September 18, 2009 - Friday

Hot and sunny. Yes!

This week has just flown by. F has only one more day before he leaves. I'm really sad to think about him having to go home to our apartment alone. I'm not sad enough to change my ticket and go too though!

Today was a no school day, so most of us got to sleep in. Joe had to leave early for Toronto and New York. I asked him to take me to NY with him, but he didn't want me along. Sigh. Hub and I dragged ourselves out of bed around 8:30 or 9:00 and then went upstairs.

We had breakfast and then had to take Zach to get his glasses. He looks so cute in them! We all piled in Van's Jeep and went to the glasses place. After that, she drove us downtown and we had dim sum for lunch. I haven't had real dim sum in years so it was fun. I would have tried more foods, but Van and the kids are a bit fussy, as is my husband. If I was the only person eating them it wasn't much fun. Still, we had a lot of interesting stuff. I liked the fried spring rolls and the ginger beef.

After lunch we went shopping as a group. Katie needed some clothes so we went to a couple of places. I did buy some new undies, and also a few things for my school at Toys 'R' Us. We came back to Van's after a while.

We vegged for a bit and Katie had me playing on the Wii. I had no idea what I was doing. Rock Star was fun and I totally aced "Hungry Like the Wolf". Then again, I tried to explain to Katie that I've been singing the song longer than she's been around! We tried bowling and golf, but I was really bad at both.

Van cooked dinner. She made meatloaf tonight. It was a request from me as hubby has never had it before. I liked it, hope he did too. I did help out a bit with dinner so not completely lazy!

After dinner, F and I went to the drugstore to get me a few things and then as someone was crying for ice cream, went to DQ for an ice cream. It turned into a shake and I had one too. That was a mistake as my gums started to hurt again from the cold. Grr.

We came back to Van's and watched Cars as a family. It was a lot of fun watching it as a family, with kids around. We all had fun, but are now yawning away. I can't help wondering when this darn jetlag will end. Soon I hope.

Sometime during the day, my sweet nephew banged his head against my jaw and I think I have a bump there. Great. Just another good thing for my poor mouth to deal with. It was an accident and he apologized as soon as he realized I was in real pain. He's a sweet little boy.

That's it for me. Tomorrow I'm not sure what we'll be doing. Hubby has to get souvenirs and pack up for the trip home on Sunday.

Gotta go. Night!

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