Monday, September 21, 2009

Cool but sunny today.

Today was good. I got up in time to say bye to the kiddlings. I am so not a morning person, but I like to make the effort for them. I see them so rarely, that I really like to show them that I love them!

I've been fretting a bit that I haven't heard from my husband yet, but I realized that he won't be home yet. His cellphone has been acting up so he wouldn't have been able to read my email yet.

After breakfast, Van drove me to Edmonton. I spent quite a bit of time at Millwoods Town Center. I had lunch and tried to shop up a storm. However, the shops weren't that great. I probably should have gone over to Southgate, but I didn't really want to go there yet. I did get some things though. I got a thimble and a magazine, a new camisole and a cardigan for work. I also got a pair of pajama bottoms for myself. I'm not sure why they aren't selling them as sets anymore.

As my time at the mall was running out, I went outside to wait for Van and the children to pick me up. They came after a while. We went to London Drugs for a few minutes then came back to the house.

I did some reading with Zach before dinner. He has to be read to for 15 minutes every day for his class. We had fun. I read to him and he read to me as well.

After dinner Katie and I played Scrabble for a while, then I got my crochet and worked on it for a while. I did quite a few rows so it was nice and relaxing.

I watched the season opener of House. It was good. I'm only on the first season at home, so it's hard to relate the stories but it was still good. Hugh Laurie is amazing anyway.

I came downstairs after the show. I'll probably go to bed soon. I tried to go early last night too, but I didn't. I ended up snoozing in bed. Still got jetlag.

That's it for me. Tomorrow I'm back to the dentist. I'll update tomorrow. Night.

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