September 19, 2009 - Saturday

Arrr matey! To the gangplank with ye, if you dinnae cough up me treasure. Or something like that! Did anyone else talk like a pirate today?

Sunny today, but not very warm. Quite windy.

Today was a quiet day. We all slept in a bit today and then had late breakfasts. I made omelettes for F and me. Van had done all the hard work of putting out fixings, but I cooked 2 for us.

We went to Southgate Mall today to get F some souvenirs for his co-workers. They're getting maple cookies, and I hope they like them. I got some stickers and some decorations for my classroom for Halloween.

We stopped off at Papa Murphy's on the way home to get a couple of pizzas. The kids and I were quite hungry, so after they were cooked all of us devoured some pizza. We had a quiet evening at home, ended up watching Scooby Doo 1 and 2. They're not really my kind of stuff, but they were surprisingly entertaining. It was also quite fun to watch the film with the kidlets.

Hub and I had a late night snack so I could have my medicine. He proceeded to drink quite a bit of beer which didn't impress me. We have to be up early tomorrow to get him and the car back to the airport. I think he's all packed, but I'm not sure! He's great at putzing around for ages. (I am too, but not about packing!)

Anyway, I'm still yawning away and need to get to sleep soon. After I see hub through the gates tomorrow, I'll meet up with my friend and we'll have a ladies day out. Yay. I'm looking forward to it.

I'll talk to you tomorrow night, most likely. Night.

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Orchid64 said...

All of the people who are cool and like to have fun talked like a pirate! ;-)