May 2, 2016

Monday-Cloudy but clear

A good day.

I got up late this morning to an empty apartment.  F was with his mother today.  I got dressed and then decided to take some coins to the post office and cash them in.  I did that and while I was gone F came home.  He found my note to say where I was after he phoned me to see where I was!

I came home and a little later we went out to the railway station.  I needed to buy train tickets.  F helped me because it was a bit tricky, but we finally got it all sorted out, except for the last leg of my trip.  I can’t buy the ticket from here. 

We had a nice lunch at Subway and then came home for a while.  F had thought about going fishing, but when he looked at the equipment he said not today.  Instead, he ended up going to bed and sleeping.  

I did some computer stuff and then worked on my clutch for my convention.  I darned in the ends and made a rough pattern for the lining.  When I finished that, it was after 8 pm, so I woke up F and asked him for my dinner!  

He suggested an izakaya, one that’s quite far away.  I was fine with it really since I wanted some exercise.  

We walked for 25 minutes and had a nice meal at the izakaya.  We had some sashimi, yakitori, salad, cooked fish and a few other things.  It was good, but expensive.  

We walked home again afterwards.  F would have gone to karaoke if I’d asked, but I have the beginning of a cold and I’d rather not have it get worse.  

So that’s it.  We may go fishing tomorrow, I hope to go and get a fancy button at the store tomorrow too, and then I’m not sure what else!

Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

May 1, 2016

Sunday - Rainy and then cloudy

A good day.

It was Sunday today so I slept in as I usually do.  

After I got up, I took a shower.  I just felt that I needed one!  When I came back to the living room, F wanted to go out for lunch but I didn’t really.  I knew there were leftovers in the fridge, so I suggested eating some of them.  I’m not sure if F was happy about it, but that’s what we did. I finished up some quinoa and had it with a can of sea chicken, plus we had some pate on bread.  I really enjoyed it.  On holidays like this when we don’t plan our meals I get tired of Japanese food in restaurants because F always wants Japanese food and I do not.  Today it was sushi that he wanted.  I couldn’t face it really.  My idea was cheaper and a whole lot nicer really.

We moped around the apartment until F asked if I’d like to go out for a drive.  We ended up along the coast.  We had originally planned to go fishing today, but the weather in the morning was cold and rainy.  In the evening it was cool and windy.  We drove to some of our fishing spots and then parked at Yura beach and went for a walk.  There’s a bridge over to an island and we walked around it.  There were a few spots where we couldn’t go any further as they were blocked off, but we enjoyed ourselves and took pictures.  

A memorial to Japanese sailors who were lost at sea. It looks like they are doing
construction in this area now. It changed from a few years ago.

Looking back at the mainland.  The big building on the left on the shore is a hotel, the ruins below
where I am are  used to be a cafe according to F. 

The bridge, the sunset and a bird or two.
When we finished on the island, we got back in the car and started driving.  We decided to go to Mikawa and see Captain America: Civil War.  We drove to the mall and had dinner at the bibinba place.  I really enjoyed it tonight.  The stone bowl was really hot and even burned my rice a little.  Yay!  After we finished F got himself some ramen and I got myself some ice cream!  Tonight I had the chocolate sorbet again and tried the Peach Yogurty something or other.  They were both good.  

So, how was the movie?  I liked it!  I enjoy the Marvel heroes universe though, so if you aren’t into that, you probably won’t like it.  I was happy to see the new Spiderman and also Ant Man in the movie, I thought the acting wasn’t bad and I’d really like to see a bit more from the characters on the outskirts of the movie.  

When the movie finished, we drove back into Tsuruoka and came home.  F has been snoozing on the couch for ages, and it is almost my bedtime…okay it is long past it, but I should get some sleep soon.  

I wasn’t sure how today would go, but once F and I got out of the apartment and went for our walk, it was so much better.  I think we both need to do something physical every day.  

Tomorrow I have to try and buy some train tickets and who knows what else! Come back later and find out what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

April 30, 2016

Saturday - Sunny and then rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning, got dressed, and a few minutes later went out with F.  I had an appointment and it went okay.  Did have a bit of a argument with the mister today though.  I said that if we’re asked to be there at 10:00 am and we aren’t seen to until after 11:00 that I would like to look for a different professional, who doesn’t waste my time.  F said that that the said professional is busy.  Well…so am I.  My time is valuable to ME!  In the days of my school, I charged money for my time and I had to be on time for my appointments.  

Anyway.  Afterwards, F took us to lunch.  He used an app on his phone and took us to a Japanese restaurant which was frequented by local workers. It was one of those places that isn’t very good, with an old and shabby look to it.  I didn’t like it, hope he doesn’t take me back there.  I’m getting tired of being taken out for bad Japanese food.  

I was really Jonesing for some tea, but F wanted to go up a mountain.  I begged off.  I was tired, not wearing warm clothes and was wearing new shoes.  All things that would make it difficult to go walking on a mountain.   Instead, we visited a road-stop but didn’t buy anything, not even ice cream! We tried to go to a coffee shop, but it was still on lunch time and didn’t want our business.  We ended up going shopping!  

We went to a store that sells large sizes and I ended up getting a couple of shirts.  One was really on sale and the other was very nice so worth it really.  F was actually being quite helpful and was bringing me things to try on that I wanted to try on!  

We had tea and a doughnut at Mister Donut and then came home for a bit.  I went to bed and slept for a couple of hours.  

When I got up again, we talked about going for a movie but decided not to.  Instead, F suggested dinner and then the Internet Cafe.  That was fine with me.  

We went to Aliante, the yakiniku shop and had yakiniku.  It was okay, not the best ever.  After that, we went over to the Internet Cafe.  We were able to get massaging chairs right away, and stayed there for the next 4 hours.  F went to sleep, but I did a lot of crochet and watched a bit of regular TV.  We left just after midnight and came home.

At home we watched a bit of TV and now that it’s quite late, I’m thinking about getting some sleep.  I’m not sure what is on the agenda for tomorrow.  F would like to go fishing, but the weather is supposed to be quite bad.  I’m okay to go, I just want to enjoy our week together. Come back later and find out what happens on my Sunday.  Until tomorrow….

April 29, 2016

Friday - Rainy and cold

A good day.

I got up late this morning.  I’m blaming F because he sat on the couch and watched TV with the volume down and the lights off, so I had no reason to wake up.  I know, I shouldn’t blame him, it’s my fault, but…

We went out for lunch around 12.  The first place that F suggested was closed as was the second.  We ended up at Futaba and it was a good move!  We had a lovely meal.  Mine was pork with bread and I had soup and salad and scalloped potatoes and it was lovely.  F asked if I wanted dessert but I said no because I knew that I’d be having something later.

We drove to Sakata and went to the Starbucks where we met up with my friends.  We spent about an hour there and had some nice conversation.  After a while, we moved over to the Aeon Mall in Sakata.  While we were there, the ladies went to check out the craft shop and the males played in the game centre.  F kept an eye on the boys while us ladies goofed off!  After a bit we had a break for some snacks!  I had ice cream, as did my friend and the two kids, F had ramen off by himself.  

Sadly, after a while the others had to leave.  F and I did a little bit of shopping in the mall, and then the hardware store and finally an electronics shop.  I bought a can opener at the hardware shop.  Yay!  A real can opener!

We went back to the car and F asked about going to a restaurant near the mall.  I was worried that it was too expensive, so we looked for something else. He found us a nice restaurant in the middle of Sakata.  Thing is, it turned out to be more expensive than the first place, but it was really good so it didn’t matter that much.  

The chef at the restaurant spoke very good English as he had lived in the US for many years.  He came out to talk to us, which was nice, BUT a tad annoying when I was trying to eat my food while it was hot! He was trying to be friendly, and I think if the restaurant wasn’t so quiet he probably couldn’t have done that, but anyway…. We had steak and it was really good.  Some of the little restaurants in Japan are so good, it is almost unbelieveable!

After we finished our meal we left.  We made a quick pitstop at the mall again and then came home.  We’ve been here ever since.  At 11pm I asked F if we could watch So You Think You Can Dance and we’ve been watching it ever since.  It’s funny that F is actually watching this.  Dance doesn’t have a language, it is a language.  

So that’s it for me for today.  Tomorrow I have to be somewhere fairly early, but after that, my Golden Week will really start.  Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

April 28, 2016

Thursday - Cloudy and rainy

An okay day.

I got up this morning and did my usual thing of watching Murder She Wrote and having some tea with breakfast.  I made the bed and even got dressed a bit early in my workout gear so that I wouldn’t still be working out when F came home.  And he didn’t come home!  However, I did the toning workout today and my arms could really feel it.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do any working out over the next few days.  

In the afternoon I did a bit of review on what I had written so far on my column and watched a bit of telly from the DVR.  I had lunch too, another Buddha bowl, this time with tuna.  Yum!

I got stuck into my column and it seemed to go quite well.  I had most of it written by the time that I had to get dinner underway.  I boiled some daikon but when F saw them in the pan he added some konbu because he was shocked that I wasn’t using anything else in the pan!  I reheated some of the food from the other night and all in all, we had a nice dinner.

When F came home tonight, he showed me his knee.  Apparently he’d been climbing on a ladder today and had fallen off it.  He claims to be fine, but his knee is a mass of scrapes and what I think will be bruises.  I made him wash off his knee, which he did by taking a shower…then gave him an ice pack to see if we can stop it from swelling. I hope it helped. 

Since F was “walking wounded” I did the dishes.  There weren’t that many tonight, so it wasn’t a big deal really.

After dinner, I got stuck back in to my column.  I got it done and sent off to the new editor.  Whew!  Safe.  The deadline is actually May 1st, but F is off for Golden Week from tonight, so I knew there would be no chance that I’d be able to work on it.  

We watched a bit of TV and F went to bed a while ago.  I think he was tired.  I’m still up but hope to go to bed soon.  

Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to Sakata to meet up with some of my friends.  I’m not completely sure when we will meet up, but it’ll be in the afternoon.  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up before then!  Until tomorrow….

April 27, 2016

Wednesday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning, had breakfast and cereal in my lovely bowl.  Oh, I have pictures this morning!  My bowl is a thing of loveliness I think.

Inside of the bowl


I did my workout early-ish, just squeezing in before I thought F would be home.  And then he didn’t come home!  Still, it was done.  Whew!

I spent most of the afternoon getting into my Journal Column.  I had come up with an idea, which begat another idea, which begat another, you get the idea.  Anyway, I think I’m a little over halfway done, and it is going well.  Fingers crossed I can finish it tomorrow afternoon.

I took a shower in the late afternoon and F came home a bit later. He seemed grumpy right off the bat and wanted me to immediately name a place to have dinner.  I hadn’t even thought of dinner so he seemed annoyed.  I went and got changed and then suggested Fireball.  

F grudgingly accepted the suggestion. He always does that.  I’m not sure why.  98% of the time when we go there we have a great meal.  Anyway, we went and got the last table!  We had some lovely pasta…mine was penne with chicken, vegetables and a garlic cream sauce, F’s was lamb in a tomato cream sauce.  They were both delish!  The chef was playing Prince music, which I really appreciated.  I don’t know a lot of the album work, just the stuff I heard on the radio as a younger person.

After dinner, we went to the grocery shop and picked up a few things for tomorrow’s dinner.  I tried asking F what he wanted to do about meals over Golden Week but he wouldn’t answer me.  Sigh.  It is so annoying, sad to say.  He actually got a bit mad at me.  He knows I like to plan for things.  

We came home and had a quiet evening in.  I re-watched Penny Dreadful and then Criminal Minds and did a bit of crochet.  I also went back and worked more on my column.  

Tomorrow I have to get my column finished so I can send it off before Golden Week really starts.  F has taken off all the days in the next week, so I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing.  If I miss a day or two here or there, it’s probably because of that.  I should be here tomorrow night, so come on back and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

April 26, 2016

Tuesday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and came through to the living room, had my tea and breakfast…bowl is still lovely…and didn’t workout.  Nope.  I got dressed and left the apartment a bit before 12.  

I biked off to S-Mall and met the friend of a friend for lunch.  We got on really well, had Subway and then moved over to Doutors for more drinks.  We spent about 3 hours together and were both quite sad when she had to go.  

After she left, I hacked the hundred yen shop and bought a few things, then decided to go off on my bike to the nearby drugstore.  It took about 10 minutes to get there and I did a little shopping, then biked back for another 10 minutes.  

Since I didn’t have to be home quite yet I went back to Doutors and had an iced tea and did a little reading and some writing on my column.  I didn’t write a lot, but I have a few ideas and I think it can be the base of a column.  I may even do a short column this time! 

I bicycled home and discovered that I’d had a delivery during the day.  I did dishes and got a few things ready for dinner.  

When F came home, I started cooking.  Tonight we had grilled eggplant with garlic, tandoori chicken, salad and pilaf.  After dinner we had another piece of F’s chocolate cake, which was still very nice tonight.  

We had a quiet evening.  My delivery came.  I had ordered some undergarments on the internet and they arrived.  Almost everything fit, although one thing was so tight I had to get F to do it up for me.  I probably won’t use it that often for obvious reasons!  I did some internet stuff and finally went over to the couch to do a little crochet.  My shawl is getting bigger and I did manage to take some pictures of it today, so I’ll give you a sneak peek at it!

Part of The Lizard!
And that’s about it for my day.  It was very nice and I really enjoyed it.  I was out most of the day, and it was so nice! Tomorrow I’ll likely stay home and work on my column.  The deadline is approaching and so is Golden Week.  I must finish.  Come back later and see if I manage to get everything done.  Until tomorrow….