September 17, 2009 - Thursday

Hot and sunny with some light rain at night.

Today was an okay day, although it didn't start that way. I didn't feel that good in the morning so I lazed around for a bit. I had a headache, nausea, and just generally was blah. I had a cup of tea and a SoyJoy and felt a bit better.

F drove me to the dentist and I had my teeth problem looked at. My sister's dentist is very nice and actually took time to try to figure out what the problem was. Her opinion is that I either have a cracked tooth, a tooth infection or a gum infection. Since the gum infection is the easiest to fix, she started me on antibiotics. I also have to go back on Tuesday to see how things are going. It was so nice to be able to communicate with the dentist directly. Yay.

F and I had lunch at BP after we got my prescription. It was quite nice. I had a beef dip. I miss those.

We went to Van's to check if my next appointment time would be okay for her (I need a chauffeur) and then we headed into Edmonton. I had Google Mapped the way, so it wasn't too hard. We even stopped in at IKEA for a droolfest. We bought something though, that we didn't have already. A pizza cutter!

We got back on the main road and headed back into Edmonton. We found a good parking spot and then went to Chapters for a bit. We had a drink at Starbucks and then had a gander at books before heading to the restaurant.

Susan and Steve came after a while and we went in. We all had souvlaki....either chicken, beef or lamb. I had the lamb and it was lovely. It was really filling as we got potatoes, rice and some kind of yogurty thing. We gabbed for ages. F made us all laugh when he read the menu for appetizers. He said there was glare on his menu so he missed one of the words. He asked us what "deep fried baby" was! He was looking at Calamari and didn't see the squid part. Oh dear. It was funny. The food was good. I really love Greek food and miss it a lot in Japan.

After another run through Chapters we went our separate ways. F and I drove back to Beaumont. I was navigating, but I messed up and we ended up halfway to Camrose! There are no signs for this little town until you're off the main roads. Still, we made it finally.

At Van's we vegged in front of the TV for a bit. I watched a few of the new shows but really wasn't too entranced. Must be tired.

Anyway, that was my day. It started badly, but ended quite nicely. Got to go!

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