Friday, September 25, 2009

Warm and sunny, gorgeous day

Today my friend wasn't able to meet me this morning either, so I relaxed a bit around Van's house. After 1, Van drove me to Southgate again and dropped me off. I went shopping of course!

I found a few things which I got. I got more undies and a pair of pajamas. Had a bit of a bad experience at one of the checkouts when the clerk took another customer before me, despite the fact that there was a sign on his (the customer's) side saying the till was closed and he was doing returns. I was quite annoyed. At Sears though, I had a good experience with the pajamas so I was happy. It was really nice to get a new set. Not terribly gorgeous or anything, just nice ones.

After a not very healthy lunch of poutine (only once a year, I promise!) and diet A&W root beer, I headed up to Whyte Ave. I visited my bank quickly, then walked along Whyte Ave. It changes so much every year. I took a detour and wandered along by my old apartments. It was a little sad, but also nice to see that they are still there and haven't been torn down or rebuilt. I got tired, so I went into Chapters to take a rest at the Starbucks for a bit.

A little before 6 I went to the meeting place. I met Massie at The Second Cup in the Varscona Hotel. We went over to Continental Treat and had a lovely German meal. I haven't really had German food in years, so it was a nice treat. We had dill pickle soup, weiner schnitzel and apple struedel for dessert. We shared dessert because we were both really full!

I caught a bus back to Southgate and got there just before the mall closed. I walked over to the entrance to look for my ride. I couldn't get into The Bay as the doors were already closed, so I went out the main door and walked to the meeting door. I saw a vehicle that looked like Joe's so I went over. It was him. Yay! We drove back to Beaumont.

Back at Van's we all decided to watch a movie. We watched a Harry Potter one, but everyone except Kate and I fell asleep. We decided to give up too about halfway through. I came downstairs to watch TV and blog.

It was a nice day today. Tomorrow I think Kate and I will go and see a film and do a little shopping. Not sure really. I think it'll be fun though. So, I'll bid you adieu and probably update on the morrow. Night!

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