September 1, 2009 - Tuesday

Cool and cloudy.

An okay day. I got up at a reasonable time and watched ER. Then I watched Stranger than Fiction. I had noticed last night that it would be on WOWOW today. I'm a huge Emma Thompson fan, so wanted to watch it. It was a very interesting story. Will Ferrell wasn't bad either. These days he mugs too much for the camera, but he was "acting" in this one. Yay.

I was late taking my shower, but that was okay. In the afternoon I relaxed for a bit, even taking a short nap.

After my brunch, I headed off to work. The school was fairly cool tonight, but it was stuffy. I also noticed that my thermometer has run out of juice, so I'll need to get a new one. (The battery isn't replaceable.) Classes went well and both students came. Unfortunately, the student who usually doesn't come came but had to leave early. That was a little sad.

I finished up and then called F to come and get me. He did. We came straight home because I was going to make dinner. I did get a little annoyed at my hubby because he threw himself down on the couch to wait for dinner. No offer to help or clearing off of table. Hmm. I threw myself at my computer, did a fairly fast check of things and then went to the loo. When I came back, he was on our bed. Huh?

I decided to make dinner anyway as I was getting hungry. I sauteed the cubed steak, set the table and cooked some kabocha. I sliced up a tomato for him and asked him to make coffee. He did, and then we had a nice meal. He did the dishes afterwards which was the nicest part for me!

We had a reasonably quiet evening, except he started watching baseball or something. Bleck. He went to bed a while ago and is sleeping now.

Tomorrow he's off. In the morning he's going to take his dog (Talk about a Freudian slip, I typed "his mother" first.) to the vet. Then, he's going to take me to the bank. I made a couple of deposits to my account over a week ago and they haven't gone into my account yet. Bit worried as that's my school's money. Sigh. Now, if the banks here are half as organized as the ones in Canada, they should be able to clear it up for me tomorrow, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Anyway, that's it. I'm done. Night! (PS...still working on Breaking Dawn. Oh my goodness, I do not like this book.)

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