May 29, 2015

Friday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up a little late this morning and in all honesty, fell asleep on the couch when I was up.  I set my timer so I wouldn’t oversleep too much, but slept through it.  Then, I did get up and was going to make the bed, but fell asleep there too.  Yikes!  I haven’t done that in ages.

I finally woke myself up by doing a workout.  It was a two mile walk but a different version than I had done before.  I quite liked it and was quite sweaty afterwards!

I watched the afternoon movie which was Must Love Dogs.  Not a great film, although the actors tried hard.  It was John Cusack and Diane Lane, and I just didn’t think they had much chemistry.  I took a shower in the afternoon, I scanned some postcards and then I stamped them.  I biked them off to the post office to mail them around 5 pm.

When I came home I had my very late lunch.  I just had leftovers from Tuesday and they were darn good!  
When F came home he was a bit late tonight.  I wasn’t too hungry for a bit, but wanted to get dinner out of the way.  Tonight it was another simple one, pasta with a yuzu-shoyu sauce, smoked duck breast, salad and cucumber sticks.  Simple but quite nice.

Our apartment was quite hot in the afternoon on.  When F came home he wondered why I didn’t have the air conditioner on, but I don’t really like it if I’m honest.  I did get my fan out today and that has helped move the air around a bit.

I was planning to watch my usual Friday night shows tonight, but F put on the broadcast of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets instead.  It actually made a nice change and it was fun to see it again.  I went over to the chesterfield and finished up one square and did most of another so that was good!

Anyway, I’m about done.  I’m very tired again and I really should get some sleep.  Tomorrow F is going to be out most of the morning with his mother, so I’m not sure what I’ll do by myself.  Come back later and find out what happens.  Until tomorrow….

May 28, 2015

Thursday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up early today and came through to the living room.  I watched a little TV and read a bit on-line.  I  even did two short workouts today.  Yay me.  I was recovering from them in front of my computer when F called and asked me to join him for lunch today.  Oh.  I said okay and we decided to go to the local Chinese place.

I changed quickly and went out to meet him.  We had a decent lunch there.  They were quite busy today.  The two of us were put at a huge table and then halfway through our time there, the waitress asked if we’d mind if someone else sat at our table.  It was fine really.  I had a shrimp and egg stirfry.  It was good, but really dumb as I was planning omelettes for dinner!  F had a marlbo-dofu (spicy tofu dish) on yaki-soba.  It looked good, but it was too much food for me.  

We came home.  F spent a couple of minutes grabbing some clean clothes for himself and then left for work again.  I started doing some laundry and watched the Laura Linney cancer show from the DVR.  It’s so good.  

I spent the afternoon doing laundry and dealing with the chair in my bedroom.  It looks rather like my clothes exploded all over it.  Then they all slide off and fall on the floor.  I picked them up, sorted them out, actually put a few away, put some to be washed and boxed up a few things to eventually be thrown away when I have the nerve.  Things like pants that are much too big or were the wrong size when I got them as presents.  

In the later part of the afternoon, I got 3 postcards in the mail, so I scanned all my incoming cards and uploaded them.  I got some interesting ones today.  

When F called to say he was on his way, I was already in the kitchen getting things ready.  I had the eggs out to come to room temp, I sliced some cheese, and some of the leftover spam.  I set the table and basically did as much as I could before F came home.  When he did come I checked that he did want dinner soon, and started cooking.  I fried the spam, and then heated up some leftover mushrooms and tandori chicken and then I made F’s omelette.  He had salad, gouda cheese and mushroom omelette, fried spam and some takenoko rice that his mother had made.  In other words, it was quite a nice dinner.  Because I’d had a few eggs at lunch I made myself a one-egg omelette with chicken in it, and had all of the things that F had with it.  Dinner was quite nice.  It wasn’t a huge scary meal to prepare, but it was good.  

F did the dishes and then when he was done, I washed and hulled some strawberries that he’d brought home with him.  F had his with some vanilla yogurt, I had mine with plain yogurt.  They were good.  

I watched House and did some crochet.  I got about 9 rounds of a square done, so just a couple more to go.  I’ll try and see if I can do more tomorrow.  When my time was up, I had a snuggle with F and then came back to watch Bones and do some Postcrossing.  I only wrote up 3 cards tonight, if I have time tomorrow I’ll do a couple more, or not.  No worries!

I watched a bit more TV tonight.  The channel that gets most of the shows I like has terrible reception, so I often watch the shows twice just to see what I missed the first time.  Last week I DVR’d Castle as we were out but the reception was terrible and the show split into 3 parts on the recorder!  I couldn’t understand a lot of the programme, but tonight the reception was good and I found out what went on.  Yay! 

And that is a good place to leave things off.  Tomorrow F has to drive someone out of town at work, I’ll be around the apartment but will run to the post office at least. You’ll find out what is up when you return!  Until tomorrow….

May 27, 2015

Wednesday - Warm and sunny, rain at night

A good day.

I got up on time this morning and managed to stay awake for a change.  That was good.  At 10:30ish I started getting ready to do a workout.  Today I planned a two mile walking exercise video.  I did it, and actually kept up quite well, but the person who put it on YouTube missed out about 5 minutes of it towards the end of the workout.  I’m of two minds about that!  One, since this was my first time doing it, I was glad because I was getting tired, and Two, it’s too bad because I was enjoying myself!  F called when I was doing the cool down and I’m afraid that I wasn’t too happy to hear from him!  His timing is often bad.

He had finished at the doctor with his mother and instead of taking her out for lunch offered to take me out instead.  I didn’t mind, and he wanted to go to a Japanese style restaurant.  Not my favourite, sitting on the floor, but it was okay really.  We both had the sashimi lunch.  It was really good, but I had a piece of saba (mackeral) that had a million bones in it.  F’s of course, didn’t have nearly that many!

He brought me home and I spent a bit of time on my computer while watching an old film on NHK.  It was The Long Goodbye.  It was good and I wish I’d paid more attention to it.   When I finished my on-line stuff I put on last night’s Nikita and sat on the couch and darned in the ends of the dark squares that I had crocheted.  By the last one, I had to turn on the kitchen light to help me see as the day seemed to be getting darker.  

I then took all the squares that I have made so far and took them to the bedroom and laid them out on the bedspread so I could get a look at the colours and the feel of the thing.  I really like it to be honest, but I’m not sure about the big squares.  The 4 I have finished at the moment are a greeny-blue and they don’t go well with the dark blue or that well with the other colour I’ll be adding soon.  However, they go very nicely with the icy-blue and the light brown in the blanket.  After I make more of the big squares in the other colour I’ll re-assess and see which I prefer! Opinions are welcome in the comments!

The general layout so far.  The greeny squares don't go well with the royal blue, but are okay with the other squares, I think!

The grey yarn on top will be joining the squares, so they'll all have a row or two of that inbetween each square.  The light blue in the bottom right corner is the colour of the remaining squares.  Remind me to try the dark green ones in the corners of the blanket instead.  It would look a little different. 

F came home around 7 tonight.  He was in a good mood and seemed quite cheerful.  We spent a little time together before going out for dinner.  F suggested either yakiniku or shabu-shabu so I chose shabu-shabu as it’s been ages since we went there.  

We went to the restaurant and got a table.  Unfortunately we both ate too much.  I didn’t want to move afterwards.  I did eat quite a few veggies, but a bit too much meat and some of the prepared foods that I really shouldn’t have.  Sigh.  

We hit up the grocery store where I got a few things for the next couple of nights of dinner.  I’m thinking something really simple for tomorrow, like omelettes and maybe pasta for Friday.  That’s my plan at the moment.

We came home and I made up a crochet square in the other blue.  It is gorgeous.  I also discovered today that the yarn company did manage to match the same dye lot when they replaced the missing ball of yarn. Whew!  It makes my job so much easier!

At midnight, I prepped the garbage for going out in the morning and then settled back in at my computer for a little surf time.

Tomorrow I have an exciting day with some laundry planned at the moment, and maybe a little crochet if I think I can get away with it!  That’s it for me.  Have a good time until tomorrow….

May 26, 2015

Tuesday - Warm and Sunny

An okay day.

I woke up late this morning and came through to the living room.  I promptly fell asleep on the couch.  It took me ages to wake up.  Finally I did have breakfast and also did a work out, but it wasn’t morning by then!

I did my computer stuff, watched some of the weekend TV that I had recorded on the DVR. I also scanned the cards that I had written last night.  I had lunch which was a mixture of the instant spaghetti I have from the grocery store plus the leftovers from last night.  They were all rather nice and I enjoyed my lunch.  When I finished lunch I set up the chicken for tonight’s dinner to marinate.

Around 5 I biked to the post office and mailed my cards, then I came back and did the dishes.  Then I went out into the lobby and swept the place.  I had it looking nice for a bit.  

Fumihiko was a bit late tonight, but I used the time when he was out to prep the new potatoes and set the table.  When he called to say he was on the way, I turned on the gas under the potatoes and kicked everything else into gear.  When he came home I offered him some cold brewed tea, then started the chicken cooking in the toaster oven.  When he finally came over to the table we had a nice meal.  We had tandori-style chicken, new potatoes with dill and parsley, sautéed mushrooms and pickles and salad.  It worked out quite nicely.  I did the second helping of tandori but had to give it a little bit longer cooking time.  The potatoes were lovely.  I put a little bit of sour cream on mine and with freshly ground black pepper they were amazing!  I think Fumihiko was quite impressed with dinner to be honest!

After dinner and the dishes, we made a quick trip to the grocery store.  I was out of yogurt for the morning and needed some soy milk.  We got some salad dressing too, and a few other things.  

We came home and I spent a couple of hours on the chesterfield watching Criminal Minds and then Drop Dead Diva.  I wasn’t just watching TV, I was darning the ends of my squares in.  I did all 16 of the little ones.  I still have five dark blue ones to do, but I’ll try and do them in the daytime because of the better light.
That was about that for the day.  F is off work in the morning, but will take his mum to the doctor and may take her to lunch too.  I’m trying to encourage that.  I think she’d like to be pampered a bit.  

I hope to see you here next time when we all find out what I get up to!  Until tomorrow….

May 25, 2015

Monday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I woke up rather early today and it was a good thing.  When I looked at the clock in the living room it said one time, and I looked at F’s alarm clock it said another.  This was about 10 minutes before F was supposed to get up for work.  I woke him up just before the alarm went off.  The alarm clock did this before too, it started showing really odd times like 7:77 and such.  I think there’s something wrong with the LCD crystals?

I went back to sleep and ended up oversleeping a bit, but I still got up.  I watched my show, then did a snooze in place on the couch.  I had a late work out and then did some stuff on my computer for a bit.

I took a shower in the afternoon and then decided to go out for my lunch.  I was late going out, but no worries.  I went to Tsuruoka Park and checked out some of the stalls that were up for the Tenjin Matsuri.  I found a stall that was selling Donair and I had one.  I haven’t had one for a couple of years and it was good.  Yum!

I came home again and started to get dinner prep done.  Tonight we were having an offshoot of takoyaki.  I had bought some Spam a few weeks ago as F wanted to try it, so I thought we could put the Spam in the takoyaki.  I made up a mix I found on the net and put it in the fridge, then got on with cutting up veggies and cheese and the like.  

When F came home we had our little fake-o-yaki party and I thought it was nice.  I was hoping that it would be more of a make your own, rather than F putting what he wanted in each little cup.  I should have explained it better I suppose.  Still, it was nice.

F did the dishes and we settled in for a nice night.  We watched a movie on TV, and I did some crochet.  Apparently the nephew that I am making the blanket for is here now.  Guess I’d better work faster!

I went back to my computer and did a few postcrossings too.  So far just three, but I hope to do more tomorrow.

So, that was that.  Quite a nice day really.  It was nice to go out in the late afternoon and see the park and all the people, it was nice to have a fun dinner with F.  Come back later to find out what I get up to next!  Until tomorrow….

May 24, 2015

Sunday - Sunny and hot- gorgeous day

A good day.

I got up this morning and got dressed before 11am.  Yay me.  F and I decided to go to one restaurant which sadly wasn’t open yet, so we had to change.  On a normal Sunday, it wouldn’t matter, but today we were planning to see a movie early in the day.  We drove on to Komagi Spa, and had lunch there.  We had the buffet, and although I didn’t eat that much, I enjoyed it. The only downside was I took a piece of fish that had a million bones in it.  Yuck.  I kept trying to fish them out of my mouth.  I finally gave up on the fish!

We drove back to the theatre and of course with the big Tenjin Matsuri tomorrow, they had blocked off our way.  F did not do the sensible thing and go in the direction of the theatre, he went the opposite direction.  Argh!  We made it to the theatre on time by the skin of our teeth.   We had to divide to conquer.  I got the popcorn & drinks, F got the movie tickets.  

We made it just in time.  We saw The Imitation Game and I really liked it.  Of course, I’m a Benedict fan, and I love Keira too, but it was good.  It was so sad and I got a little teary at the end.  

After the movie, we checked out the bakery in the theatre and then came home.  F got all the fishing gear ready, I changed into something less nice and off we went to Kamo Port.  We found a nice corner of the dock when we got there, and put in our lines, but sadly, all we caught today were 4 tiny fugu (puffer fish). We threw them back in.

We left around 6, F dropped me off at home and helped unload the car, then went to take care of his mum and dog.  

When he came back, we talked about dinner.  We used to go to the evil place after fishing trips, but we didn’t want to do that tonight.  We decided to go to an izakaya tonight and drove off.  We had a nice meal there, but I realized later that all but one of our dishes were based around vegetables!  There’s nothing wrong with that of course…we had nama ham salad, local bamboo root grilled, local bamboo root tempura, asparagus with pork wrapped around it and dry squid grilled.  It was quite expensive too.  Maybe the evil place would have been better?

We came home via the grocery store.  I’m going to do a tangent on takoyaki tomorrow.  At least,  that’s my plan at the moment.  Tuesday we’ll probably have tandori chicken.  I’m looking forward to that.

At home I watched Downton Abbey and did a little crochet, then turned off the TV and came to my computer.  I’m really tired and need to go to bed soon!  All that sunshine no doubt!

Until tomorrow….

May 23, 2015

Saturday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning, and F came home a little later.  We talked about where to have lunch and the place that F suggested sounded quite good to me, so off we went.  We went to the Old Farmhouse Restaurant.  I’m sure it has a different name, but that’s what we call it.  I had pork shabu-shabu and masu, a kind of trout.  It was nice.  

We came back into Tsuruoka and checked out the new souvenir shop near city hall.  It’s gorgeous, but didn’t have any postcards for sale.  I was a bit saddened by that.  We decided not to get a drink there this time, maybe another day.

We drove off to Yamaya to get a few import food things.  I got some couscous, herbs, sunflower seed, the usual kinds of things.  When we were paying for our groceries I realized I’d forgotten to buy the main thing I went there for, tortillas!  We paid and then went searching for them.  I found them and we bought those too!  After that, we drove to the MaxValu nearby and picked up a few things for F’s mother.  They have a few things like hamburgers and such that are vacuum sealed, so all she has to do is open them and microwave them.  I think she has rice at home too, so she’ll be able to make herself a quick and easy meal. 

We came home for a while and I put the perishables away.  F was doing the nonsense where he carries one thing out of the bag over to the fridge… I made him give me the bag of groceries.  I have no time for his slowpoke ways!

After he went to take care of his mother and dog and then returned, we decided to have dinner in Fireball.  We drove over there and had a yummy dinner.  I picked smoked salmon pasta with mushrooms in a vodka sauce, and F chose mozzarella cheese in a meat cream sauce.  They were both good.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was busy and we were already running late because someone (not me) went looking for the point card. We didn’t finish until after the movie started, so we didn’t go.  I suggested going to Mikawa to see something else, but then I suggested that we just go home instead!

At home, I was using my computer but getting very tired.  I decided to take a quick nap, so I did.  I put on my pjs and took a little sleep.  I came back to the living room at 10pm to watch How to Get Away with Murder.  It was good tonight.  I did a bit more of the crocheting tonight too. I made 4 of the really small squares tonight.  Only 12 more of them to go!

And really that’s about it.  We watched a bit more TV.  I think that tomorrow we’re going to see the movie we missed tonight, and we might even go fishing or something like that.  Come back later and find out what happens.  Until tomorrow!