a little late, I got started on dinner.  I made a new dish tonight, Roasted Garlic Cauliflower and it was amazing!  I had found a huge cauliflower on Saturday at the Farmer’s market, so I wanted to do something big with it.  The recipe was very doable here and we both really loved it.  My computer was transferring files in the background, so I’d check on it every now and then and see, but I had to wash and cut up the cauliflower and mix it with the garlic and olive oil.  F was home in time to see some of the procedure.

I took his suggestion to serve miso soup for dinner, so we had that, plus chicken drumsticks and the lovely cauliflower.  It was very good.  Another time I might roast it a little longer, but really I liked it the way it was.  F raved about it.

After dinner I discovered that my computer was nearly done.  Finally, it said, One minute to finish.  Well….it took a lot longer than a minute.  I got tired of waiting, my old laptop was really hot and I was afraid it would give out on me sometime soon, so I asked F if I could check out what to do on his computer.  He graciously let me and I found out that this “hanging” is a common problem. I forced quit my way out of it.  Of course, none of my info had transferred, so I’d wasted hours!  

I began again, but this time I used my back up disk drive and things went swimmingly.  In fact, I wish I’d done that in the first place!  It took about 15 minutes.  

So, now, I’m on my beautiful new computer.  I’m having fun trying to get to know it.  It is a very different sort of bird from my 2007 computer, and best of all, it is so quiet!  The old one had a bad fan and was noisy, this one is whisper quiet.  Long may it stay that way.  

Anyway, it is very late and I really need to get to sleep so that I can get up and write my column.  I finally have an idea in mind and think I’ll be able to write something interesting.  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to!  Night.

October 19, 2014

Sunday - Clear and sunny

An okay day.

I went to bed late last night and slept in quite late this morning too.  F plied me with his bread and it was nice, but I didn't really want any! 

He was muddling around with the bread and his computer for a while, so it was after 2:30 before we left to find lunch.  We didn't really have a destination in mind, but when we got near the road we saw that Grado was open today.  Their hours have been erratic lately, so we took the chance and went in.  We had a nice meal, F had pasta, I had beef stew.  After most of the lunch crowd had left the waitress came over and told us that the restaurant is closing.  No!  It's been our place for the 6 years it has been open.  She said it was due to staffing problems.  Their main chef quit and then the replacement chef has health problems or something.  They still have a restaurant, but it's further away from our apartment and it doesn't have parking.  Sigh.

After lunch we came home again.  F left soon after to take his mother the bread he baked and I spent time on my computer.  He came back and then took a nap. 

I woke him up around 6 and we went out for dinner.  I suggested the Japanese restaurant we went to last weekend. We had a nice meal, but it was rather smoky today.  

After dinner we drove around a little as it was too early to go to the theatre.  When we did, we bought our tickets and went to see Her.  I liked it, more for what it didn't say than for what it did.  I am not sure if I've ever seen a Spike Jonze film before.  

We came home after buying groceries and then watched a bit of telly.  It turned into a good day after all.  Hurray!  That's it for me.  Night.